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Up All Night

Jim Steel
Falcon Studios   FVP163
, , Ethan Kage , Jed Willcox , Kyle Lewis , , Maxx Diesel , Nino Bacci , , Tyler Hill
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Up All Night

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Ethan Kage and Dean Monroe occupy themselves all night long using the tools of the Internet.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Insomniacs rejoice!

Falcon Studios has given its diehard fans dozens of reasons to stay Up All Night, not the least of which are some of the excellent performances turned in by an A-list cast. Featured are five loosely related vignettes, nearly all of which capture some smokin' action and genuine heat between the models. Anyone familiar with the Falcon Studio product will have a pretty good idea what to expect going in, and there are few surprises here. But anyone with a healthy appreciation for dildo play, Matthew Rush, or live webcams will walk away more than satisfied.

Dean Monroe (Bang Bang!) has an itch that only a series of mammoth sex toys can begin to scratch. Monroe both opens and closes Up All Night, getting things going with an adults-only webcam show that borders on circus act.

Ethan Kage probes Tyler HillWatch on or Watch VOD
Ethan Kage probes Tyler Hill

While he teases the fictional viewer at home with his piercing eyes and lithe legs, he teases his own hole with toy after toy. If hot sweaty puckerholes in close-up view is your thing, this opening scene will quickly put you over the top. Monroe's asshole looks amazing, both with and without the dildos. Excellent videography and Monroe's salty stares make this much more than just a solo j/o.

The scene transitions to Ethan Kage, watching Monroe's webcast on his laptop with rapt delight. His lover, Tyler Hill (he was just a baby in Desert Hart!) stretches out on the bed behind him, patiently waiting for Kage to finish his late-night viewing so some real fun can get underway. Hill's physique has undergone quite a shift from his early Falcon days, going from lean and hard to exploded gym proportions.

Kage's massive frame is equal in size, so there's a lot of muscle between the two of them to work with. At the outset, the two are lit only by the moon coming in through the window (or a streetlamp depending on how romantic you are). Their lovemaking has a decidedly romantic bent, and although it's incredibly erotic to watch, director Jim Steel should have had them flip-flop instead of only Hill doing all the bottoming. Keep an eye out for lovely snapshots of Hill's sexy armpits.

The most explosive scene is a seemingly unrelated vignette. Trevor Knight (Big Dick Club) just can't decide on what to get his buddy Derrick Vinyard (Top To Bottom) for his birthday. He decides on renting Maxx Diesel (Getting It Straight) for the afternoon.

Why not buy something that they can both enjoy? This scene works extraordinarily well. Diesel plays the role of stud-for-hire to a T, letting the younger dudes pet his hole and order him about like he's a trashy two-dollar whore. The birthday boy, a compact frat-type with a bad-ass attitude, gets to do the majority of the fucking. And while Vinyard occupies the rear, Diesel's got his mouth stuffed with Knight's impressive dong. The scene ends with some wicked, nasty facials, both pups coating Diesel's noise, lips, and cheeks with birthday cum.

Matthew Rush Shows Up for a Four Way

Porn veteran Nino Bacci and Jed Willcox are also Up All Night, coming home late after a first date. Bacci invites Willcox up to his pad for coffee, but the minute they get through the door, coffee is the very last thing on the evening's menu. The foreplay is pretty aggressive for a first date and these lads don't even make it to the bed, opting instead to do their rimming and sixty-nineing right on the entryway rug. It's difficult to say who makes the better top, Bacci or Willcox, but Willcox certainly gets the prize for his enthusiastic bottoming, pursing his lips and flexing his abs as Bacci puts it to him every which way.

At 4:00 AM, after hours and hours of stuffing his ass with dildo after dildo, Monroe finally signs off his live webcam. But the real assplay is just getting started when sex god Matthew Rush shows up with Kyle Lewis in tow.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Lewis and Rush put a very eager Monroe on a leather lazy susan, keeping him in constant motion between their two very erect pricks. Lewis almost seems like an afterthought here. It's the fireworks between Dean Monroe and Matthew Rush that are worth raving about.

Cut from the same cloth as humpy bottom Shane Rollins, Dean Monroe whimpers and whines while getting fucked, all of which seems to drive his tops crazy. Rush fucks very aggressively, but Monroe responds with equal aggression. The film comes to a heady conclusion with Lewis and Rush dumping their scum on a happily exhausted Monroe. Up All Night, a well done offering from director Jim Steel, is required viewing for Falcon enthusiasts.

The dvd's bonus material showing additonal Dean Monroe footage, plus the reedited track of Vinyardisms is highly entertaining.

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Up All Night Photos:

Matthew Rush and Dean MonroeWatch on or Watch VOD
Kyle Lewis (background) watches
Matthew Rush and Dean Monroe
Dean Monroe and Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Dean Monroe and Matthew Rush
Trevor Knight, Maxx Diesel, Derrick VinyardWatch on or Watch VOD
Trevor Knight, Maxx Diesel, Derrick Vinyard
Tyler Hill roots around Ethan KageWatch on or Watch VOD
Tyler Hill roots around Ethan Kage

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