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Unknown: Ghost of a Chance

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1142
Blake Riley , , Coby Mitchell , Dominik Rider , , Nash Lawler , Tommy Blade , Trystian Sweet ,
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Unknown: Ghost of a Chance

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Ghosts haunt Blake Riley

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

These days it's unfortunately not uncommon to have to deal with the dreaded "cell phone stalker." Eddie Stone has penned a potentially very interesting script here about Blake Riley receiving mysterious text messages on his phone. The messages, all from "UNKNOWN", keep pointing Riley back to an original meeting location with a long lost blind date, played by superstud Vinnie D'Angelo.

Everyone in Unknown not only looks picture perfect, but goes all the way, putting in very sensual, lathered sexual performances. Bound together with slick Rascal Video camerawork and packaging, this modest movie actually one of the most enjoyable sex flicks of 2008. Granted, the storyline gets convoluted in the film, actually causing many other movie review sites to get the outcome wrong. But this is just porn, and despite the mix ups, Unknown is very sexy.

The film begins with Riley on his way to his blind date, but he gets in a fender bender with perennially happy faced boy Trystian Sweet. The sugary Sweet sweeps Riley off his feet, taking him home and ultimately becoming dedicated boyfriends where they share the heights of passion together. Poor D'Angelo sits by himself, jilted, at the cafe table, loyally waiting, but no one shows.

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There's not any time to get too sad. The movie quickly begins a powerful one on one shower fuck between Sweet and Riley. Trystian Sweet is one new, fresh face who unfortunately was completely overlooked in the 2008 awards season. He made a great first impression as an everhard twink newcomer in several very good Citi Boyz movies. (our favorite: Tight Ass Twinks)

Sweet and Riley get wet and soapy in the stand up shower. After heavy petting, they lather each other from head to toe with their tongues. Sensual cocksucking leads to tasty ass rimming. As always, Sweet struts his impressive boyish top man skills.

Their episode culminates with the unforgettable view depicting Riley bucking himself up and down in Sweet's lap, his body turned to the camera and his perfect legs and calves splayed wide open. Both guys shoot very satisfying money shots.

Who Are You?

Unfortunately their relationship is interrupted by an unspecified tragedy, and Riley finds himself alone again. At this point, the mysterious text messsages start coming in on his phone. These are cryptic messages such as "HE'S WAITING."

Turns out Riley is a realtor, and he's showing a new property to Tommy Blade and Coby Mitchell. Only in California would guys seriously shop to buy a house while wearing painted-on black muscle shirts. Riley's mysterious text message call him away, leaving the couple alone in the kitchen to get things really cooking.

Blade boils over here in a memorable steamy performance. Perhaps the model was genuinely turned on by his bald partner, combined with the fact that the musclebottom gets his opportunity to give Mitchell an all-out fucking.

Blade clearly relishes in eating the ass that he's about to screw. These two go to town on each other, culminating with Blade's rapid fire thrusting on the moaning and groaning Mitchell.

Kudos go to Blade for burning up the screen here.

Party at Chad Hunt's Place!

After this, Chad Hunt telephones Riley. He inviting Riley over to his place for a party. Riley declines Hunt's offer, leaving the horsehung host to entertain his three guests, Jackson Wild, Dominik Rider and Nash Lawler all by himself.

Lawler, a blond top with a very nice dick, is a relatively intriguing, new face to the movies this year (Sharp). He does well sinking his stick into Rider's muscular ass. Next to them, Wild practically gets split in half by Hunt's huge cock. Wild responds to this ass attack by emitting a constant stream of loud moaning. The four way scene ends with Lawler screaming out "Mother....!" and dropping a huge load of cum onto Wild. The others quickly follow.

The film ends with Riley finally uniting with his long lost blond date, D'Angelo. Poor Vinnie seems to have been sentenced to sitting alone in that empty restaurant for all eternity. Riley's heart stopping smile works its magic on the jaded D'Angelo, and they finish off the movie with a tender, romantic sex session back in bed.

Riley and D'Angelo are two of today's top tier performers. Their bodies fit together very nicely, making their love seesion a most satisfying conclusion. D'Angelo and Riley make love, once again setting the hearts of countless men and women watching Unknown: Ghost of a Chance on fire.

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Tommy Blade and Coby Mitchell Tommy Blade tops Coby Mitchell Trystian Sweet and Blake Riley Trystian Sweet behind Blake Riley
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Vinnie D'Angelo sucks Blake Riley
Dominik Rider snapshot Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Dominik Rider
Jackson Wild snapshot Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jackson Wild

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