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Wide Open

George Duroy
Falcon International   FIC-010
Alexander Strauss , Anrej Volek , Gynt Klein , Hans Koloman , Ion Davidov , Ivo Svoboda , , Jozef Beniak , Karl Mishka , , Kristoff Junas , Matus Otava , Oto Burian , Sebastian Bonnet , Tomas Belko
Czech Boys

Wide Open

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Ion Davidov's buddies are wide open now

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The last film George Duroy did for Falcon is a free-wheeling al fresco frolic containing many of his late-90's staples. The film begins with Kristen Jenson, a hot twinkie with a too-short career. We actually get to listen to his sexy deep voice talking in the film's prologue.

In the film's first scene, brunet euro-stud Ion Davidov and Andrej Volek awaken with raging erections. After playing with their uncut endowments, they suck each other, and Volek gives up his ass to Davidov, who continues to shine us with his eager top skills.

After spying on the two boys, two more are enticed to have some morning sex as well. Sebastian Bonnet, who bottomed for Lucas Ridgeton in Frisky Summer 2, shows up his top skills by fucking the always delectable Jiri Lubov. Lubov's expression on his face appears to be "fuck me faster!" Bonnet obliges, and the two turn out a really hot scene. Lubov ends up sucking Bonnet's cock until it emits an eight-spurt cum shot.

If you like blondes with big dicks, you'll enjoy the next scene with Ivo Svoboda who chows done on blond Peter Svanka's super cock. In another corner of the building, the blond Hans Koloman slurps-down on brunet Gynt Klein, who shoots his load all over Koloman's chin and shirt.

The film then moves into the riverboat Mark Twain where the yummy Thomas Belko (aka Roman Paulik from Siberian Heat) goes into the bathroom, and proceeds to service five well-hung guys one after the other. All these guys have big, uncut dicks and shoot their cum on Paulik's face and chest.

Josef Beniak is the first up for a good suck. Paulik uses both hands and mouth to cover the considerable size of Beniak's cock. As Paulik preens provocatively at the camera, Beniak blasts all over his face. Blond Oto Burian arrives next, gliding his wrist-thick dick into Paulik's waiting mouthcomes in short order, and is soon replaced by wide-eyed dark haired Matus Otava, whose long, sleek cock with its slightly downturned head resembles nothing so much as the Concorde. Next up, Kristoff Junas exposes his fat, shaven cock which Paulik manages to get most of it in his mouth. (Junas was in the earlier Falcon Nighthawken) The last to visit Paulik's sex-den is humongous Alexander Strauss, who shoots his load onto the sex-pig's face. Not to be stopped, Strauss then bends Paulik over the toilet and fucks him. The big dicks and anonymous, wordless tea-room setting make this totally engrossing.

Kristen Jensen butters-up buddy

The final scene comes after the hiking team stomps a bit through the woods, and they stop for food. Kristian Jensen and Ivo Svoboda pare drinking in their tent, and begin to kiss and grope each other. and escalates as they continue to mix it up all over the campgrounds. Svoboda sucks Jensen's beautiful cock between two tall trees. Jensen returns the favor by blowing his buddy next to a creek. Svoboda comes thick gobs of cream, which drips delightfully all over his pubes. It is difficult to guess which one gets fucked, and it turns out to be Svoboda. He is banged, in a variety of positions, by the boy- top Jensen as fellow club members watch from a distance. Svoboda has a really hot ass that looks great getting fucked. Jensen's orgasm, depending on how you count dribbles and squirts, is between a ten and twelve shooter and provides a quantitatively impressive end to the video.

In the tradition of Duroy's Frisky Summer series, the sex consist of hot boys hiking through the countryside engaging in sex whenever and wherever they find it. In fact many of the models in Wide Open are also in the first Frisky Summer. So, this is a great opportunity to see more of them.

NOTE: Also filmed around this time is Souvenirs, which contains many of the same actors.

Wide Open Photos:

Ivo Svoboda and Kristen Jensen
Ivo Svoboda examines Kristen Jensen
Wide Open Bel Ami Video

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