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Winter Heat

John Bruno
Falcon Studios   FVP184
Aden Jaric , , Jordan Jaric , Jude Collin , Justin Jameson , Kai Ford , Nash Lawler , ,
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Winter Heat

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Roman Heart and Eddie Diaz hit the slopes

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What happens when the guys get out on the snow bound ski slopes?

This is not the Other Side of Aspen. It's Winter Heat, an enjoyable entry from Falcon Studios adding to its library of ski vacation film titles.

In terms of production quality, this is about as minimal as it gets. There is not the directorial ambition or storyline that compliments Falcon's Aspen movies, which make them true classics in the studio's library. Despite this, director John Bruno has packed lots of heat into the film, including some inspired casting of straight gay-for-pay tops whose popularity currently burn up the Internet.

Speaking of straight power tops, the movie begins on a high note when Nash Lawler gets into a snowball fight with Kai Ford out on the slopes. Snowball fights? Hey, you can put an eye out with that.

Nash Lawler fucks Kai FordWatch on or Watch VOD
Nash Lawler fucks Kai Ford

The guys soon retreat to a comfortable bedroom where Ford gets right down sucking on Lawler's hard cock. Now, you can put an eye out with that too. Lawler is fun to watch. He appears turned on by the fact that the audience is getting off to him fucking another guy. Ford is a pleasant bottom, tattooed, cute and with a touch of piggy cravings.

In a hot sequence, Lawler fucks him through the ripped open backside of his thermal underwear. The passive bottom really gets hammered, taking Lawler's relentless thrusts in several hot positions. The scene culminates with the first of the film's nice open-mouthed cum shots. Lawler growls loudly as he let's his spunk fly up into the air and rain down into Ford's open mouth.

After this, the movie takes the viewer on another one of Falcon's romps with the Jarics, the studio's exclusive gay married pornstar couple. After making out on the ski slopes, they adjourn to the bedroom for an extended rimming session. The goateed Aden Jaric spends a long time leisurely rooting around Jordan Jaric's ass, like a pig seeking truffles.

Jordan fucks Aden missionary style on the bed, screwing him in several positions until he blows a humongous load of jizz onto his lover's hole.

Things really heat up after Roman Heart and Eddie Diaz return from a long, hard day of skiing, and they get frisky in the bathroom shower. At this point we turn to the lingering question in many minds: Has Falcon finally overexposed their chief exclusive by putting him in yet one more movie?

The answer: no. Heart's coupling with the voluptuous dark skinned stud is, in fact, inspired. In a delightful sequence of mounting sexual tension, Hart washed his backside, fully showing himself off to Diaz, who stands on the other side of the room brushing his teeth.

Diaz can only take so much of Heart presenting himself in the shower. He walks over still wearing his long johns, and begins manhandling him. In a first of sizzling visuals, Diaz face fucks Hart, who kneels in the still running shower.

After some ass eating, they move to a large partially filled bathtub, where Diaz fucks him long and hard to the constant music of the bottom's "Fuck Me!" pleas. Kudos go to Heart here for having to balance himself in several precarious positions on the tile tub.

And in a most pleasant surprise, midway through the scene, Diaz decides to take ride on Hart, riding him in his lap. The two pros finish with another one of the movie's nice oral cumshots.

Vinnie D'Angelo's Expert Cocksucking Display

So is there anything wrong with wanting to invite Vinnie D'Angelo and Jude Collin over for some beers? Not at all. And bottomboy Justin Jameson (Barback) has the craftiness to pull it off. Back at his place, D'Angelo only has to start sucking down a bottle of brew before Jameson is perched over his lap sucking his cock.

Jameson inhales D'Angelo's manhood, who draws Collin into the action where they form a powerful pyramid of oral sex. Collin is certainly great to watch. The mega-hung straight top makes for pretty active trade. What's amazing here is the size capacity of D'Angelo's throat, who takes the full length thrusts of Collin's rod like a professional sword swallower.

The two guys proceed to make a most delicious Justin Jameson sandwich, sharing his hungry ass like the horned-up buddies that they are. Their rocking three-way ends Winter Heat on a wonderful note.

While Falcon could have put been more inspired with some kind of plot set-up, the ski cabin being a wonderful venue for all kinds of action, director Bruno does remarkably well with this powerfully sexual cast.

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Winter Heat Photos:

Eddie Diaz and Roman HeartWatch on or Watch VOD
Eddie Diaz cruises Roman Heart
Justin Jameson rides Jude CollinWatch on or Watch VOD
Justin Jameson rides Jude Collin (left) and Vinnie D'Angelo (right)
Justin Jameson fucks Jude CollinWatch on or Watch VOD
Jude Collin sits on Justin Jameson
Roman Heart and Eddie DiazWatch on or Watch VOD
Eddie Diaz feeds Roman Heart

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