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Studio 2000  
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Jeremy Hall struggles to come out in this woodsy movie.

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More plot-driven than the typical Studio 2000 fuck flick, Wildlands occupies itself, not only with outdoor sex, but with Jeremy Hall's struggle to come out to himself. You wouldn't guess that Hall had a problem accepting his sexuality. Take the film's opening…. he's lying astride humpy Dean Monroe, the pair engaged in some incredibly heavy-duty mutual stroking. But actions can be deceiving. This opening frolic is our first look at the strange relationship between Hall and Monroe, coworkers and fuck buddies, but not lovers.

As the plot unfolds further, we learn that Monroe and Hall are park rangers, leading somewhat solitary lives, working deep in the timberlands. The pair have had lots of time to form a deep bond (including a sexual one). But despite trading some particularly intense blowjobs and a year-long series of hearty fucks, Monroe taking on all bottoming responsibilities, Hall is still claiming he's straight.

Dean Monroe in WildlandsWatch Now
Park Ranger Dean Monroe
(Incidentally, these plot points make little difference to the enjoyment of the opening scorcher; Dean and Hall are beautiful together.)

Enter two replacement rangers, Damon DeMarco (Camp Freshmen) and returning Studio 2000 veteran Trevor Knight (Grand Opening), two gay men completely comfortable with their sexuality, arriving on the scene to take over ranger duties for Hall & Monroe. The new boys smell trouble brewing, but go about their merry way, learning their new duties, and getting into their own sorts of sexual mischief.

Knight, for instance, just can't seem to keep it in his pants, pulling rank on two motorists, Brandon Irons (Escape From San Francisco) and Andrew Phillips (Ari's Place). This is a perfectly orchestrated threeway.

Irons brings the muscle, Phillips the lean, boyish charm, and Knight, perhaps the most important element – a gorgeous slab of cockmeat. Irons and Phillips get busy worshipping at the Knight's feet, almost seeming to be in competition for who gives better head. The scene devolves, uniforms and street clothes tossed to the side, the three men aggressively going at it out in the open. My favorite moment finds Irons crouching doggie style, Knight and Phillips sharing Irons' hole, enjoying a veritable feast. Iron, the largest man of all three, ends up on the bottom here.

Meanwhile, Ranger DeMarco is getting into is own particular kind of trouble. DeMarco has never looked better than he does here, his wild tousled hair finally shorn to reveal schoolboy good looks. He puts a wandering hiker (Brian Bodine, TKO) back on the right path, but only after giving him the sexual once-over. Bodine's a beauty and the interracial action should be regarded by these horny rangers as a definite fire hazard.

Rod Daily's a Menace

One of the more pervasive nuisances to Ranger Dean Monroe are the restless Rafferty Brothers (Rod Daily & Ritchie Fine), backwoods bohunks who like to fuck one another out in the open. After a few swigs of moonshine, the "brothers" indulge in a drunken romp, blowing one another then doing some old-fashioned cornholing. The one to watch here is Mr. Fine, a stud who's come quite a-ways since his Skateboard Sliders days. This vignette is a hot one, like watching two fratboys hooking up while the cameras roll. (Note: This is one of our favorite Rod Daily movies)

After the cum has dried, Monroe inadvertently crosses the Brothers' path. Monroe is quickly wrangled and hog-tied, later to be rescued by Hall. Hall has his predictable moment of revelation at the film's conclusion, and no doubt future sexcapades with buddy Dean will be tinged with deeper, romantic meaning.

Fans of the Tim and Roma Show get a special treat on the extra menu, a behind-the-scenes look at Wildlands and other Studio 2000 properties, hosted by the drag personality and her sidekick, Tim. The 20-minute featurette is stuffed with the kind of fun stuff we like to see, models goofing between takes, sexual shenanigans, and commentary.

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Wildlands Photos:

Jeremy Hall and Dean MonroeWatch Now
Jeremy Hall and Dean Monroe
Brian Bodine and Roger DemarcoWatch Now
Brian Bodine and Roger Demarco
Jeremy Hall and Dean MonroeWatch Now
Jeremy Hall and Dean Monroe
Rod Daily and Ritchie FineWatch Now
Rod Daily and Ritchie Fine

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