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The Young and the Hung

William Higgins
Laguna Pacific  
Brian Estevez , , Francois Papillon , , J.T. Denver , Jim Erickson , Ken Kerns , Michael Gere , Terry Evans , , Troy Ramsey
Pre-CondomTwinks, American

The Young and the Hung

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William Higgins exposes The Young and the Hung

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you are exiled to live on a desert island, and you have the choice to take one single porn film with you, The Young and the Hung should probably be it. Relentlessly arousing, it is one of the best movies that classic director William Higgins has made.

Actually two movies in one, the first half follows the sexploits of hedonistic blond Christopher Lance as he drives his pickup truck through California. Midway through the film, he stops to pick-up sandy haired Michael Gere a lift. We never see the two connect, but the second half of the film shifts to Gere and his similarly extravagant adventures.

Both Lance and Gere are naturally attractive, sexually ravenous and constantly enthusiastic. Each emerges as a charismatic individual with their own personality, not just a one-dimensional sex machine.

Christopher Lance in The Young and The Hung Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Christopher Lance is
one of the young and the hung

Even before the opening titles, Lance performs what is clearly one of the most arousing solos ever filmed. Lips slightly parted, he reaches a thick, creamy orgasm that appears to approach transcendental experience. Lance appears in two more scenes, delivering five money shots in total. All look delicious.

In Need

At first, Lance picks up the rough-hewn Grant Fagen in his truck. Lance shows to be a skilled seducer as he casually mentions to Fagen, "I've been known to take care of a guy in need before."

In moments, they are sprawled out on bales of hay in the back of the truck. Lance demonstrates that he as a talented deep-throat artist, a gifted rimmer, and an aggressive bottom. Through it all, Lance makes urgent exhortations, maintaining the look of a sex-crazed cherub. He then suggests to Fagen, that they switch roles, giving him the opportunity to top.

One wonders how Lance will top his performance from the first scene. The next scene begins with a tension- filled cruise with Brian Estevez in a public men's room. Soon Lance and Estevez are devouring each other through a glory hole, until they both explode with powerfully teeth-jarring orgasms. Lance and Estevez seem to operate on the same heated degree. Lance observes, You're still hard - you want to fuck around some more? The two quickly zip over to the Lance's hotel room where they go at it like rabbits until the both finish with more room-shaking orgasms.

Tex Anthony fucks watermelon

After this, the film's second star - Gere - takes the ball, and the film's action does not abate. The next scene is in a barn, where Gere joins Tex Anthony and blond Ken Kearns to gangbang a watermelon. The trio quickly become bored with plugging the fruit, and switch to each other.

(What gay porn showed guys fucking a watermelon?)

Gere's hottest scene is with bicyclist Troy Ramsey, a voracious bottom with eyes that melt metal. The tension and suspence escalate as the two fall asleep in a barn, but Gere has other ideas. He cuts away Ramsey's red shorts with a hunting knife, and stares at the beautiful ass before him.

Ramsey's hungry bottom takes Gere's pole easily as the two explode on screen. Gere's final scene seems like an afterthought: he watches Playgirl model Francois Papillon strip out of his tuxedo and bring his uncut cock to explosion.

Neither star appears the in the final scene, which look like it is from another film, although it is every bit as arousing. J.T. Denver is a camper whose tent is invaded by leatherman Cole Carpenter (billed as Jim Ericson her) and Terry Evans with a buzzsaw. The threesome crackle through a hot scene wearing chaps, caps and harnesses.

This video is just as hot today as when it was originally released.

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The Young and the Hung Photos:

Christopher Lance and Grant FaginWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Christopher Lance spreads for Grant Fagin
Michael Gere and Christopher LanceWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Michael Gere sucks Christopher Lance
Christopher Lance fucks Michael GereWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Christopher Lance tops Michael Gere

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