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I make my living at affiliate marketing, and so can you. For me, getting started was not easy. But after spending years learning everything I could about selling on the Internet, and trying several different websites, I finally figured out what worked. Different websites and platforms will have differing success over what sells. My best advie to in doing this to remember that you are getting paid for marketing products. Even though it is porn, it is still a product which needs to be sold to a targeted consumer. The keyword here is marketing.

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Serious website designers should bite the bullet and buy Creative Suite to design their sites. For designing and adjusting graphics, Adobe Photoshop is today's industry standard.

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A web page a day keeps a real job away! Just remember, despite the hype, for most of us, it isn't easy. The key is to keep building pages and websites with interesting things.

I can recommend a number of excellent affiliate programs. Below is a list of programs whcih I can recommend to others, I have promoted all of them. Which ones should you promote? People find that certain affiliate programs easy fit for their web sites, while others are not relevent at all. In my experience, all listed programs are run by solid companies who have always paid commissions on time. Most have full time affiliate program managers who will answer any specific program questions that you have.

If you click on my links, I will receive a tiny referral commission from your subsequent sales, which I would naturally appreciate.


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Remember, these are programs that we happen so have some experience promoting. Your mileage may vary. Many programs have good sites that do not happen to fit our readership, but may do very well with yours.