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Welcome to Paradise

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Angelo DiMarco , Brian Bodine , Colby Fender , Jonathan Vargas , Justin Burkshire , Luke Stevens , Matthew James , Michael Lucas , Ray Star , Todd Welch , Trey Rexx
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Welcome to Paradise

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Here's the horniest resort in Fort Lauderdale

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With anonymous fun reminiscent of his romps on Fire Island, Michael Lucas has found an entirely new playground for his models in Welcome To Paradise, one of those clothing optional type resorts situated in Ft. Lauderdale. Ray Star (Dangerous Liaisons) plays the over-sexed resort manager, leading the viewer from one sexual encounter to the next.

The action starts out incredibly strong, with arguably the sexiest encounter of the flick. Cruising for dick, Trey Rexx (Face Ryders) inadvertently gives the viewer the lay of the land, prowling through the mazes of palm trees and cottages until he finds what he's looking for: Matthew James, a lean 40-something with a beautiful body.

No words are spoken; the two men silently agree to fuck, retreating into James' room for a midday romp. Without an artificial soundtrack to blur the sounds of lovemaking, every lip smackin' grunt, groan, and slurp is glorious Technicolor for the ears, most vivid when the two 69. Hats off to Michael Lucas for putting hot men who are lost past their 20's into a film like this one.

Luke Stevens in Welcome to Paradise Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Luke Stevens

Ray Star Gets Laid

You wonder how Ray Star gets any work done with so many souls lurking around corners, hungry for release. Star himself is a filthy voyeur, spying on Rexx and James, content to whack off while he watches…that is until he sees Todd Welch, one of the resort's groundskeepers. Welch is a fit and scruffy fucker, content to bend over for Star right there in the garden, clutching reedy palms as he gets ass-banged.

It's an intense session, lasting long enough for the sun to start to set while they're still in the middle of getting off. As anyone knows from watching Ray Star fuck, he doesn't let "release" his bottoms until he's completely satisfied.

All it takes is single glare for Michael Lucas to snare black beauty Brian Bodine (Ari's Place). Like a sheep led to slaughter, Bodine abandons his afternoon sunbathing and follows Lucas. Bodine starts out on his knees, blowing his new buddy just off a high-traffic garden walkway. But it's when they move to one of the cottages that things really get interesting, Lucas' pale skin sprawled deliciously on top of Bodine's muscular midnight frame.

After swabbing out Bodine's pits, Lucas scoots down to devour Bodine's hole, making a sloppy mess with his wet mouth. Does anyone love a hot hole more than Michael Lucas? Rim fanatics, start here. Lucas follows this little devotional with a rip-roaring fuck…Lucas style.

This horny hotel is supplied with the ubiquitous poolboy (Angelo DiMarco) and another eager sunbather (Luke Stevens). This pair is a nice change-up from the 30-somethings we've seen thus far. Both young men are incredibly appealing, fresh, not to mention hung. And in the middle of their play, Ray Star swoops in on the action, landing on his knees in front of the boys, jerking one off while he pops the other in and out of his mouth.

Star's new playmates return the favor, taking turns on Star's thick prick, kissing whenever Star orders them to. Stevens is a capable bottom for both, encouraging both of his buddies to dump their loads into his open mouth.

Jonathan Vargas Finds Paradise

The final encounter is a sensual one - an exotic Jonathan Vargas (Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita) paired up with blonde Justin Burkshire. These two coo and pet like real-life lovers, kissing underneath the Florida moon, submerged in a dripping Jacuzzi.

The kissing is lovely to watch, slow and deliberate. With the fires stoked, Vargas bends Burkshire in half for an incredibly intense finger fuck. The videographers have snatched some gorgeous footage of Burkshire's pretty, gaping hole as Vargas teases it open with his eager fingers and tongue. Burkshire returns the favor, before aggressively getting fucked out in the open.

The film caps with a thrilling cumshot, Burkshire doing his best to gobble down Vargas' viscous load. It's a fabulously messy facial/oral cumshot that left me gasping.

And what would a Michael Lucas flick be without a double dose of Michael Lucas? Anything but demure, he offers himself as bonus material, seducing Colby Fender in trademark Lucas style.

But Lucas really outdoes himself with the watersports extras, first soaking Fender in piss, then later giving Luke Stevens a good hosing. Listening to Stevens pant and moan, "Piss in my mouth! Piss in my mouth!" is guaranteed to put lead in the shorts of even the most jaded viewer. Lucas goes one better, jacking off onto Stevens' tongue and plump lips. Who needs Fire Island? It looks like Lucas has found a more than suitable new home for his off-the-charts shenanigans.

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Welcome to Paradise Photos:

Trey Rexx Bottoms Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Matthew James tops Trey Rexx
Brian Bodine and Michael Lucas Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Brian Bodine atop Michael Lucas
Welcome to Paradise Three-Way Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ray Star, Angelo Dimarco,
Luke Stevens
Ray Star in Welcome to Paradise Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Luke Stevens, Angelo Dimarco,
Ray Star

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