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Wrong Side of the Tracks, Parts 1 and 2

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1105
, Benjamin Bradley , Chad Savage , Damon DeMarco , , Hunter James , , Jake Deckard , Jan Fischer , Joey Jay , Johnny Hazzard , Kevin Brown , Luca DiCorso , Luke Strong , Marcus Iron , , , Theo Blake , Tommy Ritter , , Tyler Riggz
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Wrong Side of the Tracks, Parts 1 and 2

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Johnny Hazzard heads to the big city but cannot elude the trailer life he left behind.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With Wrong Side of The Tracks, there's a lot to love. The clever DVD packaging and artwork, the film editing and skillful direction all make for a fun cinematic experience. Ms. Chi Chi has certainly come a long way from her early expressive flicks like Night Watch. Wrong Side is as much about her development as a storyteller as it is about nasty cocksucking and butt banging.

And while no plot is crucial to good porn, in Wrong Side, the arc of events contributes significantly to the overall enjoyment of the film. The film's hero is Johnny Hazzard, a scruffy stud who looks damned good in a torn wife beater. This may be Hazzard's best performance to date. He's appeared in a long string of good films - Hole Patrol, Bolt, and Detention to name a few. But he quickly demonstrates that he's more than up to the task of carrying a two-part film entirely on his shoulders.

Wrong Side of the Tracks - Part 1

Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard
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We first see Hazzard cruising through an abandoned factory/warehouse. It's not clear exactly what he's looking for. Trouble? A place to sleep? We quickly find out when Shane Rollins springs from the shadows and the pair immediately gets down to some hungry, heated kissing. Rollins is infinitely kissable, looking fantastic in a leather jacket and ripped up clothing.

In fact, several items that these guys strip out of become fetish objects during their play, both young men taking hearty sniffs and looking for man odors. Hazzard quite literally sucks the seat of Rollins' jeans with Rollins still in them.

At one point, Rollins dips his own hand into the crack of his ass and serves Hazzard his stinky fingers. What Hazzard wants, he soon gets; Rollins drops his drawers and encourages Hazzard to rim to his heart's content. And is there any doubt that Rollins has the hottest butt in the biz? His cock ain't bad either, and Hazzard follows up with more traditional cocksucking.

Rollins is more than willing to return the favor, blowing Hazzard on the cold cement floor before licking his asshole. He dips a finger or two into Hazzard's hole, but don't be fooled - Rollins has no intention of least not yet. Grasping a metal pole, he arches his back and signals that he wants to be fucked. Hazzard happily accommodates. Later, he lets Rollins climb on top and return the favor.

Now that their mutual hornies are out of the way, they can carry on a conversation. As it is, Hazzard wants to blow town, with or without Rollins in tow. And why is Hazzard so eager to leave? Turns out his step-father (Jase Banyon, a humpy muscle bear with some acting chops) has been making Hazzard blow him. Hazzard dramatically bolts from his trailer trash life and hits the road.

Before he goes, he makes a pit stop to check on his old gang. They've gathered in another industrial venue, and a gang initiation is in progress. Pete Ross is eager to join up with Jan Fischer (A Night at Bruno's), Benjamin Bradley, and Kevin Brown, proving his worth in whatever way he can.

Nothing shows gang loyalty quite like sexual submission. A blindfolded Ross is soon surrounded by more stiffies than he can handle, including Hazzard who gets in on the hazing, primarily as a voyeur. Ross is aggressively slapped and humiliated, but doesn't stray from the task at hand. The dynamic changes from gangbang to all out group sex, complete with rimming, kissing, and hardcore fucking. Collegiate hotties Bradley and Brown are the ones to watch here.

In a twisted montage, we see just how disturbed Hazzard's character really is. He awakens from a nightmare and finds himself comforted by Tyler Riggz, a stockily muscular guy with whom he's hitched a ride. But nothing comes from free. Riggz extracts payment in the form of sex, and a tired Hazzard doesn't put up a struggle. Seeming nearly twice the size of his scruffy passenger, Riggz grabs Hazzard by the back of the head and into a passionate kiss. They get it on in the back of Riggz's van, lit only by low streetlamps. Something about the cramped quarters makes the sex sizzle, and soon both men are drenched in sweat.

"The drugs made me do it."
At one point, Riggz lays back and masturbates while Hazzard slowly drops his jeans and poses for him. A hustler is born. Hazzard sucks the older dude's hole and cock, making loud and enthusiastic slurping noises. When Hazzard lays on top of Riggz and they start kissing, we get some excellent views of Riggz's cock leaking sticky goo beneath one of Hazzard's ass cheeks. An even though the fuck that follows is predictable (Hazzard bottoms), it's still the best cornholing in the first half of Wrong Side. Riggz is a dribbler and he lines his prick up with Hazzard's upturned jaw and releases his load.

Drifting, Hazzard manages to score a hotel room, hoping to catch some sleep. Much to his chagrin, the next room is occupied by two coke whores, Jacob Slader and his bald-headed companion, Joey Jay. The drugs make Slader particularly aggressive.

He forces Jay to his knees and onto his beautiful cock. What we get are several long minutes of glorious, edgy cocksucking. This blowjob may be the one to grab the 2006 GayVN award for "Best Oral Scene." The scene's sexual intensity is simply unmatched. How many guys do you know who can get away with grabbing somebody by the ears and throat-fucking them until they gag? Slader may not be a muscle stud, but he knows what horny cocksuckers want.

The enthusiastic banging on the wall finally becomes too much for Hazzard and he bails, once again hitting the streets. He crosses paths with Marcus Iron, a stereotypical hooker with a heart of gold. Iron takes his new buddy under his wing, showing him the tricks of the trade.

Iron works his latest john, a miscast Tommy Ritter (Lights and Darks), with Hazzard in tow. At first, Hazzard is content to merely watch from the sidelines while Iron rims and blows his client. But he eventually dives in for some hands-on hustler training. One thing is certain - Ritter gets his money's worth. He tops Iron but then finds himself on the receiving end when Hazzard steps up to screw.

Hazzard takes to hustling like a fish to water, expertly turning trick after trick. But when a particularly shady john drives up, Hazzard gets a little too cocky, hopping in the passenger seat even when his street pals tell him he shouldn't. He should have heeded their advice. At the conclusion of the first part of Wrong Side, Hazzard is sitting on the wrong end of a loaded gun. A single shot flashes inside the car and we fade to black.

Tyler Riggz
Tyler Riggz
Jacob Slader
Jacob Slader

Wrong Side of the Tracks - Part 2

After the briefest of recaps, we see that our road-weary hero literally dodges the bullet. The fate of the john who attacked him isn't known, but whatever went down inside the cramped car leaves Hazzard bloodstained and visibly shaken. As he decides what to do next, we meet two new characters, played by Chad Savage and Luca DiCorso.

They've been lovers for three years and their relationship is not a happy one. DiCorso wants to milk Savage for every last dime. To say that he's got expensive tastes is an understatement. Savage tolerates his lover's greed, but it's never clear why. Perhaps it's the sex. DiCorso surely knows how to work that angle, stepping nude into the shower while Savage his getting ready for the work day.

There's a nice short/tall dynamic going on with these guys and getting all lathered up in the shower stall is always a nice change of pace. DiCorso certainly looks like he knows how to give head and he's got a very thorough technique, bobbing his entire head while giving firm strokes with one hand. DiCorso darts his tongue between Savage's cheeks (check out the nice tan lines) and keeps pace by stroking his own meat. They don't have anal sex, which may be part of the problem.

Not only does Savage have romance trouble, but he's also on the outs with his father (Theo Blake (Night Shift). Savage's attempts to connect with daddy are succinctly rebuffed. And much like Savage's lover, Blake's most pressing concern at any given moment is his own selfish pleasure. We get a peek inside Blake's office where he's interviewing a new recruit (Alex Rossi). No big surprises here; Blake uses the "interview" to abuse his power.

You won't hear Rossi complaining. He's willing to do just about anything to get the job. And if that means whipping out his prick and fucking the boss, so be it. Fans of posing will find Rossi's studly skin show particularly appealing. He stands a good five feet away from Blake, rubbing his own fat pecs while making wood. They hump all over the office, staining the furniture with their sweat and cum. If Rossi's performance is any indication, he is a shoe-in for the job.

Dozing behind a building, Hazzard crosses paths with good Samaritan Chad Savage. Savage's intentions seem genuine enough, and he offers Hazzard a warm shower and a change of clothes. At this point in the story, it's nearly impossible not to like Hazzard, so it's easy to see why Savage takes an immediate shine to this stranger. Hazzard cleans up well, but while he's showering, he has another one of his strange, multi-layered hallucinations, only this time he's fully awake. He quickly discovers that no amount of soap scour away his past.

When DiCorso gets home carrying several shopping bags, he throws a hissy fit about their new house guest. Hazzard feels compelled to once again hit the open road, but not before he takes advantage of a job interview Savage has set up for him. Muscular daddy Jake Deckard and Luke Strong conduct the interview.

What ensues is a blue collar version of a similar scene from first part of Wrong Side. You instantly realize how tiny Hazzard is when he's the filling of a muscle sandwich. These two powerhouses swallow him whole. This is really Deckard's threeway. He's a scene stealer and wherever he swings his lovely body, your eyes tend to follow along.

"I got the job!"
In the latter half of this workplace tryst is a high-voltage rimming sequence where Hazzard rims both men, working between one exceptionally hairy hole and another somewhat smoother rosebud. There are some wonderful surprises when it comes to the anal action as well.

With a new spring in his step, Hazzard returns to Savage's pad to spread the good news. He inadvertently walks in on an orgy in progress, hosted by Luca DiCorso. As it turns out DiCorso often throws orgies without his lover knowing. It's an all-out poolside lovefest. There's scads of sun and skin to admire, but among the orgy's several participants, Eddie Stone and Trevor Knight get top prizes.

DiCorso, doing his best Joan Collins impression, blackmails Hazzard into silence lest his dalliances be exposed to Savage. But Savage is not as pussy-whipped as you might think. Could it be that Hazzard has found his White Night? The two retire to the bedroom get to know one another better. It's a wonderfully romantic sex scene, filmed in glorious daylight on Savage's designer sheets.

This is an extended 20-minute scene, exquisite in its tenderness and eroticism. But just when you think Hazzard's about to cross the tracks into a different life, Chi Chi serves up one final plot twist.

Wrong Side of the Tracks, Parts 1 and 2 Photos:

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
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Alex Rossi
Alex Rossi
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