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So You Wanna Be A Cumdump?

Max Sohl's So You Wanna Be a Cumdump?

Treasure Island piggy-backed off the excitement of Dominic Ford's So You Wanna Be a Porn Star series with - what else - So You Wanna Be a Cumdump. The set of five episodes were all directed by Max Sohl. On their own, they are all pretty good. However, there's honestly not any conspicuous effort to be putting on an actual contest.
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TIMfuck Episode 1641 Max's Audition Series: The Cumdump - 02-06-2014
So You Wanna Be a Cumdump Part 1
Cast: Antonio Biaggi , Eddie , The Cumdump , Sean Parker
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TIMfuck Episode 1658 Max's Audition Series: Alex Kaine & Rob Yaeger - 03-06-2014
A red-headed top who fucks anything.
Cast: Alex Kaine , Rob Yaeger
Red Heads in Cast ·
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TIMfuck Episode 1667 Max's Audition Series: Ross Vincent, Jack Allen & Sean Parker - 03-20-2014
Ross Vincent Goes Bareback
Cast: Jack Allen , Ross Vincent , Sean Parker
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TIMfuck Episode 1681 Max's Audition Series: Archer Adams & Kevin Slater - 04-17-2014
Want to be Kevin Slater's Cumdump?
Cast: Kevin Slater , Archer Adams
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TIMfuck Episode 1689 Max's Audition Series: Jack Allen, Randy Harden, Jack Handler & Eddie - 05-01-2014
Everybody gather around Jack Handler
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