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Andrew Rosen
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Austin Wilde , Brandon Lewis , Cameron Adams , , Dominic Pacifico , Ethan Storm , Ryan Patrick
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There's No Dumping in this Junkyard

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Out there, somewhere, is a back alley junkyard that's littered with spontaneous man sex. Raging Stallion Studios has jumped the fence by pulling this movie together to show what happens. The movie, Unloaded, has its moments, but overall seems like they could have thrown in a lot more sex by the pound.

Raging Stallion hired director Andrew Rosen to direct the movie, his first for the studio. The film's five scenes are held together by the running thread of guys moving in and out of the place ove the course of one day and one evening. Sex is alleys has been a frequent subject in gay porn, like Doug Jeffries' Raw 2. But this is the first time we've plumbed the depths of a junk yard for salacious activity.

Cameron Adams Sex Sandwich with Brandon Lewis Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Junkyard Sex: Brandon Lewis,
Cameron Adams & Dominic Pacifico

Tumblr: Three Way Sex in Raging Stallion's Unloaded
Reddish-blonde Ryan Patrick decides to enjoy the alley by sitting atop a broken down chair and enjoying some leisurely masturbation. He's interrupted by a very unshaven Antonio Biaggi, whose personal mission seems to be to not leave any vacant asshole in California untouched. Biaggi unzips his work suit, popping out his titanic tool.

Patrick's delivers a nice blowjob, followed by licking Biaggi's brown ass. The action escalates as Biaggi proceeds to stretch out Patrick's Irish insides, topping him missionary and on his fours, the hottest view that shows off the bottom's jock strap. Many will enjoy the dark guy fucking the pale White guy combination, but unfortunately these two do not show much chemistry.

Fortunately, the subsequent three episode really pour on the gas. Porn star Austin Wilde kicks things off that night when he seduces perky puppy Cameron Adams with his blossoming erection in his torn jeans. A word about Wilde: watch out for him to easily eclipse this year's list of porn newcomers. His sparking eyes, packed body and visible screen presence stands out as star quality stuff.

Wilde soon has Adams over a barrel, literally, by sucking his dick followed by a long, hot mutipositioned fuck. Adams joyously rides Wilde's dick by grinding in his lap. Soon Adams is dousing himself with his own fountain of a money shot, leaving him glistening wet to which Wilde soon adds his own streams of cream.

The heat continues when two new junkyard dogs wander in to drink some beers. Dominic Pacifico, one of the industry's perennially underrated performers, talks Brandon Lewis (Steven Daigle XXXposed) out of his pants to give him a luscious blowjob. They are soon joined by the Adams, who's returning to the sleazy sex den like a dog returning to his won dish. What ensues is a top-notch three-way with Lewis first ramming Pacifico's hot butt, and moving to Adams' double penetration.

Cameron Adams and Dominic Pacifico get fucked in a sex train. The guys are not finished until they form a sex train with Lewis behind Adams, whose fucking Pacifico in the ass. All three guys climax with nice gooey gobs of cum.

Beware of Dawg

Christian Wilde wanders into the yard thinking he's all alone, but inexplicably discovers the cold, naked Ethan Storm socked away in a human-sized garment bag. The "rescue" becomes an opportunity for Wilde to rumble and roll with Storm, who's standing there naked as a jaybird.

This is the first time we've seen Storm, and he's a spunky little bottom. It's possible that his "Storn" surname dervies from Sean Storm, who he bears a resemblance to as a possible younger cousin. Despite the scene's awkward setup, Wilde and Storm successfully turn it into a sexual scorcher.

Wilde tops Storm like the talented dude that he is the high point having Strom getting fucked with his ass hanging off a stacked pile of tires. Christian Wilde finishes things with a pyrotechnically perfect money shot.

Unloaded's concept of fucking in a junkyard is intriguing, but in the end, the overall results fizzle. The movie includes some plot points like the discovered boy zipped up in a bag, plus at the end of another scene, one of the models without any explanation produces a handgun. Perhaps this being director Andrew Rosen's first movie for Raging Stallion, things were getting settled. We've praised many of Rosen's movies for Jet Set (e.g. Doggie Style or Code Violators) so we look forward to his future projects.

As usual, we bracket our comments with the note that this is porn, and there's a lot of stuff in here for most people to like. Unloaded is worth viewing all the way at least once. Fans of Austin Wilde, Christian Wilde, or the Antonio Biaggi die-hards will probably like it more than that.

Extra Note: Similar to Real Boys Measuring Up!, the DVD includes a second disc containing five solos, except in this case there are no model interviews.

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Unloaded Photos:

Unloaded Trailer

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Ethan Storn bottoms for Christian Wilde Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ethan Storm bottoms for Christian Wilde
Antonio Biaggi and Ryan Patrick Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Antonio Biaggi rears Ryan Patrick
Austin Wilde and Cameron Adams Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Austin Wilde inspects Cameron Adams
Austin Wilde Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Austin Wilde
Ryan Patrick Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Ryan Patrick

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