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Under Fire

Steve Kiraly
Falcon International   FIC-012
Andras Brandl , Antal Posza , Colby Tavers , Jakob Kormos , Janos Volt , Johan Reves , Martin Sandor , Patrik Zsolt , Peter Krisztia , Serge Istavan
Euro-Muscle GuysMedical Fetish

Under Fire

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A True Hungarian Man Porn Classic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hold on for one of the hottest euro-muscle films ever, and arguably one of the best from the Falcon International collection. Under Fire chronicles a troop of hopeful soldiers, who are determined on getting into military service. All the actors in it are beautiful, and several have turned up in several of Herve Handsome's High Octane flicks. In particular, Peter Krisztia / Victor Selvey, Janos Volt and Martin Sandor have built large followings.

The film begins with a first class scene of studly recruit Andras Brandl getting plowed hard by the hairy chested doctor, Janos Volt. The scene starts with slow blowjobs, and quickly turns to Volt fucking Brandl doggie style over the clinic bed. Finally, Brandl bounces up and down on Volt, who is lying on his back on the bed.

Next we watch two recruits, Colby Tavers and Serge Istavan, finishing up two hours of target practice. Drill instructor Peter Krisztia scolds them from their poor accuracy, and walks off telling the two to continue with practice. Tired of firing bullets, the two stop long enough to notice their incredible sex appeal. "You know, you're kind of cute," exclaims Istavan. The two undress right there on the grounds of the outdoor shooting range.

Patrik Zsolt and Martin Sandor in Under Fire Watch Now
Patrik Zsolt, Martin Sandor
taste Johan Reves
Krisztia returns to find Tavers with his cock in Istavan's mouth. Exclaiming that he must personally help improve the weapons handling skills, the instructor undresses and joins in. At this point Tavers gets down on his knees, proceeds to take both Krisztia and Istavan into his mouth working on both cocks. Next, Istavan is lying astride with Krisztia fucking his face and Tavers eating his ass and sucking his cock.

Tavers then takes Istavan's cock up his ass while at the same time sucking on Krisztia's cock. Trading places, Krisztia then fucks Istavan with his really big cock while Tavers jacks himself and Istavan off. Krisztia later sprays his load. [Kristia appears as Victor Hogyes in a hot final scene of High Octane's Under Arrest]

The third scene is another winner. Martin Sandor and Johan Reves arrive in their military jeep to find boyish Patrik Zsolt peeling potatoes out in the hot sun. The boyish Reves also appears in the hot Winning Streak.

The three agree to all help each other, but instead of peeling potatoes they strip and begin licking each others' bodies. We also see now that apparently all Czech recruits must wear really cute blue underwear. These boys lick and suck each other for some time, and the entire foreplay action is very hot to watch.

With Reves bent over the Jeep, Sandor screws him and right behind him is Zsolt with his cock inside Sandor. These boys look like they are in heaven, especially Sandor who has his cock up Reves and his hole filled by Zsolt. Zsolt then gets up on the Jeep, straddles Reves and fucks Sandor's mouth. With Sandor pumping harder and faster, Reves can't take it any longer and shoots his load. Then, Sandor pulls out and shoots all over Reves with Zsolt shooting his cum all over Sandor's hot hairy chest. This is the film's best scene.

Back in their tent, Antal Posza and Jakob Kormos are lying on a cot looking at a magazine as Posza smokes a cigarette. Forgetting about his cigarette, it falls onto some paint rags and starts a fire. Grabbing a fire extinguisher they quickly put the fire out, but in turn get soapy foam all over themselves. Giggling and laughing, the two of them remove their wet clothes and explore each other's bodies, first with their hands and then with their mouths. Finding his way down to Posza's cock, Kormos wraps his mouth around it as much as he can and starts stroking it with his hand.

Posza has a huge cock and it isn't long before he has the hairy chested Kormos bent over a table and is fucking his ass. Next Posza lays down and lets Kormos sit on his cock and ride. Posza is a big boy! After a good fucking, these men are soon pumping out huge juicy loads of cum and letting it fly all over each the foam from the fire extinguisher.

Under Fire Photos:

Peter Krisztia tops in Under FireWatch VOD
Peter Krisztia, Colby Tavers and Serge Istavan
Janos Volt and Andras BrandlWatch VOD
Janos Volt rides Andras Brandl

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