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Trying It on for Size

John Travis
Studio 2000
Sonny Markham, Johnny Hanson, Gianfranco, Carl Erik, Dino DiMarco, Adam Wilde, Nic Collins, Buck Phillips

Sonny Markham stars in this sweaty, well-done Studio 2000 release


Trying It on for Size

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Reviewed by on Dec-10-2003 - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sonny Markham Trys It on for Size

John Travis and the talented Studio 2000 team are experts in populating their movies with beautiful men and photographing them to take advantage of every ounce of their sexuality. Trying It on for Size is a flashy, glossy production with an excellent cast, that appears to be having a great time.

Today's Gym-built top-man is porn star Sonny Markham, who with his lover (Buck Phillips) live in this elegant home. Phillips is leaving on a business trip, so Markham rents it out to a photographer (Scott Simms) who is shooting underwear and gym outfits.

The film's actions starts at the first photo shoot. Working with model Johnny Hanson and Adam Wilde (from Falcon's Heatwave) around a classic, black Lincoln convertible, Simms offers Hanson some socks to pad his underwear bulge. Hanson gets indignant, responding by displaying his beercan-thick bone for their inspection. Wilde responds by getting on his knees, savoring the piece. This foreplay is followed by a great screw session around, inside, and on the top of that Lincoln convertible.

Amazingly, Wilde seems more at ease with Hanson's third arm up his butt than down his throat. Hanson's presence shines here, for more than in his Falcon days.

Moving outdoors, Simms finds another problem. One of his models flaked out, and did not appear for the shoot. Markham is easily convinced to join the equally muscular Gianfranco in the session. The two body builders are soon naked and trading blowjobs. Watching these two muscle giants is amazing. Before the scene is over, Markham mounts the hairy Gianfranco all over the bench of an exercise machine.

The movie goes next to the opulent home of Dino DiMarco and Nic Collins, where they have a sweaty three-way with Carl Erik (Grease Guns 2). All these guys look sensational, especially when Eric guides his uncut prick right into Collins' hungry hole. Eric's incredible cock dominates throughout, becoming literally a fourth person in the room.

The final scene reunites Markham with his lover, Phillips. The two make love at night under a gentle waterfall. They two melt into each other, passionately kissing and sucking each other. Markham welcomes his lover home from his long time away by plunging his big tool into Phillips. Softly lit, the scene is a great closing finale.

Fans of Sonny Markham will totally enjoy this movie. His massive body, thick cock and warm demeanor is a nice change from the standard top-men fare from other studios.

Trying It on for Size is now available for online rental. Watch this and other high quality, sexy Studio2000 films VOD in our movie theatre.


Sonny Markham and Buck PhillipsWatch Now
Sonny Markham and Buck Phillips
Sonny Markham and Buck PhillipsWatch Now
Sonny Markham and Buck Phillips
Sonny Markham and Buck PhillipsWatch Now
Sonny Markham and Buck Phillips
Dino Demarco, Nic Collins, Carl ErikWatch Now
Dino Demarco, Nic Collins, Carl Erik
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