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Twink Juice

Keith Miller
Sean Wade, Tao Martin (T.J. Jordan), Brendan Bond, Derek Holmes, Donovan Stone, Cameron Carpenter, Kevin Shade

Full of cum twinks hook-up on beds and couches everywhere. Cute, hung newcomer tops blow some really big ones.

Interracial Sex Solos Twinks, American Cum Eating

Twink Juice

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Reviewed by on Jun-17-2005 - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sean Wade's Milky Twink Juice

Enter a land where the sweet juices flow like honey; where the gooey creamy nectar of teens flow like gushing rivers. The seventh exciting film from Helix Studios bears the enticing title Twink Juice. The title alone is enough to get the salivary glands of many flowing. Two of the film's hot, new cum-pumpers score some impressive performances. The first is freshman covermodel Sean Wade, an uncut badboy, who always has lots to say to his sex partner, whether he is taking it up the ass, plowing hard or simply jacking off.

The other eye-catching newcomer is Brendan Bond, a tall, hung top whose boyish thrusting deeply satisfies two of the film's bottomboys. Helix always has a good casting eye for hot tops. Altogether this tasty team creates a hot DVD with five action scenes and a memorable solo.

First up is the lanky Bond who starts smooching with brunet Derek Holmes. Holmes's ass capacity is roundly tested by Bond's full thrusts. The smooth, pale Bond coupled with the hairier, tan skinned Holmes is a visually pleasing match. The hottest moments are when the camera shows Bond's pendulous balls flopping and slapping happily against the bottom's ass.

These twinks are a hot show, which culminates with Bond's engorged cock firing full blasts of twink juice into Holmes's mouth and face (some looks like it got in his nose).

Next up, the easygoing, what-me-worry Sean Wade shows up at Tao Martin's place to while away the afternoon. Martin (usually billed as T.J. Jordan (Raw Fantasies) takes charge of the situation by offering his huge latin erection to Wade for deep-throating. Wade is a cutie, full of energy and a cock that ends with a chewable foreskin.

Sean Wade in Twink JuiceWatch Now or Helix Studios
Sean Wade from his solo

The older, bigger Martin/Jordan wedges his towering concrete monument into Wade. Watching Wade's small round ass swallow up this huge cock is memorable. Wade spends lots of time riding this giant horse. Finally Wade blows a big load while getting hammered, followed by Martin/Jordan unloading all over the boxcoverboy's grinning face.

Some of his twink juice goes up his nose. The next scene brings the welcome return of top stud Brendan Bond. Here he humps Donavon Stone, a lithe little bottom, on a couch. They screw in several positions. The best shows Stone riding on top as he turned one hundred eighty degrees facing out. Stone pops a high flying gusher of cum in this position. Bond cums once again while getting blown, spraying another load of his twink juice on Stone, a lot of which hits his eye.

The next scene couples the twinkalicious Kevin Shade with Cameron Carpenter. Shade rides and grinds his hips atop Carpenter, who seems pleased with the arrangement. Shade is an aggressive bottom. His hard-on swings around in the air, and he rides hard enough to make the bed squeak.

They screw in lots of sweaty variations. Finally that squeaky bed comes out again as Shade holds his legs spread way back. They come together, leaving Shade's stomach a large pool of twink juice.

Kevin Shade spills twink juice

The final action scene pairs boxcoverboy Wade with bottomboy Shade. They first start with some entertaining ghettospeak that would label them as two real "wiggas". After this Shade goes down on Wade's uncut cock, that goes from soft to hard in seconds. With his heels pointing to heaven, Shade gets his ass plowed hard by Wade.

Both guys are hot to watch as tops and bottoms. The high point has Wade giving Shade a good pounding on his stomach. True to the DVD title, they release heavy gushers of cum. The final section appears to have been filmed earlier. Wade's hair is grown out, and he is missing a tattoo. Wearing a sailor's hat, he jacks off, squeezing out an eye-popping multi-spurt money shot, a pleasing and tasty dessert after a full course meal.

Twink Juice with its bevy of fresh faces, copious cumshots and titilating twinks should quench the thirsts of the many fans of this genre.

The DVD also contains a number of hot previews.

Also: HelixStudios maintains a large and growing library full of their saucy twink porn. Visit and enjoy unlimited video streaming.

Donavon Stone and Brendan BondWatch Now or Helix Studios
Donavon Stone deep throats Brendan Bond
Derek Holmes and Brendan BondWatch Now or Helix Studios
Derek Holmes swallowing twink juice
Kevin Shade and Cameron CarpenterWatch Now or Helix Studios
Kevin Shade looks back at Cameron Carpenter
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