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Verboten Part 1

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH047
Alex Collack , Alexy Tyler , C.J. Knight , Dak Ramsey , Dillon Crow , Dominic Sol , Josh West , Kristian Alvarez , , Rodrigo DeLeon , Trey Casteel ,
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Verboten Part 1

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Dillon Crow Feels Better in the Dark

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There are the legends that imprint on your retina as the grainy, stylized, and impressive credits roll to a background of industrial sex music on Hot House Video's Verboten Part 1. And by the time the cute faced new exclusive model Dillon Crow is revealed as the final word "Ejaculate" flashes up in the blink of an eye (and you've had time to ponder just what might be in store in this forbidden title), you'll not only be lucky if you didn't cum, but you'll be glad you haven't (hold out for the explosive fourth scene!!!).

For those who don't know it, Verboten is German word for "Forbidden". And Hot House Video has served up a quadruple platter of it for those of you out there with particularly discerning tongues in Verboten Part 1.

Leather, chains, role-play, forced sex, backroom scenes, dungeons, its all here. So let's dive right in and see what these masters of leather sex are offering…
Dear Dillon Crow: A message for you -
Love, Hot House

Alexy Tyler's Leather Three-Way

Alexy Tyler (Tailpipes) hangs writhing, suspended between the oversized porn star top Rafael Alencar and Hot House lifetime exclusive model Alex Collack (Communion). Tyler wears a leather jockstrap pouch over his cock, and the other men caress him as he hangs helpless.

Both top guys are already hard as fuck, and they slap him and taunt him with straining erections. Alencar has a particularly noticeable and notable one, but Collack's is nothing less of huge and suckable either. With ominous music and whimpers from Tyler, it's all the more daunting when the lad is pulled off his supports, slapped around a bit, and forced onto the bed, mouth at one cock and ass at the other.

Hot House Leather Men

Dak Ramsey in VerbotenWatch on - Watch VOD
Dak Ramsey
Rodrigo DeLeon in VerbotenWatch on - Watch VOD
Rodrigo DeLeon
He gives some expert head to Collack, and Alencar remains at the rear verbally taunting Tyler and prodding him with his monster meat until he finally decides he wants to go inside.

There's some great shots of Alencar pounding away at Tyler as he sucks on Collack, all three guys leathered up and having a blast. And man can Alencar give it. They get Tyler on his back now to ass-service Collack who is extra verbal while he slips in and out of Tyler's needful ass, both ends stuffed to the hilt with cock.

But the insatiable Alencar gets behind a goateed' Collack, and slips his length deep up inside between his shaved buttcheeks while Tyler grips his leather harness in a hot shift of power. The previously verbal Collack now slurps on Tyler's hard-on and has become nothing but a pair of holes to both men.

Tyler can't take any more and shoots fountains of jism all over Collack's mouth and beard, leaving the two initiators ready to shoot their loads on him, in a wet sticky finish. And man is there a lot of cum. It's a hot final moment with all three dripping cocks in a tight close-up that'll leave your mouth watering.

The next scene is a darker more twisted affair. We are introduced to the tattooed, pierced and handsome Hot House exclusive - and one of the cover stars of Verboten Part 1 - Dillon Crow from Head Hunters, Inc, who is sat in near darkness with his wrists chained together. He's unable to do anything at all when the loutish dominant Dak Ramsey (Trunks 4: White Heat) and Trey Casteel enter scene and begin taunting him, spitting on him and forcing his face against their pouched penises. They spit in his mouth, slap his chest, and make him feel like a used piece of shit.

Ramsey slips his hard-on out of his pouch and feeds Crow while Casteel tugs at his hair. All the way down his throat, Ramsey's positively balls drip with Crow's spittle by the time Casteel gives him a taste of his thick-ass cock.

And here's where it gets extra kinky. Ramsey grabs a roll of cellophane and wraps Crow's head in it, making only a hole in the mouth for their cocks to access. The sight of Crow being forced to chug their meats through the cling wrap is truly something to behold and anyone out there with a bent for dominant sex are gonna shoot their rocks off right here.

But they haven't even started on his pale hairless hole yet, and what an ass it is. Dripping saliva onto it, the tops lube him up with their spit, pushing their nasty fingers in simultaneously. Then restraining his arms they allow him a little oral satisfaction courtesy of Ramsey on his tasty looking pierced cock.

And now its time to bend their bottom boy over, and they spit fuck the lad, with Casteel doing some eye-watering pumping at the rear and Ramsay feeding his cock orally before getting him on his back for a session of round-the-pig-hole switching.

The well sated Casteel shoots a juicy load on Crow's chest and Ramsey pulls out of his ass, soaking his pouch with cum. Crow is left with a throbbing erection and works himself to a creamy finish that drips from his prince albert.

Chained to the Bed with C.J. Knight

Chained face down on a bed with his ass exposed in a jockstrap lays the handsome C.J. Knight from Paging Dr. Finger. Enter Latino Kristian Alvarez, who has grown significantly since exhibiting Bad Behavior at Falcon Studios years ago. Now, he's sporting a leather cap, jockstrap and wrist straps.

He gets straight to Knight's ass, spitting on it and fingering it before releasing the boy and treading over him with his leather boots before pulling him up to his studded cock-pouch.

And it's a packed pouch and then some. When he releases his massive uncut whopper it positively fills the screen with girth and length that Knight now hungrily and noisily sucks on.

Alvarez grabs a pillow support and has him lay on his front for an anal assault. He gets right on in there, stretching Knight's hole deep and wide, stuffing him absolutely full of his huge dark brown cock. And he rides the fuck out of him, owning Knight's ass in the truest sense. By the time he moves him onto his side he's buried so deep you almost expect his cock head to poke out of Knight's mouth.

Dominic Sol hangs suspended in mid air. Clearly a fan of rear entry he makes Knight lean a leg against a side support so he's squat-standing on one leg with his hole open wide to receive this hot and tasty cock. Alvarez pulls out and explodes his load, and Knight is quick to follow.

Scene 4

The finale finds the extremely handsome masculine newcomer Rodrigo De Leon pulled roughly out of his cage by top studs Tyler Saint and Josh West, while another looker, Dominic Sol (Big, Bigger, Biggest Parts 1 & 2), hangs suspended and chained to a block in the background (for now).

The tops are extremely verbal with De Leon, getting him to his knees before exposing their dicks. West's cock needs extra mention – it is quite literally HUGE and probably the biggest in the movie, and there's no surprise when De Leon chokes all over it.

But these vindictive doms force BOTH of their meats down his throat, and Tyler's' is quite something to swallow by itself as well. It's an extra mouth-wateringly hot moment, and reduces De Leon to a choking little cock slut.

De Leon is left to suck what he can of West (and his full hard-on shows he loves every oversized inch of it) while Tyler unties Sol and feeds him his own giant feast. Meanwhile West decides its time to punish De Leon's asshole with that horse hung mammoth of his, giving Tyler the idea to do the same with Sol. Sol rides Tyler for all he's worth while De Leon's scrunched-up face is exactly what you'd expect when something like West's prick is rammed up his back passage.

The tops work with different positions – at one point De Leon is completely bend over, but upside down, and West works him from above, while Sol bounces up and down, using his ass to really please Tyler.

The tops switch out their bottoms, and when West penetrates Sol he proves he, too, can take an oversized piece of machinery like a trooper. The bottoms cum all over themselves while still being fucked, and West and Tyler add to their loads with their own hot and creamy ejaculations.

This MUST see foursome is a well placed climax to Verboten Part 1 which proves to be a gem that shines brightly in a dark dungeon of debauchery. And you don't have to be a leather fan to get off to some of the hot fucking sex on display here. You just have to be into red hot man to man sex. Follow this up with Verboten, Part 2.

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Verboten Part 1 Photos:

Dillon Crow BottomsWatch on - Watch VOD
Dillon Crow gets the point
Dak Ramsey fucks Dillon CrowWatch on - Watch VOD
Dak Ramsey, Dillon Crow, Trey Casteel
C.J. Knight and Kristian AlvarezWatch on - Watch VOD
C.J. Knight tastes Kristian Alvarez
Tyler Saint and Dominic SolWatch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint tops Dominic Sol

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