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Twink Bedroom Adventures 2

Keith Miller
Studio   HX22
Aaron Armstrong , Aaron Tyler , Dakota Brittain , Damien Lucas , Devon Ford , Shawn Fox
Oral SexTwinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungCollege Guys

Twink Bedroom Adventures 2

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Devon Ford and Shawn Fox flail their big inches in hot twink frolic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Anyone who follows my reviews here will know I am a fan of film-maker Keith Miller. Here, he works his directorial magic for the 8teenboy range of Helix productions, bringing the best of youthful twinks to the sex screen, and making them even better with his lustful lens.

Exotically skin toned Aaron Armstrong is already on the bed with hot stubbly white boy Dakota Brittain (Construction Bareback) when the first scene opens. Kissing tenderly, Armstrong rubs his hand over Brittain's sexy placed lizard tattoo.

Shawn Fox and Damien Lucas in Twink Bedroom AdventuresWatch on HelixStudios
Twink Bedroom Adventure:
Shawn Fox carrying Damien Lucas
Armstrong chows down on the white boy's cute cut cock, before revealing a monster of his own, which he feeds to an eager Brittain. It is HUGE.

Miller takes advantage of the huge dark cock coupled with Brittain's white boy stubbly opening, and employs some hot camera techniques as we enjoy seeing this massive member slipping in and out of the blond boy's mouth. With no tacky background music, the scene can be enjoyed as it was shot, naturally, and without pretence, and fucking hot.

The pair plays orally back and forth, and it's hard to tell whose going to top, but ultimately it's Brittain who takes Armstrong's dark ass with his latex covered pole. But after a good pound of pounding, they trade out, and he takes that hugely thick menace, and by god does he get pounded by it…

It's while riding that wideness that he comes all over Armstrong. Horse hung exotic Armstrong finishes himself up, shooting all over his abdomen.

Damien Lucas Enjoys a Bedroom Adventure

On another bed in another scene, Damien Lucas snogs spiky haired hot boy Shawn Fox. One thing turns to another, and Jesus Christ is he huge!

Naturally Lucas wants to ride him, and he does so in an erotic rhythmic bounce that brings blood to the tip of any voyeurs' cock.

Damien Lucas is the target for Shawn Fox's big twink cock. Lucas is the target for Fox's FUCKING nice prick, and he jabs his bottom boy to kingdom come. Athletic Fox moves his bottom around here and there, and even picks him up for an air fucking with his mammoth meat.

Oasis-style haircut Lucas moves out of bodily control, and drips thick wads of spooge on himself. Big boy Fox dribbles out a shot himself as the pair kiss, laying back on the bed.

In a living room scene, spiky haired Fox is back, this time joined by succulent Armstrong from scene one.

The duo are truly into each other, a bonus Miller always provides – man on man sex that is real, no fakery, bullshit, or shitty background music. When this pair stares into each other's eyes anticipating the cock fun they're going to have, they mean it.

Scorcher Fox tops, and again in a multitude of positions. His bottom is HUNG, but that doesn't stop him from making Armstrong cum when he finds his weak spot (on his back, legs up) and causes a torrent of cum to spew. He adds to the wetness on Armstrong's chest, jizzing all over him in a passionate mess of cum.

Lucas remains for the next scene, on his laptop and looking for cock. But Dakota Brittain accosts him from behind, turned on by his dirty online chatting. He deep throats Lucas' prick, pulling off some clothes in the process, and coaxes Lucas into pulling out his own giant, which is expertly sucked, and exquisitely caught on camera.

Lucas is in his spell. He bends over the computer table (and man, does that ass look good), and allows Brittain to bruise, batter, and berate his butt with his tongue, fingers, and finally his throbbing rod.

He is shoved to the hilt, grabbing onto his computer desk for dear life. Miller's natural sex soundtrack is intense. Slap-slap-slap-slap-slap.

Lucas has had enough, and his penis oozes cum all up his smooth frame. Brittain is happy too, and he shows it by adding his seed to the chest collection.

Devon Ford tops Aaron Tyler

Meet the hugely hung Devon Ford. The last scene of this twink extravaganza pairs a floppy haired horse hung Devon Ford (Candy Ass Bareback 2) with Helix exclusive Aaron Tyler (Twink Juice 2) for an explosive cum shot of a finale.

Ford uses his huge cock to the max, first tempting Tyler's lips around it while he sits on the bed, and then, switching positions, feeding his face with it.

But nature is as nature does, and Ford's full shaft is soon plunging up Tyler, who grins on his back, rocking, bouncing, and taking it all. He takes it all from the side next, after giving it a sexy interim suck job. In a rather intimate camera angle from down below you get to see just how thick twink Ford is, as he slides it inside Tyler in lurid close-up.

But finally, it's leg-up and from the side that gets skinny boy Tyler cumming over himself, and Ford works the last load of the movie onto Tyler's already slick cock.

8TeenBoy's movie Twink Bedroom Adventures 2 shows that you don't have to use bareback sex to sell a barely legal movie. The cast are stellar – horse hung twinks with looks to match their inches.

Aside from the regular scene selection, this DVD includes a hot as shit cumshot compilation, as well as 5 movie previews.

If you like hot young twinks in safe sex scenarios, Twink Bedroom Adventures 2 is the perfect place to start.

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Twink Bedroom Adventures 2 Photos:

Dakota Brittain and Aaron ArmstrongWatch on HelixStudios
Dakota Brittain and Aaron Armstrong
Shawn Fox tops Damien LucasWatch on HelixStudios
Shawn Fox tops Damien Lucas
Shawn Fox tops Aaron ArmstrongWatch on HelixStudios
Shawn Fox tops Aaron Armstrong
Dakota Brittain fucks Damien LucasWatch on HelixStudios
Dakota Brittain fucks Damien Lucas

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