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Try Me On...for Size (Jocks Pac 114)

Chi Chi LaRue
Jocks Studios  
Andrew Phillips , Brendan Falke , Casey Williams , Jacob Hall , Jason Hawke , Jason Sizemore , Joe Foster , Maxx Diesel , Sean Storm , Trent Atkins
Athletes / SportsHunksFetish: Jock Straps

Try Me On...for Size (Jocks Pac 114)

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Jason Hawke Loses His Underwear

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What is it about a guy's used underwear that is so intensely erotic? Could it be the subtle fraying of the thread, the snug fit or the lingering man scents that get captured in the pouch? The tireless director, Ms. Chi Chi LaRue, explores the subject of used tighty-whities in a nasty little flick called Try Me On...For Size.

Things between Aussie model Joe Foster (Good as Gold) and studpup Jason Hawke begin innocently enough. Hawke performs an erotic photo shoot for Jocks Studios and lucky stud Foster gets to snap the dirty pix. The first dozen or so shots are of a clothed Hawke looking seductively into the lens. The next series of photos has Hawke seating bare-assed on the floor with is ultra-white Calvins bunched around his ankles while he strokes his slender dick.

Porn Star Brandon FalkeWatch on or Watch VOD
Underwear Fiend Brandon Falke
Hawke turns the tables and expresses a desire to photograph Foster - wearing Hawke's underwear. The look on Foster's face is priceless as he contemplates where this underwear swap is headed. Foster strips down, sliding his own Calvin's over an almost fully erect cock. The guys switch drawers, Foster giving Hawke's undies a healthy sniff before putting them on. Hawke slides on Foster's - perfect fit.

With his cock growing even stiffer in Hawke's underwear, Foster submits to the camera, helping Hawke fulfill his photo fantasy. Hawke can only get off a few clicks before he abandons the camera, drops to his knees and sucks Foster's cock through the leg of his own underwear. Stripping them off, Hawke stuffs the piss-stained material in Foster's mouth. He then spits on his palm and roughly jacks Foster's cock.

With Hawke on all fours, Foster slides the white Calvins partway over Hawke's hips before diving into his asshole. After some intense rimming, both model and photographer indulge in more cocksucking. It takes but a few forceful rubs of his cock against Hawke's exposed hole before Foster rubbers up and drives it home. But Joe Foster is a much more enthusiastic bottom slut than he is a top. Hawke gives it a go, doing everything he can to put a very happy Foster over the edge.

The finale to the scene is amazing. Foster and Hawke sit side by side, each jacking the others stiff cock. They don't touch themselves, but concentrate on getting each other off by hand. You'll have to find out for yourself who blows first, but the cumshots are spectacular.

The next underwear fantasy takes place in the storeroom of Falcon Studios. A curious Brendan Falke (Good As Gold) breaks into the boxes of T-shirts to try on the merchandise while on a break. Having the T-shirt on arouses him so much, he drops his pants and Calvins. With his underwear gathered around his lean thighs, he's eager to see how his erect cock will look with the T-shirt pulled over top. Prowling nearby, twink Jacob Hall cruises the stacks, spying on a masturbating Falke.

Falke strips completely nude and leaves piles of his clothing lying in a heap to wander around the warehouse in search of the next thrill. Hall comes out of hiding and goes right for Falke's sweaty underwear, holding the still-warm cotton directly to his nose, inhaling deeply. He furtively strips down and tosses his own underwear aside. Slipping on Falke's, Hall's enormous cock, at least ten inches if not more, makes the used underwear tent out obscenely.

Who wants Brenden Falke's underwear?
Falke returns and without doing a double-take, slips on Hall's abandoned underwear. It's impossible to know which of these two twinks has the hotter penis. Hall's is amazingly big and thick, jutting out a great distance from his bony hips. Falke's meat is not as long, but has considerable heft around the middle and much darker skin. The two guys masturbate side by side, their eyes glued to the others stiff meat.

They let their pricks duel within the confines of the underwear before freeing their monsters completely. The sight of Hall's donkey dick compels Latin boy Falke to worship on his knees. Hall also takes a turn on his knees before these studs figure out that lying on the floor and 69'ing will make everybody happier. Their nasty 69 includes some intensely erotic ass munching.

Falke's prick stays rock hard as Hall eases inch by inch inside of Falke. They fuck on the floor scissor-style before Falke mounts Hall and takes a ride. Not losing a beat, they switch, Hall's cock pointing skyward as Falke puts it to him. With his dark-skinned cock buried to the hilt in Hall, Falke jacks off his buddy. Hall cums explosively then helps Falke to do the same.

Bottoms trying on jock straps

Andrew Phillips, Trent Atkins and Jason Sizemore (Taggers) shoot the breeze in the breakroom when Casey Williams breaks up the party. Twirling a black jockstrap on his finger, he coyly asks which one of these three studs left the jock on the bathroom floor. Since no one will confess to the crime, Williams suggests that each one try the used jock on for size. Lanky and handsome Phillips goes first, standing up and stripping down with only the slightest smirk on his mug. While the black strap looks stunning against Phillips' pale skin, Williams isn't convinced of ownership.

Sean Storm rides Maxx DieselWatch on or Watch VOD
Sean Storm rides Maxx Diesel

Blond Atkins steps up and puts it on. And again, while it looks amazing, Williams is determined to see that jock modeled on all three guys. Sizemore is the last to don it. Only after admiring Sizemore does Williams confess that the jock indeed his own. Amused by Williams' little sex ruse, the three workers sit bare-assed admiring Williams as he slowly strips down and puts on his own black jock. Williams pumped circuit stud frame has all three younger dudes pulling on their puds while they watch the underwear show.

A heated fourway ensues - Atkins blowing a well-endowed Sizemore (even bigger than Jacob Hall if that's possible) while Williams makes out with pretty boy Phillips. After switching up a bit, Sizemore seats himself on a high countertop, making his thick dick available for group sucking. Williams, Phillips and Atkins all line up and take a turn. Williams, the oldest of the four, is the unquestionable cocksucking professional.

Soon Atkins finds himself bent over with Sizemore's prick stabbing at his guts. Atkins groans quite a bit but takes it like a pro, even managing to stay hard while his ass is literally plundered. Sizemore gets every inch buried. While he gets ass-banged, Atkins hungrily works over Phillips' puckerhole with his tongue, Williams looking on with envy.

Next, Williams opens up for Phillips, his sturdy muscular thighs trembling a bit while Phillips dicks him. Williams repeats what he's seen, eating Atkins' freshly-fucked hole with gusto while he's getting plowed. Sizemore works the Williams' cock while seated on the floor. After some incredible gay sex play, the four stand in a semi-circle and jerk off until they cum.

Inside a restroom stall while seated on the can, Sean Storm is hungrily lapping at the front of Joe Foster's jeans. He finally frees Foster's cock, giving it a healthy suck. Foster switches places with Storm and returns the favor. During a quick sex break, they notice Maxx Diesel (Cock Scene Investigators) entering the locker room to undress. Diesel doesn't know they're behind the stall door, but they certainly take advantage of the situation to watch the bald hunk strip down to his skivvies.

Caught by Maxx Diesel!

While Diesel is in the shower, Foster and Storm sneak out and incorporate Diesel's abandoned underwear into their play. Foster holds Diesel's smoky shorts to his nose inhaling deeply. Storm then takes the Diesel's underwear and smears their essence all over Foster's cock while he sucks it. Meanwhile, we get some spectacular views of muscular Diesel scrubbing down in the shower, teasing his pits, chest, thighs and hole with soap bubbles.

Storm and Foster are so engrossed in having sex using Diesel's undies, they fail to notice that Diesel stepping out of the shower. Catching them in the act, Diesel decides to make them his "towel", commanding them to "lick every drop of water" off his body. He grabs Storm by the back of the head, pulling him to his knees and into his crotch. Foster and Storm make a meal out of Diesel's hard frame, using their mouths to adore every exposed inch of Diesel's flesh. The two fiercely share Diesel's prick while Diesel continues to bark out orders.

Foster first rims the salt from his buddy's hole before diving into Diesel's freshly scrubbed pink pucker. Storm, not to be left out, tries to top Foster's rim job with one of his own. Diesel rests his head on the cold tile while Storm munches on butt. Foster goes back to work on Storm's backside in the meantime.

With everybody's asshole good and loose, Storm volunteers to take a ride on Diesel. Storm looks like he weighs about half of what Diesel does; with his hands firmly planted below Storm's ribs, Diesel maneuvers his little buddy up and down on his prick. Foster takes a crack at bottom boy Storm while Diesel leans against the lockers and masturbates inches from Sean Storm's face. Diesel delivers a nasty facial, just what Storm was hoping for. Foster follows suit dumping scum on Storm's chest.

You might find yourself rifling through your own underwear drawer and pulling out your favorite pair to hold onto while you watch this flick. Try Me On...For Size is extraordinarily well-done with authentic performances from the models and expert direction from Ms. Chi Chi, the best choice of director if you're going to make a flick about used dirty drawers.

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Try Me On...for Size (Jocks Pac 114) Photos:

Watching Trent Atkins blow Jason SizemoreWatch on or Watch VOD
Trent Atkins' buddies watch him blow Jason Sizemore
Try Me On For Size snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Try Me On For Size snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD

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