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Verboten Part 2

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH048
CJ Madison , Dillon Crow , Dominic Sol , Enrique Currero , Francesco D'Macho , Josh West , Matthew Ford , Romario Faria , Ty LeBeouf ,
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Verboten Part 2

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Ty LeBeouf leads this Best Leather Film

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Joint winner of "Best Leather Film" in the GayVN awards, along with its predecessor Verboten Part 1 of course, this second installment of white-hot leather sex from Hot House Video returns to the San Francisco sex club, whose translated name means "forbidden". Armed with 7 models not in the first movie, as well as a welcome return of Josh West, Dominic Sol and company exclusive Dillon Crow, Verboten Part 2 promises more of the same with fresh faces, and, for an award winning movie of its ilk, this is exactly what we want to see. So how does it compare to the first, and does it scale the bar so highly set with part one?

Scene 1

Hot House Video exclusive power bottom Dillon Crow (Paging Dr. Finger) - last seen getting a cling-wrap oral assault in the first disc - is acting up. With a loose gag around his mouth he's still able to insult his leather harnessed top master C.J. Madison (Trunks 4: White Heat) with verbal "fuck you"s as Madison alternately slaps and caresses his punk ass bitch. Crow wears an extra hot metal and leather pouch, and looks like he's filling it quite adequately as he's threatened with learning a lesson. But when his gag is removed he spits in Madison's face, and Madison ain't playing the nice guy anymore.

With bound wrists and a now compliant attitude, Crow is forced to expose his completely hairless butt. Rimmed deeply and fingered, he's then toyed with, with a large pink butt plug that Madison makes him take in his mouth and ass in alternating and repeating measures.

But the real pleasure for the viewer comes when Madison exposes his thick oversized tool, and Crow is made to chow down on this monster while his top towers above him issuing verbal commands, making him spit on it, take it all. Crow's mouth is stretched open with glistening strings of saliva and cock-juice hanging between the two.

Hot House Leather Men

Francesco DMacho in VerbotenWatch on - Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho
Ty LeBeouf in VerbotenWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf
Madison still has more to teach his boy, and he makes him get on all fours and stick out his supremely fuckable ass, which is soon plugged and assaulted by Madison's ample appendage, which couldn't screw the boy any deeper or harder if it tried.

The intensity between the duo is abundantly apparent on their faces. Madison's lips curl into a lusty snarl as he works Crow's dissenting hole in all manner of ways, finally slipping out Crow's own thick little package and giving him a reach-around till he spurts an explosive river of jizz all over the boy's ass and laps it off. Crow responds with a climax that coats his master's thigh, and the pair kiss with cum strewn mouths and exhausted faces. Not a bad start to Part 2, especially if you like a bit of verbal roleplay, and this reviewer certainly does.

Dominic Sol Leather Bottom

Straddling a bench in a slutty provocative pose and wearing shiny vinyl rearless shorts that SCREAM out "Use My Ass" is how leather tops' Vinnie D'Angelo and Matthew Ford from Knuckle Sandwich find Dominic Sol at the start of scene two. D'Angelo gets straight to Sol's hungry opening, using his fingers and tongue to open the pig up. Ford pulls his hard-on through an opening in his leather pouch and feeds it to Sol's "pretty face", whose eyes close in cock-craving reverie.

He slides all the way into Dominic Sol's eager anus. They turn the boy around and a verbose Ford slides on a condom and shoves his penis deep inside Sol's eager anus as Sol suckles on D'Angelo's prick. His rear, neatly framed within those glistening buttless shorts, rocks back and forth, as he relentlessly works the men from each end.

These masculine stallions sure know how to enjoy a juicy pale ass and a willing man-mouth, and they encourage their slut with dirty talk while cramming him to the very hilt. D'Angelo cock slaps the lad as he moves in for a close view of Ford slapping and pummeling his submissive butt.

D'Angelo pulls Sol onto his back and takes pride of place at his pucker, fucking away at his point of least resistance before Ford grabs his shoulders and guides the boy down onto his friend's straining prick and works his whole body like a giant sex toy.

With Sol sucking on his balls, D'Angelo erupts a mighty load into Ford's mouth, Ford then chooses the fuck-slave as his own cumrag in an explosive conclusion to this hot threesome.

Scene 3

There's nothing like seeing a grown tattooed man with a neck restraint crouched in a padlocked cage, and we are gratefully afforded exactly that view when the camera greets submissive beefcake Francesco D'Macho (Jock Strap) whose stuck in a cage half his height. When the leather clad chiseled Adonis Romario Faria enters the scene and begins rapping at the bars with his riding crop, the viewer just knows there's going to be more than just a little horseplay between this pair, and that someone's gonna get ridden.

Faira pulls D'Macho's head to the edge of the bars, and removes his leather pouch, stuffing his horse hung uncut dick into his captive's moaning mouth. D'Macho is so hungry his tongue lolls in anticipation whenever Faria teases him and moves his ever thickening meat out of range.

The camera idles on D'Macho's hairy ass, and we know exactly who is the horse, and who is to be his rider.

Faria manhandles his boy, roughly pulling him out of the cage and dragging him against it where he bends him over and roughly slams his fat long pole right up between D'Macho's ass cheeks without a moments pause. The resulting deep intense fuck is a pleasure to watch and no mistake. D'Macho's own impressive hard-on shows us exactly how much he's enjoying his treatment.

Finally he's forced to sit down with his mouth wide open as Faria spews all over his face – nose, mouth, chin, cheeks absolutely splattered with man goo in a cum-shot no discerning porn affectionado should miss. D'Macho spews all over himself and, hungry for more cock and spunk, returns to his cage for more (see Scene 5) … Trust us when we say it's fucking hot…

Romario Faria fucks Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Romario Faria behind Francesco D'Macho

Ty LeBeouf Gets Fucked Hard

In another must-see scene, Ty LeBeouf (Head Hunters, Inc) is trussed up and blindfolded when the lusty dirty Josh West (King Size) finds him. He slides his glistening tongue over that boys spread pale asscheeks and deep into his pleasure hole, dripping spit into the orifice to get it nice and ready.

Untying the lad (but not removing the blindfold) he pulls out his gargantuan genitalia (the Hot Hothouse website has it at 10"x7", and this may not be an overstatement!!!) and sticks it between LeBeouf's lips, sliding it deeper and deeper down his throat in a cinematic moment that showcases this huge schlong to perfection.

LeBeouf, meanwhile, couldn't be harder himself (even if he is a "little" smaller than West), and loves every moment of this oral pleasuring.

West slips off the blindfold and slips his fat cock into the tightness of LeBeouf's brave ass, slowly, but surely, he doesn't leave an inch out of the lad, and once he's inside he ain't coming out.

West takes LeBeouf on his back, on all fours (which is extra hot), laying down, and from below – having a courageous LeBeouf ride that fatness. The last position in swing and the bottom can't hold off any more – he shoots his jizz all over the West's torso (who verbally encourages his outburst) while West's massive appendage is still embedded deep in his butt. West responds in like, showering his new friend with his thick wads of spunk.

Scene 5

Returning to the caged-up animal that is Francesco D'Macho is how the climax of the movie begins. And here, my personal favorite coupling is about to play out as the uber-hot nasty top Enrique Currero (Big, Bigger, Biggest), who has a punkish demeanor, and has his head shaved into a tight mohawk (gets me every time), comes out to play.

D'Macho is resting, but not for long, as Currero tells him to "wake the fuck up", spits on him, insults him, demeans him, and finally sets him free. Currero is so into the scene you can already see the thick outline of his hard-on through the denim before he's even touched himself.

He's specific with his orders, makes D'Macho crouch down and lick his boots, all the while calling him a pig and hurling other such abuse at the highly aroused slut.

And oh my god what a hot penis is revealed when Currero opens up his pants and this long hard uncut monster bounces out, right in front of D'Macho's kneeling face.

He chows done like a good little pig, and who wouldn't?

Currero demeans him some more, moving around the room and making D'Macho crawl after him just for the reward of choking on his godlike cock. "Is that all you got, you little faggot?"

"You'll take it in your ass" asserts Currrero. "I said you'll take it in your ass." "Yes sir," replies the complient D'Macho, and once Currero is satisfied with his mouth he makes D'Macho beg for just that.

Fingering, spitting and thumbing make way for Currero's giant cock which, after the heat of their roleplay finds its way easily deep inside the bottom.

He assaults D'Macho on all fours, then has the bottom crouch for his prick ("Fucking whore"). Deep and hard and long, he uses D'Macho's ass without mercy, pulling at his jock to steady his ass. Finally, he has the boy squat down on his meat, caressing and massaging the prick from above with his well opened and now quite loose ass lips. Finally he takes him from the side, the camera showing just how deep and powerful this fuck session is, and D'Macho's cock ejaculates thick globs of cum from his uncut cock. Master Currero towers above his boy atop the cage, while the owned D'Macho cowers below as his dominator unleashes his jizz all over him from above in a hot powerful climax to this scorching sequel.

And so Hot House Video have aptly proved that both titles fully live up to the accolade afforded them in the GayVN awards. It really is quite impossible to select between each of these parts in choosing a favorite, or better movie, as Verboten Part 2 coupled with the first proves the old adage that the sum is greater than its parts. We're sure you'll agree upon watching either (or both) of these movies, and especially if leather sex, verbal sex, spitting, kink, roleplay, horsehung guys, or just fucking hot on-screen chemisty is your bent, you'll be wanting to pick up each part of this worthy winner. Verboten Part 2 is a masterpiece of darkly erotic sex. Bravo!!!

The DVD includes a fuck compilation, cum shots, chapter access and an exclusive stills gallery.

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Verboten Part 2 Photos:

Romario Faria and Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Romario Faria above Francesco D'Macho
Ty LeBeouf bottoms for Josh WestWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf rides Josh West
Verboten 2 Three WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Vinnie D'Angelo, Dominic Sol, Matthew Ford
Dillon Crow and CJ MadisonWatch on - Watch VOD
Dillon Crow sucks C.J. Madison

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