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Ultimate Warriors

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
Eric Flower , Erik Lenn , Garcia Fecske , Jack Mecs , Larry Packa , Mack Safrany , Paris Granat , , Ritchy Segely , Rossi Fabab , Tavish Szabad , Ted Kabel , Tim Brensen ,
Euro-Muscle Guys

Ultimate Warriors

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Rick Bauer Leads an Army of Gym Warriors

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Muscle guys with rock-hard, curvaceous thighs and butts who use those assets to bottom aggressively that's my thing. Sculpted men lost in passionate play enthralled in doing things to each other and for each other that's art in motion in my book.

Herve Handsome has consistently excelled in plucking such Adonises from the Eastern European landscape, and then coaxing from them some of the most heated performances to be found in the gay porn repertoire. Although there are plenty of noteworthy Handsome finds, a few that come to mind immediately are Istvan Kiss, Janos Volt, Fred Goldsmith, Fernando Nielsen and Rick Bauer.

Eric Flower Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Porn Star Eric Flower
In his latest offering entitled Ultimate Warriors, Handsome showcases a collection of new or recent additions to his stud library, anchored by performances from stalwart veterans like Tim Brensen and Bauer. And as indicated by his pattern of late, Herve also gives us five full scenes to feast on.

Don't let the title fool you. Ultimate Warriors is not another gladiator flick or Medieval S&M saga. A standard, well-equipped gym serves as the setting for boxing, wrestling, and plenty of torrid love combat.

For reasons that will become apparent, skip Scene 1 and go straight to Scene 2 when viewing, saving Scene 1 for last. Bauer and Brensen absolutely revel in each other's enthusiasm and versatility in Scene 2. On top of doing each other in grand style, both of them give it up to hung and hole-hungry Isidore Nadas as well.

Attention Rick Bauer fans! Switch to slow-mo and observe the elation that washes across his face as he straddles Nadas for a vigorous ride while Brensen simultaneously munches his erect meat.

In less than a year, Nadas has established himself as one of the more punishing tops on the Euromuscle scene. However, his career has followed an alternate route in the process. The more common pattern seems to be for actors to top in their initial features. Once the ice is broken, so-to-speak, they evolve into bottom roles if there are such inclinations and/or they can do so convincingly. Bauer, Goldsmith and the lovely Leslie Manzel typify this career path.

Instead, Nadas bottoms early on. Check out Handsome's production of Male Watch. Nadas gives it up with a frenzied energy befitting a death row inmate who's been told this is his last screw before they hang him!

You won't likely see that from him these days no doubt because this dude is one brutal banger. In Herve's Deep Probe, watch him and superstar-in-the-making Shawn Capa drill Ivan Hebko within an inch of his life!

Scene 3 matches topman Jack Mecs with versatile newcomers Ted Kabel and Larry Packa. This is only the second film for Mecs - a tall, angular daddy with slightly graying temples and a massive tool. In his first film, Cock Tales, Mecs is the recipient of one of the wildest rides thrown by an aggressive bottom in 2004. Bauer fans certainly won't want to miss that masterful performance!

With all of the great deep-throating action, intense rimming and full-length cock thrusting found in Scene 3, there are plenty of magical moments for you slow-mo and zoom freaks. Mecs and Kabel clearly earn their paychecks here, but Packa steals the scene, folks. Solidly built, bald and beautiful, Packa does it all and with undeniable flair. The man absolutely loves his work.

Muscular Tavish Szabad, featured on the Ultimate Warriors box cover, takes on twinkish, but pretty boys Ritchy Segely and Paris Granat in Scene 4. The scene scorches from start to finish. Mark my word, Szabad is another one destined for gay porn greatness. Switch to slow-motion when Segely rides Szabad as Granat passionately goes down on Segely.

Eric Flower's High Octane Debut

Eric Flower, ripped from head to toe with blond, curly hair, makes his High Octane debut in Scene 5 along with rookies Erik Lenn, Mack Safrany and Rossi Fabab (aka Robert Rossci in Czech Inn by Hot Desert Knights). Although he tops like a pro here, Flower bottoms in earlier flicks for other companies like Studio 2000's The Back Room and Lucas Kazan's immortal work, The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2. Keep an eye on Erik Lenn - another buff, bald banger with an exquisite prick and Brahma bull low-hangers.

Now back to Scene 1 in which both Szabad and Garcia Fecske make their debuts in front of Handsome's camera. These guys are both incredible and great fun to watch in action. That Szabad has already starred with Roberto Giorgio in a Sarava Productions film, Legion of Vengeance, speaks volumes about his individual quality and gay porn potential.

On the other hand, Fecske is my kind of bottom, men eager and round-rumped with unforgettable olive- gray eyes and a Hollywood smile. The flat-top he sported in his 1999 porn debut - a Cazzo flick entitled Sex for Sale - is gone, and the baby fat once seen has turned to man-muscle. He's grown up now, and impressively so.

My heart rate increased as Scene 1 began with these two, in boxing gloves, squaring off to do damage to each other. Everything was proceeding smoothly and my temperature was rising when something totally unexpected caught my attention and put me off badly.

Fecske, my newest dreamboy, had a serious skin rash covering the inner portion of his right thigh. Although probably just something on the order of an allergic reaction, I was thoroughly distracted by it. I might as well have been staring at the Mona Lisa sticking out her tongue beneath a cleft pallet.

A scar or a birthmark can add interest, as can an appropriately placed tattoo. Admittedly, I may have overreacted, but the rash consumed me. It seemed somehow out of place in light of the flawless wonders we are accustomed to observing going at each other. I sincerely hope to see more of Fecske after the dermatologist has fixed his problem!

After shelving Ultimate Warriors for a while, a repeat viewing in the recommended sequence of scenes enabled me to better appreciate the glory of Handsome's handiwork. All in all, it's some of his best work.

To each his own!

Texas Dude

Ultimate Warriors Photos:

Ultimate Warriors Three-way Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Ritchy Segely rides Tavish Szabad, Paris Granat on left
Isidore Nadas, Rick Bauer and Tim Brensen Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Isidore Nadas, Rick Bauer, Tim Brensen

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