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World Soccer Orgy (Part 1)

Vlado Iresch
Alan Capier , Alex Steven , Bud Fraser , , Collin Richarson , David Dargé , Denis Taylor , Goran Drago , Jak Williams , , Johan Volny , Johny Hunter , Michael Shade , Mr. Rush , Patrik Dorsy , Sebastian Stone , Thomas Dyk , Tim Taillor , Tom Arnott , Will Jamieson
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World Soccer Orgy (Part 1)

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Taking competitive international shagging to a new level.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans of orgy movies take note. Fans of twink movies take note. Fans of the best porn take note: European-based studio Eurocreme has hit the trifecta with its two disc ode to the sport of soccer, World Soccer Orgy.

The producers collect the most popular movie models from the Czech Republic, and dress them up in colorful soccer uniforms representing Germany, UK, France, the Czech Republic and the USA, wrapping them together using an effective story.

Naturally, everybody knows that all the soccer guys shag everything in sight behind closed doors. During team training for the World Cup, the muckraking editors of Soccer World magazine assign their ambitious investigative reporters, Cameron Jackson and Sebastian Stone, to squeeze themselves right into the meat of things, and scoop some juicy headlines.

David Dargé and Johnny HunterWatch Now
David Dargé atop Johnny Hunter
Goran Drago left

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The first day of training has barely ended before Alex Stevens makes the moves on Jay Renfro in the dugout. Quiet and shy looking, Stevens lets his uncut penis hang out of his soccer shorts, immediately drawing Renfro's towards it. A jogging Michael Shade notices their oral fun, so he stops to pull out his own cock, an impressively long bat.

With each player representing a different team, the three proceed to form a closely united European union. Renfro lowers his ass into Shade's lap, easily taking his new friend's total package. After this visually hot sequence, the bottom turns himself around so that Stevens plows him doggie style. Their outdoor escapade ends with Renfro cumming with a cock in his ass (as always), and Steven orgasiming into Shade open mouth, his pierced tongue lapping it up.

After this, American Denis Taylor brings first aid attention to fellow teammate Jak Williams, who lands a sprained ankle in the German countryside. Taylor, a chili-bowl blond who has really muscled up since Raw Recruits), salves and soothes with his smooching kisses and rubbing hands. The ultimate treatment comes from the big, thick cock of Taylor who screws him in several positions on the ground of a lovely glade, followed with an oral dose of thick cum into Williams's mouth.

Meanwhile, the English ready themselves for the competition in the message room. Mr. Rush and Bud Fraser (Bareback Twink Pack) give an probing body rub to Tom Arnott, a total knock-out with a hot, muscular ass. When Mr. Rush slowly opens and stretches out Arnott's hole with his hand, Fraser drops his big cock out of his sweat shorts. He face fucks him with it. With Arnott flat on his stomach, Fraser wastes no time hammering his ass.

Mr. Rush is gorgeous. In a memorable sequence, Mr. Rush gets behind Fraser, and starts screwing, as Fraser continues plowing Arnott. The versatility of Freser is one of the many wonderful surprises coming out of Czech models with almost every film today.

Arnott feeds Fraser his love juice, capped off with Mr. Rush shooting a big creamy load that drenches Fraser's cock and balls.

Back in their hotel room, all their sneaky photography works reporters Jackson and Stone into a sexual frenzy. Stone pulls Jackson's jeans and underwear just down to his waist, using his mouth to work the blond up to a full erection.

Stone is no stranger to movies himself, always turning in good performances. Coupled in a one-on-one with superstar Jackson, he's on fire. We had trouble distinguishing who has a bigger penis. (Vote on our poll on the FriskyBoards)

In a high moment, Stone gets plowed wearing his jacket by Jackson, who wears just his orange shirt. Jackson pulls it off his body with his cock lodged in Stone's ass.

Alex Stevens, Michael Shade and Jay RenfroWatch Now
Alex Stevens, Michael Shade, Jay Renfro
World Soccer Orgy will also be noteworthy to Jackson's army of fans in that here he bottoms, taking Stone sizable stick missionary. Jackson asks "Can I cum?" and washes his abs with big drops of jizz. "Super! Super!", he exclaims. He's a superstar, indeed.

Meanwhile, the first day of the World Cup ends, and the members of the French team enjoy a rowdy three-way for not losing.

Everyone enjoys passing Alan Capier around.

In the back of their team's bus, David Dargé and Johnny Hunter drain bottles of champagne, before draining their balls. Baseball cap wearing Goran Drago (aka Felix Slovacek) joins them for a menage a trois highlighted by the petit Dargé taking Drago's big cock up his smooth ass.

At several points, paparazzi Stone rises up from outside the window to snap photographs of them inflagrante delecto. Dargé's erection flops around as Hunter pounds his ass.

Dargé drops a hefty load onto the bus's carpet. Hunter and Drago shoot the crème brûulée into the French bottom's mouth.

British Exact Revenge in Historic Gang-Bang

Part one ends with the British taking revenge on the Germans for the historic carpet bombing of London decades earlier. Will Jamieson leads Thomas Dyk and Johan Volny (Hard Riders) on an expedition to bribe German player (Alan Capier from Raw Meat) to throw the World Cup game to the Brits. Unable to follow the Queen's English, Capier removes his shirt and starts sucking on Volny's long erection, which sports his trademark shaved balls and closely trimmed pubes.

(Viewers should not confuse Alan Capier with Alan Napier, the actor who played the tall lanky butler servant of Batman. See Alan Napier blog)

In a nice oral sequence, Dyk assists Napier in sucking the stiff cocks in the room. From the German team, Tim Tailor, Collin Richardson and Patrick Dorsy arrive, making the odds even. However what happens instead is a rousing gangbang on Capier's hot, pretty ass.

Jamieson starts the anal action with the bottom's legs splayed wide, still wearing his socks pulled up his calves and soccer shoes.

Everyone gets their own turn passing Napier around, which is made all the better by the outstanding topping skills of all involved. Dorsey and Dyk in particular are some passionate little fireplugs. The guys leave him open wide and his face and throat caked in their cum. The baby-faced Dorsey pops the biggest, multi-spurt money shot of the lot.

Catchy Song, Great Orgy

The film's catchy theme song, "Hand in Hand" plays often, and is one of the ditties that will catch in memory. The lyrics reference a life journey to the sea, living together with an eye to the future - subjects about which we are unclear as to how they relate to World Soccer Orgy.

What is clear is that Eurocreme has sure fire winner on its hands.

World Soccer Orgy (Part 1) Photos:

Cameron Jackson fucks Sebastian StoneWatch Now
Cameron Jackson tops Sebastian Stone
The UK Soccer Team in World Soccer OrgyWatch Now
Mr. Rush, Bud Fraser, Tom Arnott
representing the UK soccer team
World Soccer Orgy gang bangWatch Now
The Brits and the Germans gangbang Alan Napier
Thomas Dyk stands fore, Johan Volny stands aft

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