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Young Bucks in Heat (Boy Batter Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Young Bucks in Heat

Harlow R. Cuadra
Boy Batter Productions  
Brennon Taylor , Brian Ashlin , Harlow R. Cuadra , Mason Banks , Matt Chaz
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexKink / SextoysOral SexTwinks, AmericanCum Eating

Young Bucks in Heat

Harlow Cuadra's impressive debut film, and also his last.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Harlow R. Cuadra is gutsy, confident and possibly a bit pretentious. After all, who in porn uses their complete first and last name with middle initial? Harlow R. Cuadra? Who does he think he is? Louis B. Meyer or David O. Selznick? Unfortunately, Cuadra has made recent news headlines, becoming the hot potato porn star of 2007. Are any future Cuadra movies simply gone with the wind?

For now, fans of high quality, bareback movies featuring young all-American guys will find lots to love in his debut movie, Young Bucks in Heat.

Cuadra and the additional four models are all good looking, guys next door types. Slightly older and mannish compared to a Citi Boyz or Cobra Video model, these dudes could have served in the U.S. Navy along with the director.

Cuadra begins the film shirtless, tooling around underneath his sports car. Throughout the film, the code phrase for sex to watch for from these manly guys is "want to have a beer?"

In the first sequence, two of Cuadra's buddies stop by. They ultimately eschew Cuadra's own hot rod, going into the house making full use his bedroom and sex toys.

Mason Banks, Harlow Cuadra  and Brennen Taylor play Young Bucks in Heat
Mason Banks, Harlow Cuadra
and Brennen Taylor

Brian Ashlin first offers to get the thirsty Cuadra a beer, but inside he gets distracted by a nice sized dildo. Soon, Ashlin has stripped out of his clothes, and he is riding it atop the bed. The high-and-tight bottom completes the product test of his buddy's toy by squirting a nice sized load over himself.

At this point, Matt Chaz pokes his head in to find Ashlin still glowing from his orgasm. Still horned up, he goes down on Chaz, who turns out to have a very nice cock. Laying back in bed, Ashlin gives him a nice blowjob, followed by Chaz returning the favor.

Soon, Ashlin is riding his friend's cock. He grinds up and down taking good care to continually kiss the top. As in all subsequent sex scenes, these guys enjoy bareback sex with lots of kissing and touching. In an interesting sequence of events, the bottoms cums (a lot, too!), followed by him bending back over so that the top can finish.

Chaz takes his time, humping Ashlin doggie style in a sequence with lots of hot close ups and views of their rutting bodies. Ashlin's cock stays hard while the top finishes off, leaving him with gobs of goo running down his neck.

Harlow Cuadra's Bareback Penal Codes

Finished working on his car, Cuadra spends the rest of the film laying his hands all over his cute blond friend, Mason Banks. (Both are pictured on the boxcover) These two display real chemistry together that carries this production to five star status. The brunet and sandy blond hair, differences in height and bodies combine to make watching them very easy on the eyes.

Pulling off his ginch gonch underwear, Banks blows Cuadra's thick, hard cock. Cuadra stands up and face fucks the blond, often pulling out to bend down and kiss him.

Banks' supple, smooth butt looks beautiful as he sits down in his buddy's lap, riding his dick. Cuadra ultimately bangs him doggie style over the head to the tune of breathless moaning and hot sex talk. After several more hot positions, Cuadra pulls out and dumps a white creamy load on Banks' face and mouth.

Then, if things could not get any hotter, Cuadra lifts up his legs so that Banks can plug him. In a hot flip-flop, Banks struts his top man stuff that shows off the versatile side of the film's producer and director. The end result is an absolutely fantastic episode that the viewer will have difficulty getting through in one sitting. Harlow Cuadra enjoys group sex in the shower. What could possibly serve to follow up this scene? Cuadra and his Boy Batter friends actually pull it off satisfactorily. One of their friends (Brennen Taylor) appears just as the two are cooling down in the shower. Taylor's surprise appearance catalyses a wet and frisky gamut of sex play in their oversized shower.

Water rains down as Cuadra gets a second turn on Banks, culminating with Cuadra standing up and carrying his blonde in both arms as he rides his cock. They adjourn to the bedroom where Cuadra and Banks take turns eating out their friend's hole and barebacking him. Not to be outdone, Cuadra bottoms for both of his friends as well.

Everyone gets a piece of everyone else in this superb three way finale. In its unforgattable finish, Taylor pulls out and cums on Cuadra's cock, which he uses as lube to get himself off in a fit of gooey love butter. That takes Banks past the point of no return, shooting his hot cum into Cuadra's open mouth.

Watching this visually play out is very impressive.

Young Bucks in Heat turns out to be a showcase of hot all-American boys with impressively big dicks and accommodating asses. Their obvious on-screen chemistry creates over an hour and a half of sizzling sex. Look for it to be one of the best selling amateur productions of the year.

Young Bucks in Heat Photos:

Harlow Cuadra and Mason Banks
Harlow Cuadra and Mason Banks
Mason Banks barebacks Harlow Cuadra
Mason Banks barebacks Harlow Cuadra, Brennen Taylor right
Brian Ashlin and Matt Chaz
Brian Ashlin pops while riding Matt Chaz
Matt Chaz fucks Brian Ashlin
Brian Ashlin rides Matt Chaz's big cock

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