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Waterbucks 2

John Rutherford
COLT Studio Group  
Adam Champ , Carlo Masi , , Jason Kingsley , , Luke Garrett , Skye Woods , Tom Chase
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Waterbucks 2

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Fans should never get enough of Tom Chase, a stud that’s easy to rhapsodize about.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans should never get enough of Tom Chase (Chasers), a stud that's easy to rhapsodize about.

From his killer cock, rock solid ass to his devilish glares….well, everything top to bottom is rave worthy. And appearance from Chase these days is so rare, that when a performance does finally comes along, it hits fans like a lunar eclipse.

For Waterbucks 2, director John Rutherford prolongs the agony, putting our hero at the end of the film. (Thank goodness for remote controls!) Executed with the same top-drawer production values one might expect from this particular studio, the hook here is poolside encounters – lots of sweat and tanning oil to grease the action for the viewer.

Josh Weston sucks Carlo Massi Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Josh Weston sucks Carlo Massi
Opening the film are Gage Weston (Wide Strokes) and Jason Kingsley, two models who know how to play off one another for maximum effect.

The visuals here – one hairy god tangling with a smooth one – are particularly satisfying because of their physical differences. Even though Kingsley has made a spectacularly convincing bottom (do not miss him in Beyond Perfect) he sticks with what he knows, topping Weston in his signature steady style.

Josh Weston, a FriskyFans fave, makes music with Carlo Masi (Muscle Up!). Weston has been spending a lot of time at the pool these days (Trunks 3) and has no shortage of snugly fitting swimwear to model for the cameras.

Again, it seems like Rutherford is pitting the hairy against the smooth, though Weston's milky, marble skin easily takes the prize here. What follows is, hands down, the best 69 segment in any Colt film to-date.

And no Josh Weston scene would be complete without some in-your-face close-ups of his muscular little butthole….that is when Masi's tongue and fingers are not buzzing about and blocking the view! Weston's not shy about taking what he wants from Masi, scooting himself right down on Masi's pole and fucking himself. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Masi gets the urge to get ass-banged, giving Weston yet another opportunity to show off his sexual skills (of which there are many).

Surely one of Colt's steamiest rising stars is Adam Champ, a fuzzy beauty to trump all in Waterbucks 2….excluding, of course, Mr. Chase. His appearance here is quite literally his moment in the sun, and he takes an even bigger role in the upcoming Naked Muscles: The New Breed.

Luke Garrett (Wide Strokes) is an apt sensual foil to Champ, and the strongest elements of their encounter are right up front with some sizzling foreplay. The pace in this scene is a touch more subdued that those surrounding it, and the models cap their session with some daring cumshots…well, at least by Colt standards. Even though Garrett sticks out his tongue, Champ's load misses the mark.

Garrett will have to settle for an enthusiastic facial. And, my oh my, it looks like these two guys actually snowball. Viewers will have to rewind and make their own conclusions, but it looks like these boys have got a taste for spunk!

Skye Woods waterbucks Tom Chase

And like a big cat stalking its prey, Skye Woods slinks from the pool to ravish a dozing Tom Chase in the film's finale. Woods (Dual: Taking It Like A Man), a model who hasn't made that many porn appearances, is so mammoth, his barrel chest could easily cage three slender twinks.

But Chase, no shrinking violet, is certainly not one to be dominated, and it's only a matter of moments before he takes charge of the sexual situation. Those who get off of watching Chase plow ass will be in heaven here, though the highlight for this reviewer was watching Chase give one of his signature hardcore rim jobs beforehand. Watching Chase rim, he chows down as if it's the last butthole he'll ever get to savor, and he's determined to make the most of it.

Colt rarely sends its viewers walking away hungry, and muscle devotees will get their fill here. Surprisingly, Josh Weston turns in the most sizzling performance in Waterbucks 2, even outshining Tom Chase. Thankfully we won't have to wait long for more, however; the ex-Falcon star will get topped in the upcoming Naked Muscles: The New Breed. Can't wait!

Waterbucks 2 Photos:

Skye Woods sucks Tom Chase Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Skye Woods sucks Tom Chase
Gage Weston and Luke Garrett Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Gage Weston and Luke Garrett
Josh Weston rides Carlo Masi
Watch on COLT
or Naked Sword
Josh Weston rides Carlo Masi
Luke Garrett and Adam Champ
Watch on COLT
or Naked Sword
Luke Garrett and Adam Champ

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