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Wicked (Brandon Lee)

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1081
Brandon Lee , Brent Everett , Chi Chi LaRue , Doug Jeffries , , Jan Fischer , Jason Hawke , , Johnny Hazzard , Kurt Young , Luca DiCorso , , , Tag Adams , Tommy Ritter
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Wicked (Brandon Lee)

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Brandon Lee Lives through Dickens' A Christmas Carol

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Has anyone else noticed that ChiChi models sports some of the hottest tattoos? Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Stone and others proudly display their bodyart. Since his first films in the late 90s, like Fortune Nookie, porn star Brandon Lee sports a wicked set of tatts in here. Although the movie, Wicked may describe his tattoos, it is not about them.

Lee plays a mercurial pornstar who just before self-destructing, sees the light and becomes versatile sexually and friendly on the set. Like a famous Dickens character, he is visited by the Ghost of Porn Past and the Ghost of Porn Present to help him see the error of his ways. Played by Kurt Young and Chi Chi LaRue, respectively, they add some nice color to the story. (Young is a retired porn star who performed in some great earlier movies like Studio 2000's Dream Team)

Director LaRue received a full tank of inspiration for this movie. When filming on all cylinders, the director's movies are some of the hottest things around. Here the movie has great performances, a great cast and interesting new material - like the on-screen deflowering of Brandon Lee.

Brent Everett Fucks on the Set

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Porn Star Brandon Lee

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The first scene is actually a sexual episode filmed on the set of a porno. Brent Everett sits at his work desk, dressed as a car mechanic. He strokes his gloriously long schlong in what at first seems like a solo sequence. German cutie Jan Fischer steps into the room, instantly relieving him of his burden to get off by himself.

Everett and Fischer show a perceptible on-screen chemistry that lights up their sex. The unshaven Fischer gets blown by Everett, who then pounds the daylights out of him in several positions. Everett finishes with a splashy eleven-spurt money shot - probably one of his most memorable. This sight of this volcanic eruption immediately get's Fischer to blow his own load.

The next scene shows the argumentative Lee on the set with bottom Tag Adams and the enticingly hung Tommy Ritter, who is one of this year's most delectable newcomers. It begins with Ritter jacking his heavy headed cock while watching Lee aggressively take on Adams, who volubly gets into getting his dick sucked. Lee then eats out Adams' hairy ass and screws it. Ritter gets sloppy seconds. These two magnificent dicked men pull a first-class hammering of the popular bottom performer.

Ritter and Adams stand over Lee and come on his forehead. Afterwards in a mood swing, Lee storms out screaming about his impossible inconveniences.

Eddie Stone's Hot Duet

Next up is one of the hottest duets of the year. Eddie Stone practically eats Jason Hawke's smooth body up with his mouth, before the musclestud throws a riveting powerscrew to him. Their intense sex is clearly one of magic moment not to be missed. At one point, Stone's legs are fully pushed back to his ears as Hawke high-speed thrusts him on a couch.

Hawke cums by Stone beating him off as they kiss. Then Hawke reciprocates.

Following this is an all-brunet three way with Johnny Hazzard, Joey Milano and the tattooed Luca DiCorso (Wrong Side of the Tracks). Milano, a good-looking relative newcomer takes it up the ass from Hazzard, who is in boss mode. DiCorso is introduced here as a new Rascal exclusive. Here he shows his thick cock as one of his best assets, and his versatility. Milano bottoms for both guys, at one point the form a chain with Milano taking DiCorso, who is taking it from Hazzard.

Hazzard fires a memorable jet of spooge covering the Italian musclebottom.

Porn Star Brandon Lee turns over a new leaf; he turns over Shane Rollins. During this, Kurt Young and ChiChi LaRue appear as ghosts to convince Lee of his personality issues, which inspires Lee to drop his Wicked Boy role and bottom on-screen. Lee rushes onto the movie set where porn star Shane Rollins lies waiting in his underwear for his partner to arrive.

Their performance is yet another one of the film's high points. Lee is an enthusiastic performer, and it is enjoyable to watch him cover such new territory enthusiastically. It is high time! Rollins also looks great here, and he throws a hot plowing to Lee, after lapping at his hole for several minutes. Lee unloads while getting impaled.

Wicked is kind of a strange name, but so what. It is a fine showcase for Asian hottie Brandon Lee, whose performances lately in films have been great. Coupled with other hotties, and especially the scorching Jason Hawke / Eddie Stone coupling and Wicked will have you singing for more.

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Wicked (Brandon Lee) Photos:

Porn Star Brent Everett Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Porn star Brent Everett standing in underwear
Jason Hawke and Eddie Stone Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jason Hawke tops Eddie Stone
Wicked Three-Way Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
The tattooed Luca DiCorso, Joey Milano and Johnny Hazzard

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