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Twisted (Kent North)

David Lamm
Club Inferno  
Billy Cochran , Chris Neal , Joey O\'Bryan , Jordan West , , , Nick Savage , Rik Jammer , , Tim Rusty
FistingGang BangKink / SextoysLeatherDaddies / MenRed Heads in CastTattoos

Twisted (Kent North)

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The Twisted Kent North

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some the strongest films about sexual fantasy are the darker Hot House features. The viewer is transported to a land devoid of real world problems, time pressures and any other distractions. It's just the guys, doing what they do. Twisted is an excellent study in the practice of such escapism, a two disc set with five scenes all of which test the participants' mettle.

Club Inferno / Hot House wraps into this a perfectly paced musical accompaniment, as well as great camerawork and lensing, making this peek into the Twisted world, a picture perfect one. Enter a world of hard sex, spitting, caging, blindfolds, gangbangs, fisting, loud dirty talk and dildos.

The cast of ten models are all sweaty, emotional men completely engrossed in their work. Covermodel Kent North (Pack Attack: Kent North) in particular gets notice as one impressive find.

The movie starts with bossy Nick Capra (Resurrection) ordering a blindfolded Joey O'Bryan out of his cage to undergo a lengthy script of verbal orders. O'Bryan is a good little goteed submissive with a pentagram tattoo on his upper arm and pierced nipples.

Capra's intonations and speech give a new poetic meaning to his oft spoken phrase Spread those ass cheeks! Capra then proceeds to tongue fuck O'Bryan, as he sits comfortably in a rimming chair, lathering and prying it to the point his asslips reach full blossom. O'Bryan moves through a full session of raising and lowering himself onto the treetrunk sized cock of Capra.

O'Bryan cums with a large dildo in his ass, followed by Capra housing down the bottom's face in his own mancream.

Next the camera opens on a blond Billy Cochran, wearing a jockstrap, hanging by his hands from the ceiling. Jordan West (The List) whips him lightly and sniffs his armpits. Letting him down, West proceeds to insert and withdraw links of the metal chain that was used to dangle Cochran.

Next there is a breathtaking sequence showing Cochran taking an air inflatable dildo completely inside his ass, while West screws him simultaneously. Then West fists Cochran. Finally the two mutually enjoy a double headed dildo; West lets out a quivering joyous moan as he mounts his half. Bucking on each end, they release their own orgasms. After this, Rod Barry arrives to give a helping hand to redheaded Tim Rusty. Barry removes Rusty's shoes as he hangs in a sling, and takes a moment to rub his feet.... and later nibble on them. Of course, he also grinds his own boot into Rusty's crotch, and later makes the red head smell and lick his own footwear.

The anal sex showing Barry screw Rusty's hole is excellent. It's probably the hottest anal sequence Barry has performed in some time; it's one on one, and he's not cavorting around.

Rusty wears a red jockstrap, which means that it isn't long before they are breaking out the Crisco. This fisting sequence is nice too. Rusty bends over gripping the sling as Barry slowly works in his gloved hand. "You know you love it!" exclaims Barry as Rusty coos. After turning out Rusty's red asshole, they both cum.

The next scene is Powerbottoms on Display as Rik Jammer, Chris Neal and Kent North go through numerous activities which would wear out the uninitiated. After licking and sucking each other like wild animals, North drives a notched 14-inch black dildo into Neal's ass all the way to the base. Next it's ass stretching time as North dances up and down upon a 20-inch monument, and later a red traffic cone.

Next they systematically take turns fisting each other. Impressively, North keeps his purple-colored erection hard as they wear out his ass. In a sling, he pushes out hole as he releases a torrent of his hot manjoice.

The second disc has a ten man scene of unending assplay. Conrad's ass plays host to a variety of hefty dildos. A very sexy looking Nick Savage (Czech Point) fists himself in a cage. Neal tops Cochran. Capra and Barry double up on the diminutive O'Bryan, who clearly loves the massive attention. In fact, Barry seems to stick his cock into just about every bottom on the set.

The fifty minute orgy scene ends with a high energy sequence of North getting gang bang fisted in a sling.

The DVD includes a nice set of gallery photos showing the models alone, as well as enjoying action.

So concludes a multi hour journey into a powerfully compelling, Twisted world. Kudos to newcomer director David Lamm for creating such a clear picture as to one possible diversion into escapable pleasure.

Twisted (Kent North) Photos:

The Twisted Orgy Watch on
The 10 man orgy
Nick Capra and Joey O'Bryan Watch on
Nick Capra over Joey O'Bryan
Twisted One on One Watch on
Nick Capra creams Joey O'Bryan

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