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Wet Dreamz of Genie

Liquid Dreamz Entertainment  
Anthony Cruz , Benji Escobar , , , Josh Cole , Junior Delacruz , Junito , Sergio ,
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Wet Dreamz of Genie

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Junito flies in from the Astral Plane

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Flying in through the astral plane comes an enjoyable 2 disc film, Wet Dreamz of Genie, with a complete story, lots of special effects, and its own music video.
The film is the debut release from Liquid Dreamz Entertainment, which seems to be largely helmed by Junito, who is credited as writer, director and musician. He also plays the film's main character, and appears to be singing the lyrics of the film's song.

Can he pull off everything wearing so many hats? That is a pretty tall order for any movie maker. I mean, not even Woody Allen does all that, and write songs and produce a subsequent music video for his films. [Note: This movie makes FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list]

Anyone who grew up watching the old television sitcom chestnut I Dream of Genie will be instantly familiar with the story and characters. Air Force Major Antonio Nalgado (aka Tony) finds a bottle on the sandy beach one day. Out pops an imprisoned genie, played very well by Anthony Cruz, who calls him his master. "Genie's" only desire is to fulfill every wish.

Hilarity ensues.

The script can be a bit quirky, filled with odd lot references to the original television show, and going all the way to pokes at the President of the United States. Watching the movie makes you wonder where all these special effects came from, and why some studios do not use them more often. There are magic carpet rides above Manhattan, magical explosions and a sword fight. There also are some nice extras on the discs, including interviews with the models, who actually appear to be a friendly and interesting lot.

Anthony Cruz in Wet Dreamz of Genie Watch Now
Starring Anthony Cruz as Genie
The problem that some will find with Wet Dreamz of Genie is that the sexual heat could have been notched up a few more degrees. There are a number of hot moments, but it really could have benefitted from better camera work, and possibly better cameras. Often, the models have a washed out look. And often the focusing seems off.

Wet Dreamz for Dimitri Santiago

The guys are all pretty hot. Junito has a great, highly fuckable ass. In fact he gets plowed four times in the film. In the first scene, he and his buddy Rog get frisky on the beach. Rog, played by happy go-lucky Dimitri Santiago, is a sexual powerhouse, and probably the hottest sexual talent in the film. (Santiago pops up looking just as hot in Treasure Island's bareback thriller Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours several years later.)

He has a fine, shapely ass as well, but as in The Adventures of Enrico Vega, he seems to be happy showing off only his topman skills, which are excellent. He plunged his big, thick cock into Junito's ass, who loves it.

Enrico Vega gets down with Genie. This scene is one of many which take place on a blue screen, with a special effects background superimposed behind them. An interesting idea, and sometimes makes sense, but some people might find it distracting. It may have limited their possible sexual positions too.

The genie's evil ex-master (Enrico Vega) pulls out all stops to bring misery to the new couple. Vega enjoys a passionate sexual episode with Genie, who wields a big, long dick. He contours his lanky body into a receptive, sexy bottomboy.

Cruz's acting abilities are pretty good, and his scripted shenanigans are funny. Although they are confusing and befuddling to Junito's boss, Dr. Bacudo (Junior de la Cruz). In one hot episode, Genie magically creates two attractive servants to serve as top and bottom, respectively, for Junito and Santiago. Their dual sex is a double your pleasure, double your fun moment for the film. At one point, Junito informs Genie that he lusts after Tony Serrano, who apparently was won over by his sultry topman talents in the Raging Stallion Nexus orgy.

Their sexual episode takes place to the mainstream song Dreamweaver, which is remixed to a snappy disco beat. Serrano looks great, and the sight of his amazing ass humping away on Junito is memorable. In a high point, Serrano blows a hot money shot, which is eaten up by a hungry Junito.

However, some may find the special effects of the pair flying through outer space, as well as the colorful aurora borealis explodes around them.

On several occasions the film dives into a sexual fetish with feet. One interesting episode shows Cruz jacking a sleeping Junito off to climax using only his feet and toes.

Wet Dreamz of Genie certainly brings many qualities to the table which are lacking in contemporary gay porn, notably story writing, comedy and special effects. It also makes nice use of music, confronting what it often the most lacking aspect of many movies. Perhaps a sequal can iron out these wrinkles, and follow the spoof by introducing Genie's evil twin brother, or perhaps the couple can get married in Massachusetts.

This film will go down well with some tastes. As a parody and spoof, Genie is dreamily satisfying. On the sexual level, some may want to conjure some extra magic to razzle in some additional hard-driving sexual energy.

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Wet Dreamz of Genie Photos:

Wet Dreamz of Genie Four Way Watch Now
Junito, Anthony Cruz, Dimitri Santiago, Benji Escobar (laying down)
Enrico Vega in Wet Dreams of Genie Watch Now
Geniesex: Enrico Vega tops Anthony Cruz

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