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When in Rome

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1045
Alberto Ventura , , , Joe Foster , Leonardo Ricci , Luca Ferretti , Mario Sisto
Italians / ItalyHunksDaddies / Men

When in Rome

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Eddie Stone visits Rome and gets licked.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Italian passion and craftiness seduce countless American tourists every year. In ChiChi LaRue's When In Rome film, the naive backpacker is Eddie Stone, Rascal's latest exclusive who is a real on-screen natural.

Stone's all-American looks, big cock and strong face are matched by good acting talent and a voracious versatility (although when he's in Rome, he's all bottom for the Italians).

Joining Stone is the remarkable Filippo Romano (Detention), the muscular Joe Foster and a never-before seen set of chisled Italian guys. Upon Stone's arrival, loses his backpack to a grungy looking native (Romano).

Joe Foster appears, calming the upset tourist, inviting him to his friends' place to wait out the weekend until the American consulate reopens.

The home turns out to be a lovely fifteenth century castle where perhaps Michaelangelo himself took his own carnal delights deep inside. Nicely photographed, the grand structure makes for a fine set for the film. After being dropped off in the courtyard, Stone is surreptitiously looked-over by two guys.

Eddie Stone and Leonardo Ricci
Eddie Stone kneels before
Leonardo Ricci

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Like all Italians, these two enjoy their room with a view.

Hairy, uncut and hung, Alberto Ventura and Mario Sisto move to their bed for a hungry round of mutual deep-throating. These well-equipped studs blow each other all the way to the base.

Then Sisto gets behind his buddy, driving in his manmeat in a fantastic mind-blowing screw. They wear their white socks throughout. Both come at the end, with Sisto pumping out four hefty spurts onto his furry stomach.

Meanwhile, an exasperated Stone decides to poke around the castle's lower side doors. In one he comes face to face with another local, Leonardo Ricco. In the doorway darkness, Ricco brandishes a lit torch (or what many Europeans would describe as a burning fag.)

Inside the stone chamber, their passion erupts. The two spend some good time taking the entire length of the others' erections in their mouths. They also open each other's backsides up with rimming.

Stone, at first bewildered, succumbs to the wordless hospitality and pleasure from the Italian. Feretti wields one of the film's many very large uncut cocks, and he can't wait to get a taste of American pie.

He tops the taller Stone in two positions, until Stone shoots his load. Feretti squirts out a big white load onto Stone's bicep.

Meanwhile in another part of the castle, Joe Foster tells local Luca Ferretti about Stone's predicament. This moment gives way to a tide of passion where they kiss each other, and suck their raging hard-ons.

The tattooed Foster takes Ferretti in his strong hands, giving his admiring friend a energetic buttbang. His face becomes a mask of pleasure, and Feretti urges Foster to keep going. Foster flips the Italian over and keeps pumping hard until they both unleash their hot mancream.

When in Rome, fuck Filippo Romano

In the movie's last scene, a stark naked (but not humiliated) Stone is confronted by Filippo Romano. The unshaven Romano explains they simply set him up so that he could get a full taste of Italy.

Stone loves the ruse, and the two are soon doing it by a fireplace. Watching this, one cannot help but observe that Romano has one of the finest, most perfect bodies. As a top, he uses his dick with aplomb.

Romano tops Stone in several positions. Stone gets himself off by bouncing up and down on his new friend's meat. At the end, they come. Romano squeezes out a big six spurt money shot.

When in Rome is further augmented by a nice original score from J.D. Slater.

All in all, Stone's vacation turns out to be a good one after all. The Italians certainly run a great operation to pinpoint the sucker tourists.

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Fillppo Romano and Eddie Stone
Fillppo Romano kisses Eddie Stone

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Eddie Stone in When in Rome
Eddie Stone and Leonardo Ricci

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Alberto Ventura and Mario Sisto
Alberto Ventura tastes Mario Sisto

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