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What I Can't See 3 (John Sullivan)

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Alex , Anton Dickson , , Brad McGuire , Bruce , Bryce , C.J. , Chuck , Cooper , Damon , Daniel Sanchez , Devlin Michaels , Ed Gunn , Eric , Fyerfli , Jack Lewis , Jake , Jerry Stearns , Jesse O'Toole , Jessie , John Sullivan , Keer , Kurt Wood , , Luiz , Marc White , Mark Dixon , Michael , Myles Bentley , Paul Mann , Rikk , Roman , Skeet , , Tommy , Tony
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What I Can't See 3 (John Sullivan)

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What I Can't See 3, filmed in 2011, adds a very positive, new chapter into the bareback studio Treasure Island Media's storied history. Starting here, and continuing on with movies like Fuck Tards and Manfuck Manifesto, the studio highlights a new generation of cum hungry bottoms, all curvaceous, masculine and prodigious.

Exit Christian and Ian Jay. Enter John Sullivan, Jack Lewis and the boyishly addictive Michael.

The catalyst for this change at Treasure Island is John Sullivan, a strapping young man who looks like he could have played football in school. Gracing the DVD boxcover wearing a blindfold, the amazing thing about Sullivan is the sheer sexual power he radiates simply by laying there. Blindfolded. Moaning.

Who Are You?

Does it really matter who fucking you in the ass? Ask Alex, the "noisy bottom" from scene one who receives an all out anal assult from TIM's new top in residence B.J. Slater. From the first moments, watching Slater's big man hands exploring the pale bottom's long legs, opening his ass, we know that we'll love what we can see. The bottom's gradual arousal, his pretty dick going from soft to completely stiff by the scene's end sticks out as the scene's high point.

B.J. Slater tops AlexWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Alex cannot see B.J. Slater
Next, British director Liam Cole offers up one of his signature gang bangs using a choice stud, Jack Lewis. It begins with the noisy commotion of footsteps from a bunch of unseen guys walking up the stairs. Lewis can only prepare himself by inhaling his bottle of poppers and spreading himself on the bed. Lewis dazzled fans with his bottoming talents in the excellent 2010 video Full Tilt. This time he takes on seven hard tops including Ed Gunn, Paul Mann, Myles Bentley, Marc White, Daniel Sanchez and the always reliable Anton Dickson.

Lewis sports some swanky attire - a leather blindfold with a matching thin-line leather jockstrap. The London bareback community also gets credit for its fashonista sense and sensibility! He's a magnet for their cocks and cum. "It's good actually not knowing what they look like." observes the used and spent Lewis, taking a long drink from a bottle of water. Whew!

After this, TIM dusts off and presents an episode that somehow got buried in the studio's vaults starring Jesse O'Toole, the indefatigable telephone pole penis top who we've not seen in six or seven years. O'Toole started the trend of heavily tattooed covered porn stars seven years ago.

O'Toole's paired with daddy-type Mark Dixon, who's thrilled to be on camera doing with a Treasure Island legend. If you've never seen O'Toole in action, or if it has been awhile, observe him in action. His phallus is massive, and watching it's disappear inside Dixon's ass effortlessly is a truly amazing thing to behold.

Oddly, this episode ditches the blindfold theme. Dixon eyes stay wide open to the very end. O'Toole collapses on top of the bottom once he's drained.

Jack Lewis GangbangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jack Lewis Gangbang

A Conga Line of Tops

After this love interlude, it's time for What I Can't See 3 to kick into gear with the next blindfold bottom gang bang - this time with a new fellow named Damon, a lithe figure with a great ass for pounding. Wearing a sweet red jockstrap, Damon let's a whole slew of guys enter him. Doing the juicing honors are five or six eager tops (keeping track of them is hard. Skeet? Chuck? Luiz?)

Jerry Stearns shows up to lend enthusiasm to the festivities. This is a great gang bang, which when considered along with the earlier one, and the John Sullivan scenes to follow, puts this on the top shelf with other gang bang videos.

So as not to jump directly to another gang bang, at this point, the editors insert a splendid one on one scene starring a rough red head named Keer, who proceeds to fuck the brains out of another one of the film's new boy bottoms, Michael. This boy has the perfect, fuckable ass. Wearing WICS3's set of official formal wear - black jock and blindfold - he and Skeet turn in yet another one of the movie's great performances. Michael's evil grin while getting his ass pummeled is unforgettable.

Where's Brad McGuire in all of this? He's coming! He's coming! He's coming inside a skinny bottom named Cooper, along with Steve Parker, Devlin Michaels and Fyerfli in another one of the movie's scenes that was filmed a few years earlier, but the studio had banked until the release of their next What I Can't See extravaganza.

Meet John Sullivan

The final three episodes - forty minutes on the DVD - introduce us to the beefcake bottom John Sullivan. Sullivan and his younger brother form the story in the Treasure Island documentary video Island, which is also included as an extra disc in the DVD package.

He's sensational. He's quiet, shy, and rather "blue collar" looking, like a guy you'd see working fixing your car. He's the perfect type to cast as everyone's party bottom. Sullivan's on-screen deflowering begins with titanic tooled Lito Cruz and the returning Stearns. They keep him filled simultaneously fore and aft until the jizz in him.

After this, he's the focus of a five man gang bang - a nice interracial mix of white, Hispanic and black dick. These tops are obviously very turned on. Swept up in tides of passion, several of them cum twice during the scene. Sullivan's wet ass becomes an enormous cum bucket.

After all this, Mr. Sullivan's just getting started. He gets vigorously slammed in sling by more four more guys, who use him completely until they are completely sated. It's a role that Sullivan was born to play.

(Have you seen our review of What I Can't See 2?)

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What I Can't See 3 (John Sullivan) Photos:

John Sullivan GangbangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
John Sullivan Gangbang
Jesse O'Toole tops Mark DixonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jesse O'Toole tops Mark Dixon
Gangbang Cooper JamesonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Gangbanging Cooper Jameson

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