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Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Brett Matthews , Devin Bleu , Jake Havoc , Jason Ridge , Jed Willcox , Matt Van Dorn , Matthew Green , Tony Bishop , Tyler Austinn
Outdoor SexHunks


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A solidly reliable film mixing hot hunks and twinks.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Unzipped has its share of hotties who look damn good with their jeans on, but even better out of 'em. And with studs like Jed Willcox and Jason Ridge running around loose, tempting the locals, it comes as no surprise that they also net a stalker or two.

This Studio 2000 offering immediately puts the viewer in mind of slasher films like Halloween, right down to the creepy soundtrack running underneath, the same repetitive chord played over and over with only minor variations. But the creepy feeling doesn't last beyond the first ten minutes of the film, and it devolves into a series of seemingly unrelated sexual trysts.

Coming home from a date, Jason Ridge (Trunks 2) and his boyfriend of the moment, Tony Bishop (Daddy Hunt, Vol. 2) sense a presence lurking behind the hedges, so they take their heavy petting indoors.

Ridge is so spooked, he draws the blinds on the second story window before scooting down to suck Bishop's tattooed cock.

There aren't many redheads working in the industry and Bishop's piece, once you've seen it, you're not likely to forget the strange inked symbols that magically inflate when Bishop does.

Tony Bishop bottoms for Jason RidgeWatch Now
Tony Bishop sits
on Jason Ridge
Ridge, looking as nasty as ever while giving excellent head, makes sure to diddle his tongue on Bishop's tender nips, all of which is a mere warm-up for the roustabout fucking he submits his boy to. And Bishop is able to give as good as he gets, topping Ridge until they both dump their scum.

The next morning, Ridge sits around the pool his housemates. There is some plot development here, none of which is crucial to the enjoyment of Unzipped. Apparently the house's occupancy is changing. With Ridge's brother due to arrive, there's a bit of tidying up going on, giving Jake Havoc and Brett Matthews an opportunity to bump into one another frequently.

Feminine Havoc is somewhat forgettable on the whole, but Matthews ( Mars Needs Men) steals the show, as he's wont to do. For this flick, his hair is frosted streaky blonde (we'll forgive him) and he soon finds a comfy spot on his knees in front of Havoc. Once you get a load of Havoc's amazingly fat throbber, it's suddenly clear why this pup is in adult films.

Not one to let a gorgeous prick go to waste, Matthews offers up his asshole for a full-on reaming. Havoc also bottoms for a short while, but they eventually transition back to the roles that have the biggest bang - Havoc topping and Matthews taking it like a champ.

Chicken Devon Bleu

Back outside, two new twinks, Matt Van Dorn (Cruising It) and Devon Bleu (TKO) start making out while the strange presence continues to lurk in the bushes. Twink lovers take note - both of these young lads typify everything twink. It's not clear what their relationship is to the occupants inside (neighbors? door to door salesmen?) but the direction they're heading in is unmistakable.

Unable to relax into their blowjobs because of the rustling in the bushes, they confront their stalker (Tyler Austin) and force him into an outdoor threeway. Austin, a nice twink match for Bleu and Van Dorn, doesn't get the stalker treatment however, instead getting lush service from the two young men. Van Dorn even lets the stranger top him, as does Bleu.

Any pretense of a consistent plot through-line goes completely out the window with the final and best segment of Unzipped. Watching TV are Jed Willcox, hands down the hottest number in the film, and Matthew Green, a milky-skinned model that puts the viewer in mind of porn stud Josh Weston.

Willcox (Weekend Blowout) is a striking contrast to his fuck bud, much tanner, hairier and better built, but only by a smidge. It's the steamy kissing and impatient frottage that gives this encounter its punch. These two men just can't seem to get close enough to one another. The anal action is over the top, Green squirming on Willcox's piece and having a good ole time. The cumshots are particularly delicious here, nice 'n messy.

Despite its inconsistencies, the sequences in Unzipped are well-filmed with some standout performances from greedy sex pigs like Brett Matthews and Matthew Green.

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Unzipped Photos:

Devon Bleu fucks Matt Van DornWatch Now
Tyler Austin watches Devon Bleu top Matt Van Dorn
Tyler Austin fucks Matt Van DornWatch Now
Devon Bleu, Matt Van Dorn, Tyler Austin
Jason Ridge and Tony BishopWatch Now
Jason Ridge and Tony Bishop

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