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UK Beef Bangers (2 Disc Set)

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media  
Aaron Slater , Adam Tremadoc , Albert Victor , Ben Mason , Brad McGuire , Brent Bow , Brent South , Cristian Torrent , Dave Starbuck , Dawson , Jiggy Mann , John Connery , Klep , Luke Thomas , Lupo Jones , Manhandle , Max Load , Nubian King , Sam Wood , Scott Ryder , Skunk , , Tony Ray , Wade , Yorksbutt
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UK Beef Bangers (2 Disc Set)

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Brad McGuire and Dawson visit a London sex club.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A self-proclaimed "international scandal" from Treasure Island Media, UK Beef Bangers finds director Max Sohl flying two of his stables hottest assets – Dawson (he of 20 Load Weekend fame) and Brad McGuire (he of 20 Hole Weekend fame) out to old blighty, where he places them smack bang in the middle of Londons sexual underground for a whopping nigh on 4 hours of dirty kinky hardcore seedy bareback sex with some of the UKs nastiest sluts, all shot over five days in this 2 disc extravaganza.

Theres no easing in with TIM, and were instantly confronted with the sight of piss filtering thru a well worn out jockstrap, adorned by Brad McGuire, into the mouth of "Good Pig" Klep, who kneels hungrily in a run down shower stall like a good little pig.

Its a short little sequence of oral sex, piss play, and spitting fun, culminating in a hot load being wanked into Kleps open mouth, and we finally see the English and British flags unfurled as the credits and the chimes of Big Ben let us know what were in for during the following nine scenes set in the heart of the UK.

"Hoist Fuck" has McGuires hot skinheaded skull buried deep between the cheeks of a bent over jockstrapped Tony London (Bodybuilders Bareback from SX Video) in the corner of a seedy brick basement sex room in Londons famous Hoist club. Tall skinny smooth sub Scott Ryder starts jerking off to the fun, and doesnt hesitate to drop his smalls when McGuire beckons his hairless ass over for a taste of his uncut raw beauty.

UK Beef Bangers orgyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
UK Beef Bangers Orgy
Then theres spit fucking galore as London and Ryder switch out as the middles of a raunchy spit roast, and the trio even end up in a raw daisy chain (McGuire in Ryder in London). But if thats not enough raunch for you (and theres plenty of cum to go around – and up, too…) London even manages to work his entire fist up inside Ryder as McGuire continues to penetrate his anus. The sex is fast furious and nasty, and it doesnt let up for a second.

"Glory" stylishly focuses on three fellas in holed stalls – the boyish (but not boyishly cocked) Aaron Slater from Bareback London, hunky muscle god Christian Torrent, and the lucky submissive skinhead slut in the middle, Skunk. Working his way around and around he effortlessly takes each of the guys knobs in his mouth and arse (and Slater really does have a beauty).

Theres a slutty desperation in Skunk as he fiendishly works to milk out the loads any way he can, and once Torrent and Slater are fully satisfied Skunk stays on to repeat his submissive anonymous cock slavery with new hard-ons Sam Wood and the mammoth meat belonging to Dave Starbuck. Skunks ass gets so full of jizz it even spills out all over one of the camera lenses at one point, which just adds to the seediness of the scene.

Dawson Takes the Spotlight

"Nut Me Up" showcases Dawson doing what he does best – fully in the moment, on his knees, and pleasuring a couple of massively huge penises. Theres the super hot dreadlocked Jiggy Mann from Ass Stretcher 2 who has a cock to match his thick knotted mane, and Wade who sports another oversized uncut piece.

The camera doesnt invade, it just shows Dawson enjoying the ecstasy of raw sexual pleasure and penis as Mann and the alluring skinhead Wade fuck the absolute living daylights out of his rump. Nubian King, a sultry African who possesses a sizeable black snake of his own (and knows how to use it) joins the mix, and you wont believe the never-ending (over 30 minutes!!!) onslaught that our hero Dawson takes. And really, he takes it all, hard, deep and sloppy, every conceivable angle, and never letting up. Its classic Dawson, and hes left a cum drenched, well fucked mess.

"Playpit" closes the first disc with some bearish sling action. Hairy Tony Ray is upended in a sling with the likes of Brent Bow, Brad McGuire, super hot Brent South (Treasure Island's Bad Influence) and the cute dirty little fucker Max Load (who is such a slut he feltches Rays ass when the guys have finished depositing in him).

UK Beef Bangers snapshotWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD

Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty

Part two of the scene places Load in the sling while Ray continues to get fucked (notably by stud John Connery). But the action winds up firmly on Load as he takes cock after cock and spooge after spooge, even letting Connery piss all over him at the climax. And if you havent climaxed multiple times yourself theres another five scenes on offer in the second disc…

Dawson opens up for Adam Tremadoc and big Ben Mason. "Big Ben" (here named for a cock, not the clock) features the hunkily built and tattooed Ben Mason, and laid back bikerish Adam Tremadoc (who notably starred in the depraved Deviants! from Bulldog XXX). In an oral opening to the second half, visiting slut Dawson sucks each of their throbbing dicks till he has spunk running out of his mouth and down his throat.

"Manhandled" returns us to the depths of a sex club (revited in the subsequent 2010 movie Liam Cole's Wild Breed) as tatted top Manhandle and returning skinhottie Wade have their pick of four lined up bottoms – silver fox Yorksbutt, shaved bald Lupo Jones, and returners Max Load and Skunk. The tops move up and down the line fucking and cumming in/with whom and whenever they please, while the bottoms moan and kiss each other in erotic camaraderie. Its another superbly hot scene, especially seeing cutey boy Load in such a den of depravity and among such decadent sluts.

"Perfect Fuck" is another one for the macho lovers, as Dawson plows his way into the masculine furry ass of hot bearish Albert Victor in a tasty bedroom fuck.

"London Breeding" travels back to the dungeons. Tony London is in the throes of getting fucked by Brent South and Dave Starbuck (and his hole gets wet and messy in the process). Even hitherto sub slut Skunk has a go at it, proving that London is even the bottom mans bottom. Sam Wood joins in the mix and its load after load deposited in London, with the camera never removing its gaze from his constantly filling ass. Finally Klep (the piss lover from scene one) rims London in a nasty slutty feltching moment as the other participants continue to play.

The finale is titled "3-Shot Luke", and its Dawsons swansong as the handsome and inked to the hilt Luke Thomas from Christian 24 Cocks In 24 Hours gets in his ass and pounds away. Once hes taken his first load hes joined by Scott Ryder and John Connery to mix up the fun a little, and he services them in true Dawson style, taking everything they have to throw at him and truly enjoying the UK spunk thats shot up his hungry slutty ass.

UK Beef Bangers DVD Extras

UK Beef Bangers is such a long movie that even the bonus cumshot compilation is over twenty-five minutes long, and there are generous hardcore potions of TIM trailers slapped on the disc as well.

Its a truly massive rauchy behemoth of a collection, and its truly NOT one for the casual viewer (perhaps this should have been said at the beginning). Guys and styles to suit all tastes from bear to skinhead to post-twink and back again, but all with nasty minds and sexual drives to boot. As ever Treasure Island Media delivers beyond the call of duty, and you could do yourself a disservice if you dont purchase your ticket and get on board the plane thatll take you to the superbly decadent world of the UK Beef Bangers.

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UK Beef Bangers (2 Disc Set) Photos:

UK Beef Bangers snapshotWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dawson and Jiggy ManWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dawson takes in Jiggy Man
Dawson enjoys his vacation in EnglandWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dawson enjoys his vacation in England

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