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World Soccer Orgy (Part 2)

Vlado Iresch
Brice Farmer , Bud Fraser , , Carey Lexes , Claudio Bell , David Darge , David Owen , Jak Williams , Joe Kean , Johan Volny , Kamil Fox , Max Fonda , Michael Shade , Mr. Rush , Richard Said , Romek Byrne , Ronnie Badell , Sebastian Stone , Tom Arnott , Tony Koch , Will Jamieson
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World Soccer Orgy (Part 2)

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Who Wins the Orgy?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Soccer World has become the world's best selling soccer periodical thanks to its relentless photographic coverage of gay sex by the players. (Note the exciting Paparazzi scoops as seen in the first World Soccer Orgy)

The news starting off World Soccer Orgy 2 is that the French sabotaged their own game by kicking the ball into their own goal. Handsome Brice Farmer consoles his sexy teammate, Kamil Fox, who is weeping in the toilet. Farmer is one of the hot newcomers of the film, strutting his top man skills in two separate scenes. Farmer exudes a quiet sexiness, leaning back so Fox can suck his cock, the foreskin typically staying halfway wrapped around the big head.

Max Fonda and Will JamesonWatch Now
Max Fonda sucks Jak Williams
Will Jameson (top)
Fox, with a scruffier face and mussed hair, grows his own large erection, but soon ends up on the bed ass up with his teammate lapping his tongue inside. Both mannish models create a highly arousing heat that quietly ignites the start of the movie.

Fox's ass stays up high for a passionate, ball slapping sex episode, one of the movie's more tender moments that is augmented by a soft keyboard musical accompaniment. After cumming, they passionately kiss.

World Soccer Orgy Supreme

The crowning part of the entire two part movie comes next. The four teams assemble for a competitive orgy, forming the story's piece de resistance.

In an unforgettable visual, four pairs screw side by side over these ideally sized wooden towers, while seven additional guys observe from behind jacking off.

The competing teams are from France (Farmer and an uncredited model, possibly Joe Kean), USA (Johan Volney and Romek Byrne), England (Will Jameson and David Dargé) and Germany (Michael Shade and Jak Williams). Yes, the models seem to switch countries in between parts one and two.

Set in an indoor swimming pool area, the collection of thrusting bodies and cocks jacking forms a perfectly organized visual. This episode is one of the most successfully filmed orgy scenes we have ever seen. No one seems to have "wood problems," and it's relatively easy to follow who is doing who, frequent problems with these kinds of scenes.

Perhaps the hottest couple is the tan Jameson, who sports a hot tiger tattoo on the right side of his chest, with the supple Dargé, whose thin body broadens and tampers around his ass, which easily swallows his teammate's big cock.

The guys behind them include several guys from part one, including Mr. Rush, Alex Stevens and Ton Arnott from Bareback Buddies. At the midpoint, the tops lay of their backs so that the bottoms can bounce up and down as the before mentioned seven guys observing move next to them to get their cocks sucked.

The observers blow their wads into the mouths of both the tops and bottoms. The orgy culminates with fifteen mostly oral cumshots, so that everyone gets a good taste of worldwide culture.

So who actually wins the orgy? We'd give it to the Brits.

"I was fucked by the best football players."
After this, the Soccer World photographers get their comeuppance. While snapping photos, Sebastian Stone gets snagged by an irate Ronnie Badell, who proceeds to without much ado screw him on a weight bench. Both Badell and fellow teammate David Owen wield pretty big cocks, causing this scene to be aptly subtitled "I was fucked by the best football players."

Owen is one of Eurocreme hottest emerging properties this year. In a hot sequence, Badell drops thick, white spurts of cum into Owen's open mouth as Stone rides him. All three shoot prize winning money shots by finish.

The movie's heat continues strong in the next episode, where Carey Lexus recuperates in hospital. Michael Shade decides to pay his a visit to personally apologize for brutally injuring him on the soccer field.

Shade tries to play nurse, but ends up simply causing both of them to get hard. Lexus is another exciting versatile model who has a thick cock, good masculine looks and a hungry ass.

Shade bangs him in his bed with his own beautiful cock. Shade creams all over Lexus's underside, followed by him eating up most of the new friend's sweet cream.

Blowing Cameron Jackson's Cover

Next, it is porn star Cameron Jackson's turn to get caught. His cover gets blown while watching Richard Said (Boys in the Snow) screw Tony Koch's brains out. Koch is one bottomboy who lights up the screen with a dick inside him. His ass is perfect. And he gets a complete working over by Said. Jackson appears just in time to photograph Said shooting his cum all over Koch's hole.

Jackson plows Koch is a net of new positions, the hottest of which shows his ass splitting open as he bounces on the blond's rigid cock. Jackson finishes by shooting a big load of cum in Koch's mouth.

In the final episode, Jameson and Jak Williams work themselves up in the sauna when they are joined by the sansational Max Fonda from Raw Meat. Fonda and Jemeson take turns on Williams' ass, who has seen a large amount of cock from around the world throughout these two movies. This also features another of the film's memorable visuals, with Fonda taking Jameson's cock up his ass as Williams bounces up and down on him.

They demonstrate a powerful pyramid geometry rarely captured on film.

Viewers will enjoy the fun international elements of soccer competition, as well as all the placement of athletic clothes and other elements in this eight episode sexathon. World Soccer Orgy, highlighted by its world class orgy, is a first rate production and one of the best movies of the year.

World Soccer Orgy (Part 2) Photos:

The World Soccer Orgy Watch VOD
The World Soccer Orgy
Will Jameson tops David Dargé (foreground)
Max Fonda and Will Jameson in the sauna Watch Now
Max Fonda, Jak Williams, Will Jameson
Sebastian Stone sandwich Watch Now
Ronnie Badell and David Owen make a Sebastian Stone sandwich

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