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Young Men in Training

Robert Boggs
Jet Set Men  
Aston Martin , Chad Driver , Erik Koller , Jakub Anderson , Johan Volny , Johnny Saint , Julian Benet , Oleg Romanov , Patrick Veselsky , Pavel Dvorak
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Young Men in Training

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Robert Boggs at his best, Patrick Veselsky at the gym, introducing Johan Volny.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's surprising that one of the best examples of Czech boy porn gets so scarce a mention on the Internet. Robert Boggs directed Young Men in Training back in 2006 for a new film line of imports for Jet Set Men. Like many distributors, this movie essentially was marketed by placing a pretty boy on the DVD box cover, and then pricing it to sell.

The movie eventually settled into Jet Set's overall collection of Eastern European imports which, after this movie, turned into mostly forgettable grindhouse dreck. This is a shame, because for Young Men in Training, Boggs spun pure gold.

Johnny Saint rides Jakub AndersonWatch Now
Johnny Saint rides Jakub Anderson
The movie stars a collection of director Boggs' best ever talent assortment. Many subsequently went on to significant movie careers, like Johan Volny or Julian Benet (aka Bel Ami's Luke Hamil). Boxcover model Patrick Veselsky only filmed several movies, and he never tires to watch.

All seven (that's right, seven) of the movie's sex scenes are great. And if you purchase the DVD, which is almost always sold steeply discounted nowadays, you will get an enjoyable Boggs-style Behind the Scenes segments showing the models looking very cute and talking into the camera about their workout routines.

Johan Volny Bangs a Virgin

The first episode shows Pavel Dvorak lifting weights in a gym with Johan Volny, his first scene of the film. (As the film progresses, the guys return for encores, speaking to each other like a group of real gym buddies moving through their day)

When Volny stands too close to Dvorak, that huge boner springs out of his blue shorts. This is the only movie we have seen Dvorak in, and bless his heart, this virgin looks a bit like he's gotten in over his head. Volny turns him around fairly quickly and fucks his upturned butt, which handles his trouser snake fairly well.

(Have you wondered what Johan Volny's view when fucking guys looked like?)

Not at all a bad opener, and the scenes all get better from here. In fact next comes an electric pairing between muscle runt Patrick Veselsky and the youthful Julian Benet, who looks quite young compared to his later Bel Ami days as Luke Hamil.

Benet is at this early stage in his career a hot little fuck, and he totally gets down with Veselsky, who looks good enough to eat with a spoon. Although Veselsky made just a handful of films, and he's been retired for years, the guy still draws a very large Yahoo fan group and many fans around the world who apparently never tire watching him fuck and suck with the guys.

The two get into some hot sixty-nining when they are interrupted by another choice morsel - Jacub Anderson, who at this early stage is one hot muscleboy. His bubble butt looks to die for. And it is no wonder Veselsky and Benet thoroughly ravage it with their wet tongues and stiff cocks.

(Although we have no evidence of it, Veselsky and Anderson could very easily be real life brothers.) Anderson is another of the film's models who after this went on to appear in many more movies, filling out to a strapping young buck. He even went on to work for Kristen Bjorn in the excellent Rocks & Hard Places.

This scene is one of the high points of the entire film.

Chad Driver, Julien Benet, Oleg RomanovWatch Now
Chad Driver, Julien Benet, Oleg Romanov
It turns out this particular gym is a real hive of activity. At the three guys finish up, they pass blond Erik Koller and Aston Martin on their way to the locker area to lighten their loads.

Koller always kept an amazingly trim swimmer's body, along with a curvaceous ass, in all of his movies. (Eric Paver in the twisted Bare Encounters, or Eric Power in Army Fuckers.)

The two trade blow-jobs, and quickly get eclipsed by the action going on back in the gym - turns out Veselsky is still horny and this tie fucking Johnny Saint (The Sauna), a most exuberant bottom.

Saint spectacularly works over Veselsky's beautiful body, sucking him at length, and riding him with an enthusiasm that seems to exaggerate how much everyone else would love to be in the exact same position right there. After a side by side dueling banjo jack-off, Veselsky's erupts a hot cum load.

Later, after the guys leave the gym, Volny gets called up by handsome Chad Driver. Boggs had used Chad Driver in Suite Service, another sexy Czech porn gem. Once again Driver proves his capability as a masculine, arousing bottom. He is not at all cowed by Volny's menacingly large phallus, sucking it at length, following by taking it in several hot positions.

Volny, who is openly gay, looks like he's having a fine time here fucking this butt, ultimately dousing it with tons of heavy white cream.

Jacub Anderson's rapid-firetopping of Erik Koller (Rado Pauer)

Back at another's bedroom, Koller finally gets some dick in his ass, thanks to the generosity of Anderson, who shows off here that he is just as great a top as he is a bottom. (Are we sure that he's not Veselsky's twin brother?)

Anderson fucks his rapid fire, working up a visible sweat in the process. Muscle runts rule.

This Gym Is Clothing Optional!

The movie closes back at the gym, where the place seems to have gone clothing optional. We are treated to Benet standing in front of a mirror lifting bar bells with a half-erection. Joining Benet is the curly haired Martin, who gets it on with another of the movie's treats - Oleg Romanov, who viewers may recognize from his later career at Bel Ami under the name Mikhail Ryzkov from Red Hot Chili Sex.

Their three-way caps of the movie on a fantastic note, and it notable by the fact that Benet, who has become almost an exclusive top nowadays, gets fucked by Driver. who has a really big one. Romanov also has a very good time shifting gears through Driver's ass.

Of the movies from Robert Boggs' "golden age", this is clearly is one of our favorites, if not the favorite. Veselsky throws around lots of great on-screen action, Volny enjoys a worthy introduction, followed by a completely adorable cast whose sexual energies crackle throughout. This DVD, along with its extra interview features, is one of the best values for Czech boy erotica on the market.

Young Men in Training Photos:

Chad Driver meets Johan VolnyWatch Now
Chad Driver meets Johan Volny (standing right)
Julian Benet and Patrick VeselskyWatch Now
Julian Benet and Patrick Veselsky enjoy a sixty-nine
Oleg Romanov behind Aston MartinWatch Now
Oleg Romanov behind Aston Martin

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