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Herve Handsome
High Octane  
, Garcia Udulo , James Bajital , Logan Sajnal , Luis Badog , Matthew Sakk , Richard Fahaz , , Samuel Galamb , Terence Kiadas , Thierry Golyo , Zaid Sebhely , , , Andrej Zulavskij , August Habarcs , Dalton Labda , Daniel Magam
Euro-Muscle GuysGang Bang


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Ted Colunga's Famous Gang Bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One thing is clearly established after watching all 120 exciting minutes of High Octane's Underground: Fred Fele (aka Ted Colunga) is one insatiable bottom. Appearing in all of the film's four scenes, Fele dreams up the first three sequences where he is more or less the plaything of the other actors.

In the last sequence, he awakens from his sleep and sexually assaults his boyfriend, Rick Bauer, who has been snoozing next to him.

Overall, the movie makes great use of its euromuscle cast. Director Herve Handsome films the crowded orgy sequences with aplomb, and all the men pump their stuff with gusto.

First, Fele imagines himself stroking it in an underground bunker, where he observes the beefy Arnold Sallang take on the smaller, dreamy Manuel Macko (Hot Winter). Macko is blessed with an Ass of Death. And it doesn't take Sellang long to see that pushing into it is his destiny.

Richard Fahaz in Underground Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Richard Fahaz
Soon, Fele saunters over and joins in. He sucks on Macko's dangling tool as Sallang attends to the rear. Macko's dick is nice and upturned. Before long, Fele is getting it from Sellang. He yanks on his big dick as Sellang thrusts against his full-figured thighs.

In a very hot closing, bottomboy Macko gets a turn on Fele's buns. Of course, watching the bottoms play the role of the topman is extremely arousing.

In the second scene, Fele dreams of a duet where Andre Zulawski takes on hairy Zaid Sebhely's ass. Resting on large wooden casks of wine, Zulawski screws in his hard dick until Sebhely's tight ass causes him to pop his cork.

Underground Gang Bang Orgy

The third scene is the film's centerpiece, a spectacular orgy featuring fifteen sex hounds who have spontaneously assembled in an underground parking garage. Fele wanders around, surveying all the muscleguys who are chatting in clusters.

The person that catalyzes this cavalcade of sex High Octane's resident nasty boy Richard Fahaz. Clearly the high point of the film is when Fele simply turns to the wall, covers his face and presents his bare butt to the assembled group.

Fahaz immediately seizes this glorious opportunity by sticking it in. Fahaz clearly looks like he's enjoying pumping Fele's hole. What he is doing is more or less warming it up for everyone else. Next, the sunglasses-wearing Dalton Labda (Male Watch) jumps in, plows away showing that it's still cool to be a euro-muscletop.

While Labda gets sloppy seconds, Isidore Nadas sucks on James Bajtal's really big cock. Next up, the sexy goateed Terence Kiadas (Room Mates) gets sloppy thirds. He's one of High Octane's hot, sexy tops.

One of this scene's nice touches is that all the guys screw with their white underwear and jeans on, pulled down past their waist or knees.

Another nice model, August Habarcs (Backdraft Men), a skinny, pale-skinned guy gets his turn. He probably has the biggest dick of the cast. It's a big one, and he gets his turn inside Fele, getting sloppy fourths.

After this, Fele moves to the floor, taking the position of a dog, where the rest of the guys get their turn on his butt. Director Handsome does well as giving all the guys good camera time. There is lots of underside filming, and close-ups.

Even Rick Bauer Tops Him

The scene finishes with everyone systematically pumping out their money shot on the supine Fele.
Rick Bauer Steps In

This fanciful dreaming has worked up Fele into a frenzy. He awakens the dozing Rick Bauer with some hard-driving affection. Bauer reacts by sucking his lover's joystick. Although a bottom, Fele possesses a very big piece of meat, capped by a full foreskin helmut.

Bauer soon takes his top-role by mounting Fele from behind and on his side. Fele sits on Bauer, his own slab swinging and swaying to the pounding. They finish with some nice eruptions.

Underground is a very good, hard-driving film with hot guys and some neat bunker/parking lots sets.

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Underground Photos:

The cast of Underground from High Octane Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
The cast of High Octane's Underground
Underground Gang Bang Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Fred Fele gets it from hung August Habarcs
Luke Jarkal behind Fred Fele Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Luke Jarkal positioning to enter Fred Fele from the rear

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