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Under the Sign of the Stallion (Cadinot)
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Under the Sign of the Stallion

Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Andros Tanis , Claude Leveau , David Collins , Francois Charny , Gerard Nemour , Joel Leclair , Lucien Malary , Luigi DiComo , Manual Cartier , Olivier Fabre , Patrice Serre , Pierre Tanguy , Piotr Pallansky , Simon Vidas , Sydney McKenna
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Under the Sign of the Stallion

Sous Le Signe De L'Etalon

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Under the Sign of the Stallion, or Sous Le Signe De L'Etalon in France, is one of Jean-Daniel Cadinot's neatest storylines. And the acting by Francois Charny, Patrick Serrs, Olivier Fabre and Luigi di Como enhace this witty script.

Charny is a writer who writes pure jackoff, erotic fiction for gay men. He has written a series of novels starring a blond hero dubbed The Stallion. As Charney types out his adventures on the typewriter, the sexual adventures come alive on the screen.

Patrick Serre plays a long-suffering roommate who has to help pay for Charley's uneasy financial straits. Farbe plays his greedy publisher. Luigi di Como (the school bully from Tough and Tender / Les Minets Sauvages) is a supposedly straight sociology student, who lives upstairs and has become the center of Carley's erotic fantasies.

These characters and fantasies all find their way in his novel. Charley's imagines himself as The Stallion and di Come is his latest love interest. His publisher appears as a crooked producer of bad films.

The Stallion is addicted to the orgiastic sex in bathhouses. The cast and himself turn up in the movies' numerous group sex scenes. There are several sling scenes where Lucien Mallard and Andros Tanis are the happy sling-bottoms who are pummeled by numerous participants.

Under the Sign of the Stallion Orgy
From one of the sling orgies

Seducing Luigi di Como

At one point, Charny feels guilty of trying to seduce di Como, so he writes himself into the scene. Then as he gets angry with his publisher, his fantasy lover and his roommate, he writes them all in to take their turns as the dartboard for the rest of the cast.

Apparently, in Charny's mind, hanging in a sling is demeaning punishment.

When Charney is interrupted at the typewriter by a sexy electrician (Piotr Pallansky), he naturally incorporates him into the cast. Curiously, he gets added as a top, not as a bottom.

Here, the great cast is mixed racially, as well as in ages and body size. There should be something for everybody.

When Charny finishes his novel, his publisher is delighted. Apparently, his many frustrations and vendettas have born a masterpiece of the Stallion series. Fabre even suggests that the novel be filmed, by Jean-Daniel Cadinot of course.

How close a merge is the writer and director in the film actually Cadinot, who directed and wrote the movie? Both create their heroes and images of their heroes in their works. In any case, this movie is a total delight.

Under the Sign of the Stallion Photos:

Under the Sign of the Stallion
The cast of the film crowded around a sling bottom

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