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Virgin Tales

Vlado Iresch
Just Teens Productions  
Aaron Hawke , Bastien Totti , Chris Mate , Dawson Brooks , George Plozen , , Kip Carlton , Miky Sem , Nathan Love , Ray Renfro , Samuel Lee , Taylor Brooks , Taylor Hill , Victor Moser , Zack Jones
Bareback SexTwinks, InternationalHorsehungCum Eating

Virgin Tales

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Aaron Hawke lost it playing strip poker

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

From the boyfactory of Dan Komar and Friends comes Virgin Tales, a cornucopia of young guys with pretty faces, big hard dicks and effervescent enthusiasm. Filled fill six hot action scene, two of which are bareback, it is certain to please twink lovers everywhere. Each scene opens with a cute little setup, which quickly breaks to the rutting.

The first vignette shows boxcoverboy Aaron Hawke (Bareback Adventure) playing strip poker with his brown-haired buddies Kip Carlton and Zack Jones. Hawke ends up with the winning hand, so the other two line up on their fours with their butts out. Hawke proceed to collect his anal rewards with his noticably oversized cock. They are all hot teens who suck and screw each other like little rabbits. After drilling his friends, Hawke shoots a multispurt load of teen cum onto their smooth butts.

Taylor Brooks and Bastien TottiWatch VOD
Taylor Brooks behind
Bastien Totti

Carlton and Jones follow by squirting their own hot stuff onto the top's hairless chest. I told you, I never lose, grins Hawke in English.

After this is another fine trio, but this time it is with the dishwater blonds. Lanky Dawson Brooks and long-haired Ray Renfro scheme to get Victor Moser into bed. It works, and the tight, muscular Moser is soon bouncing his bubble butt up and down on Renfro's cock. Moser is a real stud, and his cock stays hard as a rock throughout. Brooks has a smile that melts, and a huge cock. Unfortunately Brooks just gets sucked here, and doesn't get to use his assets this time.

Moser shoots his load with Renfro still topping him. Renfro sprays a sheet of jizz all over the bottom's hot ass. They all finish their fun by kissing.

The third scene of the movie introduces two more dreamy models. This film is a bonanza as far as casting goes. George Plozen is a brunet cutie with a big cock. Jay Renfro has floppy blond highlighted hair and a natural tan. The both have girlfriends, but apparently their friendship has turned into something more by the fireplace. They opt to consummate their attraction with a searing round of bareback sex.

The sight of Jay Renfro laying back on the rug with his feet raised high is striking. Plozen with his big uncut tool is a hot guy to watch top. After this they switch positions, and Renfro sits down on it. Here his ass really swallows all of it. After some sideways humping, Renfro explodes spurt after spurt of white boyjuice. It looks like he didn't cum for weeks. Then Plozen pulls out and milks his own big load out of his jackhammer.

Bastien Totti finds lunch

At this point, each scene of the movie get subsequently better! Next Bastien Totti (Formula 69) gets the lanky super-twink Taylor Brooks into his kitchen for a hot lunch of big cocks and frothy cum. These two rock from beginning to end is stunning bareback versatility. First, Totti sucks Brooks' big tool as an appetizer. He is rewarded with a mouthful of boyjuice.

After licking the tool clean, they adjourn to the living room so Brooks can sit down on Totti's dick. Brook's stiff dick flops around as he takes it up the ass. In fact, he's soon cumming, producing four big spurts of juicy goo, which Totti gets to eat more of. Brooks then grins and firmly plants his unwrapped spear inside his buddy. Totti bathes his chest in his own seed, and Brooks' finishes with his third load of the scene, this time sprayed on the other's hole.

These guys are hot to watch, and getting through this single episode in one sitting will be difficult.

The next scene rolls out three big dicked cherubs, Taylor Hill, Chris Mate and Miky Sem who engage in a sweaty session of bustin' ass on some weight benches. Hill carries an impressive weapon between his legs, and he fucks hard. His balls slap up against Mate's hot ass. The dyed blond Mate has hot bubble cheeks that look and apparently feel great.

A fully erect Sem joins them, and in no time he's getting a piece of Mate too. Sem delivers two money shots in this nut busting scene, plus Mate gets his face hosed down with Hill's load.

The final scene of the movie pairs two adorable youths together - brunet Samuel Lee (aka Roland Brooks Ski Trip) and blond Nathan Love. They begin by watching porn in their underwear, sitting far apart. Soon though they move closer together, and soon they are elbow to elbow jacking their packages. Eventually their inhibitions drop, leading them into a flurry of kissing, heavy breathing and dick sucking.

Eventually Love gets his ass plowed on the couch by Lee. As before in the film, the blond gets it up the ass. There is great overhead filming looking down at Lee's pumping cock. Lee explodes big bursts of seamen into Love's mouth, who eats all of it, with more running off his chin. For us, this last scene was the movie's best.

There is also a nice solo on the bonus tracks showing more of the muscular sweetie Victor Moser. Virgin Tales is a hot film. Out of its six scenes, not a single one is a lemon. And these models are all picture perfect youths full of boyish looks and hot goo.

Virgin Tales Photos:

Jay Renfro and George PlozenWatch VOD
Jay Renfro samples George Plozen
Taylor Hill and Chris MateWatch VOD
Taylor Hill and Chris Mate
Taylor Hill and Chris Mate in Virgin TalesWatch VOD
Taylor Hill and Chris Mate

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