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When Bears Attack

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1128
, Blake Nolan , Cole Ryder , Damien , Johnny Hazzard , Manuel Torres , Mick Powers , Nick Marino ,
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When Bears Attack

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Johnny Hazzard is consumed in a flurry of fur and fangs.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Animal lovers rejoice (and we're not talking about PETA here) - Chi Chi LaRue takes on the wilderness in this meaty new flick in the Rascal line. The pre-menu montage hints at what viewers might expect as real bear sounds play over torso shots of furry fellas. And When Bears Attack really does give fans of the burly brawny hairy type of guy something especially tasty to sink their teeth into, as Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard (Leather Sessions) gets more than he bargained for when he heads to his woodland retreat…

Subtitled "Johnny's First Gang Bang", When Bears Attack uses the handsome and smooth ink adorned Hazzard as the central figure of the movie, the bait that draws the wild bears out of the forest, and the three distinct sections of the film play out this conceit with perfection.

Entering a Hazardous Zone

Blake Nolan snapshot Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Blake Nolan

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First LaRue makes sure we are well acquainted with Hazzard. Pulling up in his red pick-up, our protagonist breathes country air into his lungs, and stretches after his long drive.

The great outdoors has made Hazzard horny. In no time he has pulled off his shirt, revealing that smooth decorated upper body, and starts rubbing himself through his blue jeans. Sensual and unhurried, the camera caresses Hazzard as he explores himself - nipples, armpits, pecs. We know every inch of his torso by the time he stands atop the pick-up and unbuttons his pants, setting free a beautiful circumcised penis that springs out hard as a rock.

He lets free a long stream of piss from the slit of his hard-on, a feat in itself, and the camera looks upwards as the urinating Hazzard towers above the viewer, marking his territory.

And now Hazzard really goes at it, jerking his member and allowing us intimate views of his cock, balls and ass. Finally laid out on his trusty red truck, he jerks himself to completion, shooting an explosively powerful load that reaches his eye, and splatters all across his smooth sun kissed chest.

And this draws three bears out of the woods, quite literally sniffing out Hazzard's man-scent as he buttons up and heads to the relative safety of his cabin.

Fucked By the Leader of the Pack

A domineering Arpad Miklos (Michael Lucas' Gigolo) leads the pack, with Rascal exclusive Cole Ryder (Leather Sessions) and Steve Cruz (Communion) following close behind. All three are bearded and masculine with hard hairy chests, and all three are horny and on the prowl.

Hazzard has left behind the shirt he used to wipe his cum up with, and when the bears catch wind of this smell they stop in their tracks with the overwhelming urge for mansex. Miklos slings Cruz over his shoulder and the trio move to the truck for an extremely hot threesome.

Miklos and Ryder suck on Cruz' exposed hard-on with a primal lust amid deep animal grunts and groans as they rub Hazzards' cum rag over each other. Naked and on his knees, it's Cruz turn to eat cock, first gobbling down on Miklos impressive uncut member, with strings of precum and spit hanging between him and that huge meaty prick, and then moving on to slobber on Ryder's goliath girth.

The passenger door is opened, and Cruz is laid out side on, for a deep sweaty pounding for that furry hungry asshole - first from Miklos, and then turned over to take it from Ryder while his throat is filled with Miklos uncut bone. With the heat turned up and all three bears fully in the passion of the moment, Miklos erupts, splashing thick wads of man juice on Cruz' face who then cums on his chest, only to allow Ryder to release his seed all over that freshly fucked hairy ass. And the trio never even reaches the bait…

But that's not the case in the climactic final third of the movie which is, as promised on the cover, "Johnny's First Gang Bang".

Johnny Hazzard snapshot Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Johnny Hazzard
In the dead of night Hazzard hears noises outside his cabin that arouse his curiosity. Eventually succumbing to his investigative instincts he opens the door, only to be confronted by the towering testosterone-filled figures of Blake Nolan (Big Rig), Miklos, and Nick Marino (Brawlers). They invade his cabin, and bait becomes prey as Hazzard is encased in the bears writhing bodies, and fed the hard uncut cock of Mr. Marino.

Trapped in a Cage

Ensnared and entranced by the bears, Hazzard joins in a mammoth suckfest with the trio of intruders. And as if this wasn't enough already, three more bears join the hunt, in the form of handsome Mick Powers (Trapped), Daddy bear Damien (From Bear To Bare) and hung Hispanic Manuel Torres (Tough As Nails).

This gang of 7 manages every combination of sucking and rimming imaginable, until Powers pushes things a little further and mounts Hazzard anally on the couch. Marino wants some next, and takes his turn, giving him a deep steady pounding while Hazzard's own weapon remains stiff as a board throughout. Bending over now and offering his ass up for the next bear in line, Nolan takes up his offer and splits that boy wide open. Torres and Miklos take their turns too, in a sequence of sweaty mansex that will get any fan of bearish men growling for more.

And in the climax of the movie, the bears crowd around their catch, jerking hard cocks and shooting load after load all over his well fucked frame, until Hazzard can stand it no more. Gripping his own piece of meat, he shoots a huge satisfying load of spunk all over the place, and the bears grab hold of his manhood, massaging and caressing that wet glistening shaft.

And so ends this amazingly hot piece of brawny, furry, sweaty, manly eroticism from the Chi Chi LaRue camp. Bear affectionados could do much worse than checking out When Bears Attack, and this viewer thinks they could not do much better. So grab your bear pelts, and your hard cocks, and turn on this film that guarantees to do the same for you.

The DVD is chock full of extra features, including full scene access, instant cumshot satisfaction, over 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage of the cast as well as an astonishing 22 minutes footage from the promotional photo shoot, and two full length movie previews. Generous indeed!

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Blake Nolan sucks Nick Marino
When Bears Attack Three-Way Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos, Johnny Hazzard
Manuel Torres
Blake Nolan and Johnny Hazzard Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Blake Nolan tops Johnny Hazzard
Manuel Torres right
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Steve Cruz snapshot Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Steve Cruz
Steve Cruz in When Bears Attack Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Attack of the Bears!

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