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Weekend Blowout

John Travis
Studio 2000  
Ace Hanson , Brendan Falke , Franco Santoro , Jason Crew , Jason Harley , Jason Kingsley , Jed Willcox , Justin Wells , , Ty Walker , Zach Waters
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Weekend Blowout

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Jason Kingsley's weekend blowout

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jason Kingsley's weekend blowout

Two California hunks, Jed Willcox and Jason Kingsley, invite several friends to their secluded hideaway for a Weekend Blowout in this Studio 2000 sizzler.

Boasting five studio 2000 exclusives in its cast, the guys display Studio 2000's consistent all-American, buff stud quality which it has successfully employed for years. The movie contains highly arousing sexual action from beginning to end. I found the scenes mesmerizing. Of high note is Ace Hanson trademark dirty talk banter, nicely matching his on-screen sex appeal. Another stand-out is the gorgeous olive-skinned Brendan Falke (whose brief Falcon tenure included Try Me On For Size).

First up, Falke and Zach Waters play two lovers, who take advantage of a secluded waterfall location to get sexual. Waters wastes no time in polishing Falke's large uncircumsised tool, swallowing it all they way down his throat. Falke willingly returns the favor, and then reigns control of the situation, plowing Waters's ass in a thrilling standing doggie style position. Waters stretches across a rock as Falke rims him to high heaven. Brendan then tops Waters missionary, rewarding the viewer with a hearty cumshot across bottom's belly. The two boytoys maintain well kept lawns that tantalize the viewer.

Ace Hanson in Weekend BlowoutWatch Now
Ace Hanson
Next, handsome Rafael Alencar beats his delicious uncut meat poolside. He ends up taking turns polishing both nobs of buff models Ace Hanson and Jed Willcox. Positions change quickly as the Brazilian sits and gets his cock serviced by Willcox. The beefy Hanson places his beautiful penis into position, penetrating Willcox. He first announces: "That's right, it's in there now, fucker."

Willcox takes their dicks at both ends, clearly enjoying every pumping second. They rearrange themselves so that Alencar bottoms for Willcox. They repair to a picnic blanket where Willcox pounds Alencar doggie style. Alencar's long tongue stays busy rimming Hanson, who stays ass up and face down.

Alencar gets his turn to top, positioning Hanson's legs over his shoulders. He pounds Hanson's ass missionary. This incredible three way ends with Willcox climaxing first, shooting gobs from his uncut dick all over Hanson's shoulder. Hanson follows by shooting all over his belly. Alencar's money shot covers Hanson's cum-soaked belly with his own load.

The heat of the scene is punctuated by Hanson's consistent rap through-out.

The gardener, gorgeous Jason Crew, sneaks peaks over at nude sunbathers Justin Wells and Ty Walker. He positions himself on a stump near the pair and nonchalantly pulls out his wanker. Wells and Walker alternate satisfying crew orally.

Wells changes position to allow Crew a better position for sucking his cock as Walker continues to service Crew. Once again positions change as Wells takes a kneeling position on the stump and gets filled at both ends. Crew Wells doggie style as Walker fills Crew's oral cavity. Crew and Walker switch positions and the action continues. Walker gets put on his back to allow Crew to pound his ass while blowing Wells. Crew swallows Wells to the balls and shows no gag reflex.

Brendan Falke and Zach WatersWatch Now
Brendan Falke behind Zach Waters

As Jed Willcox and Jason Kingsley prepare for their weekend barbecue, they realize that they have some extra free time before their guests return. They fill this with a passionate make-out session. Willcox initiates by giving an enthuiastic blowjob below the belt. Willcox sits on a lawn chair to allow Kingsley access to his huge schlong as they exchange blows. Willcox positions himself with his back on the seat and his ass on the armrest as Kingsley penetrates to the maximum depths. Weekend Blowout ends a scene of true blowout proportion. The fireplace crackles as Franco Santoro and Jason Harley (Driven) read about the weekend opportunities they missed. Reading the news, they quickly become aroused.

Lying on his broad shoulders, Santoro eats Harley's magnificent ass. Santoro slaps bites and spits on Harley's ass. Santoro rolls Harley onto his back and chows down as Santoro prepares him for a deep and hard penetration

They switch positions as Harley tops Santoro doggie style giving just as good as he receives. Santoro looks great getting hammered. Harley sits allowing Santoro to ride his flagpole. They sweat their way to orgasm as Santoro shoots first with Harley's fingers up his ass. Santoro blows Harley swallowing his cock to the hilt. Santoro works his way up for another round and pulls Harley down to his knees, stuffing his mouth. After a rousing sixty-nine, Harley explodes with grunts and moans.

In usual Studio 2000 style, the film expertly features a wide array of looks and talent. All viewers should find a little of something to like, and most should find a lot. From beefcake to twink, cut and uncut, rough or gentle, it covers all the bases. Weekend Blowout is so good, expect a hangover the next morning.

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Weekend Blowout Photos:

Brandon Falke and Zach WatersWatch Now
Brandon Falke above Zach Waters
Rafael Alencar bottoms for Jed WilcoxWatch Now
Rafael Alencar seated on Jed Wilcox,
Ace Hanson right
Zach Waters and Brandon FalkeWatch Now
Zach Waters behind Brandon Falke

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