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Wild Ride To Berlin (Berlin Sex Life)

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films  
Igor Stahl , Jens Hammer , Jochen , Thom Barron
Men of Germany / BerlinOrgyDaddies / Men

Wild Ride To Berlin (Berlin Sex Life)

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Jens Hammer's Day in Berlin

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Unlike numerous Cazzo releases that focus on rough sex and raunch, Wild Ride to Berlin (or Berlin Sex Nights) takes on equally unbridled views of more conventional sex acts - very well.

The story follows the sexual adventures of porn star Jens Hammer during what appears to be a whirlwind daytrip to the capitol city. Hammer soon became one of Cazzo's most popular models, namely because of his boundless sexual energy, hairy chest, and blue-ribbon screwing skills.

Hammer is versatile and everhard, but not highly gym-built - in other words an arousing Everyman.

At the film's opening, he is riding the S-Bahn (city train) through the heart of Berlin, where he is soon cruised by a youthful black guy (Junior). After an inviting leer, he eases out his erection, offering it for attention. The two are soon stripped and trading blowjobs, all while heightened by the actual risk of public sex (this scene is actually filmed on a real, operating S-Bahn, not a set).

Meanwhile, Igor Stahl, a skinhead who always seems to be incredibly horny, awakens the drowsy Thom Barron for morning sex. Playing his lover, Barron opens up for a great session of tit-chewing, body slathering, deep-throating and explorations of his big ass until Stahl pushes on in.

As Stahl thrusts away, the scene is cross-cut with the train scene, culminating in a spooge shower.

Stahl then dresses, kisses Barron goodbye and heads off to retreive Hammer from the train station.

Igor Stahl fucks Thom Barron Watch on ClubCazzo or Watch VOD
Good morning, Thom Barron! (Bottoming for Igor Stahl)
Then, on another train compartment, Stahl cruises the camouflage wearing Ralf. Soon they are pumping their big sicks into each other's faces. This is follwed by rimming and a big set of money shots, Ralf's no-handed.

As before, this scene was also really filmed on a moving city train, making it all more arousing.

After this, Hammer meets his friend Stahl at the train station. Meanwhile, Thom Barron awakens, and connects with another housemate, Jochen. This very open household is full of hot guys and sex around the clock.

Jochen is a curly-haired, babyfaced guy with a hot bubblebutt, and great sucking skills. After some breakfast, Hammer arrivces just in time to bust his second nut of the morning with Jochem in the shower.

The Hammer-Jochen connection is hot because both these two appear to be equally matched satyrs. They both give great head. Jochen stays rock-hard throughout as Hammer hammers his hot behind, spraying off an big load while getting plugged.

A first class Berlin orgy break out with Jens Hammer in the center. Afterwards, Hammer and Jochen head to the dirty movie theatre, which is the film's centerpiece. An orgy ensues during a screening of Hustler White. The sexual tension builds as the members of the movie audience stare and sniff each other out.

Soon an octet of patrons turn the place into a teeming orgy pit. Hammer and Jochen are at the center of the maelstrom. A pair of brunets, two fair-skinned youths, a wild sex-pup, and a voracious black generate a cavalcade of flesh and screwing that causes the theater seats to blast off into space.

This scene of public sex is first-class - it shouldn't be missed.

In the final scene, Hammer and Jochen - never satisfied - bring home sex-pup Michel from the movie theatre.

They bring their catch home to share with Stahl, who is watching porn and drinking beer. Their action is heated - Stahl tops Hammer in a hard-pounding screw. Their action ends with a quarter of money shots, and the guys all fall into a happy pile.

Blue-ribbon sex, a simple story and enthusiastic Berlin guys provide something for everyone. Anyone should find delight in the various types of men, and their sex is all hot.

The film also sports a nifty music soundtrack of techno-music.

Director Jorg Andreas brings a fresh, innovative look to the movie. This solid brand makes Cazzo films a reliable company for great entertainment.

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Wild Ride To Berlin (Berlin Sex Life) Photos:

Sucking Jens Hammer Watch on ClubCazzo or Watch VOD
Sucking Jens Hammer on the Berlin S-Bahn
Welcome to Berlin!

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