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What Friends Are For

Roland Dane
Studio 2000 International  
, George Vidanov , , James Jordan , Janos Kovacs , Johnny Huzosh , Jose Ganatti , Robert Kern ,
Euro-Muscle Guys

What Friends Are For

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George Vidanov Knows What Friends Are For

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I'm there. I'm sold. Until he proves otherwise, I'm prepared to suggest that any flick evolving from the lens of Roland Dane is a sure bet! In concluding my review of his last Studio 2000 release, Down On The Farm, I exhorted Dane to keep em coming.

And he has done just that. What Friends Are For is yet another Dane delivery of nut-tingling, mouth-watering action from start to finish. Guys, theres no filler here. Its all meat, meat, meat!

Unfamiliar with the inner workings of the various gay porn production companies that feature those incredible Eastern European muscle gods, I remain baffled about the reasoning that requires these sculpted masterpieces to change their stage names from one company to the next.

Robert Kern fucks George Vidanov Watch Now
Robert Kern behind George Vidanov
There are, of course, a few exceptions. Hungarian porn star George Vidanov, featured again here before Dane's camera, is no longer carrying any other handle; and, although Studio 2000 requires him to carry the tag Gabor Szeles, both Diamond Productions and High Octane allow sex idol Rick Bauer to appear under this more familiar label.

Call them whatever you want. Both of these boy/men are the pure embodiment of ultimate gay sexual versatility, and their appearances under any production banner are eagerly anticipated by literally throngs and throngs of devotees.

Dane serves up Bauer uh Szeles, coupled with Johnny Huzosh, aka Tony Magera, (the buff, blonde, baby-faced bombshell in numerous Diamond Pictures productions), as the appetizer in this four-course meal of meaty men in delicious body-to-body dialogue that will most assuredly please the palate.

In this opening gym/sauna scene, a careful and retiring, but most accommodating Bauer, gives it up to the virgin Huzosh, who allows that while he knows he is not into girls, there arent many chances to hook up with guys in his Hungarian homeland. Numerous opportunities abound here for you zoom/slow-mo freaks; but, in particular, watch the ass and thigh muscles flex on these boys as Huzosh pounds away on the hard-dicked Szeles lying flat atop a sauna bench.

Dane managed to steal away dreamboat Fabrice Felder, formerly a Diamond Pictures exclusive, for this Studio 2000 debut. Known here as Robert Kern, the man is 100% tall, dark and handsome with a super schlong to boot! Vidanaovs face consistently tells the underlying story in Scene 2. He absolutely loves being bested by this incredible hunk of hound dog.

I nearly swallowed my tongue during the 69 segment just wish there had been a bit more of it! Once again, this is slow-mo heaven, as is the anal segment culminating in orgasmic ecstasy. I really get into those trick-screwing positions.

Although soft-spoken and not as tall as many actors, Daniel Halasz, aka Ted Lauter for Pacific Sun and Luke Jarkal in High Octane flicks, is fireplugish muscle with a dick of death that insists on satisfaction. In Scene 3, Janos Kovacs is the lastest in a series of hungry bottoms to be sated by the little bulldogs vigorous love play.

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
Halasz had instantaneous appeal in his gay porn debut a two-film Borbely masterpiece called Bikers Bang I and II, and an army of fans who responded to it favorably. An intensity that comes across in virtually every performance has lent itself to an enduring appeal.

It is interesting to note that for his return to the gay porn screen in what seems like more than a year, Jose Ganetti (a personal favorite) chose a role in which he doesnt bottom. In Scene 4, he and powerful topman James Jordan, aka Garcia Udulo in Deep Probe and several other Herve Handsome classics, give the lovely Giovanni Floretto, aka Fred Fele, a thorough working over.

Nevertheless, Scene 4 belongs to Kern and Huzosh. Friends, these boys absolutely steal the show! Keep the slow-mo finger cocked. You can press the button almost any time they cross the screen, but most tantalizingly so when Huzosh throws his full ripped weight down on the helplessly ecstatic Kerns pride and joy.

Roland, baby Im still panting, and Im putting you on my Christmas list today! Keep em coming, baby. Keep em coming!

To each his own!

What Friends Are For Photos:

Daniel Halasz fucks Janos Kovacs Watch Now
Daniel Halasz tops Janos Kovacs
Giovanni Floretto and Jose Ganetti Watch Now
Giovanni Floretto opens his mouth for Jose Ganetti

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