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Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Clay Maverick , Dean Temple , , Mark Slade , , Steve Harper , Tommy Lord


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Mark Slade Is a Scream

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A loose spoof on the movie Scream, Twisted has a solid, imaginative script that is fun to watch. Porn star Mark Slade, a Studio 2000 Exclusive at the time, plays a man who receives anonymous phone calls from a stranger who seems to know a lot about his private life.

Although we never see the caller, we do eventually learn his identity.

The first call happens as Slade is entertaining a trick, played by Jack Ryan in an early appearance. Their hook-up is a bit predictable, but very hot. Slade is a butch top, and Ryan loves to get pumped by big meat.

Rick Hammersmith and Mark SladeWatch Now
Rick Hammersmith
and Mark Slade
The second scene happens when Slade's friend, Rick Hammersmith, drops by for a visit. The caller knows of Hammersmith's presence, and instructs him to strip and j/o. Slade watches with fascination as his friend obeys the instructions of the mysterious caller.

Next, Slade leaves his office early, asking Tommy Lord to cover for his client, Dean Temple. These two young men are the high point of the movie. The flip-flop with hot versatility, but only after performing some great mutual sucking.

They both also believably appear interested in each other.

The fourth scene transpires in Slade's imagination. The mysterious caller reminds him of a secret: Slade imagines what every man he meets would be like in bed. Slade spots two men in his gym's lockerroom.

Clay Maverick's First-Rate Fuck

His imagination runs wild. Here, Clay Maverick and Steve Harper perform a first-rate energetic hook-up. Of course Maverick shows off his consummate topman skills, and Harper is a great bottom.

In the fifth and final episode, the plot gets resolved. Hammersmith admits that he paid a former trick to make the phone calls in a maneuver to turn his good friend into his lover.

They finish by Slade topping Hammersmith, who is a very energetic bottom. We found Slade to be a little on the wooden side. But lots of guys seem to have a huge appetite for straight-acting topmen. It also has lots of good performances from the other actors, and a nifty script, a combination that Studio 2000 got down to a science, which is sorely missed in many movies today.

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Twisted Photos:

Rick Hammersmith and Mark SladeWatch Now
Rick Hammersmith and Mark Slade
Steve Harper and Clay MaverickWatch Now
Steve Harper samples Clay Maverick

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