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Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH027
Alex Fuerte , Enzo Grimaldi , Fredrick Ford , , Jason Hawke , Kirk Ziegler , Marco Paris , , Ricky Martinez , Rik Jammer , , Troy Punk
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Hot House's Trunks series takes its first laps.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Everybody into the pool! Given the beautiful muscle studs on the DVD sleeve, porn star Kirk Ziegler and fellow exclusive model Alex Fuerte [Ram Tough], I could hardly wait to dive into Trunks, an exquisitely filmed poolside romp featuring the cream of Hot House's crop of male models. These are the kind of dudes you wish would hang out at your local public pool, instead of the out-of-shape schmos with three screaming kids in tow.

The opening sequence features an Italian superstud, exclusive to Hot House named Enzo Grimaldi. His first pit stop is the heated whirlpool where he uses his cupped palm to soak his own hairy pecs with water. He seems just about ready to slip off his swimgear and indulge in a little self-love when Kirk Ziegler arrives. Ziegler is no-nonsense, stepping out of his Speedos before joining Grimaldi.

After some heated kissing, Grimaldi goes right for the prize, devouring Ziegler's prick followed in short measure by some intense and glorious rimming. Since both of these models are the masculine ideal, guessing powerhouse would bottom was challenging. Turns out that Grimaldi is quite the bottom slut, and he gets his ass banged in a myriad of expertly filmed positions.

Jason Hawke's not wearing trunks

Frisky Fans fave porn star Owen Hawk (Owen Hawk Unleashed) can see the entire suck and fuck session unfold from his window, and he calls Jason Hawke over to check out the action. It's a shabby ruse, but it gets Hawk what he wants.

Before long, both men have dropped their terrycloth towels and abandoned what's going on outside in lieu of what's right in front of them. It's impossible to get tired of Jason Hawke's big 'ole butt, and Owen looks gorgeous with his face buried between the cheeks. While he rims, he strokes, and the camera pans between his legs to grab steamy snapshots of his thickening prick. After swapping intense blowjobs, they swap fucks. Make no mistake - Jason Hawke looks good, but Owen outshines him in both top and bottom roles. His versatility is showcased extraordinarily well in Trunks.

Enzo Grimaldo and Kirk ZieglerWatch on - Watch VOD
Enzo Grimaldo sits on Kirk Ziegler
Jason Hawke fucks Owen HawkWatch on - Watch VOD
Jason Hawke behind Owen Hawk

Marco Paris Takes a Dip

Thwarted by the rain, Marco Paris, spectacular in The Missing from Hot House, can't take a dip in the resort's pool. Forced to find alternative recreation, he lands smack in Jack Ryan's arms. Those of us who love watching extended blowjobs will be in pig heaven here. Marco makes himself at home on his knees and savors Ryan's long, thin prick for endless minutes.

He only stops long enough to shuck his pants down around his ankles so that the horny viewer at home can check out his humpy rump. Ryan certainly seems to be enjoying himself; he keeps one hand on the back of Paris' head and firmly metes out a sucking rhythm for his new buddy. Ryan momentarily indulges in a quick taste of Paris' ass before assuming the dominant role once more, shoving Paris' face against his shitter. Ryan rolls up onto his shoulder blades, and in this position, Paris has all the deep diving access he needs.Watching his tongue wiggle against Ryan's hole is definitely one of this film's highlights.

The camera finds porn star Shane Rollins masturbating outside by the pool, digitally giving his own pretty butt some intense self-love. From the look of things, Rollins could contentedly toy with his asshole and pull on his greasy cock for several hours without blowing his load. But when Troy Punk happens by and makes a move, Rollins quickly abandons teasing himself and invites Punk to play.

Alex LeMonde coaxes out the inner slut of Troy Punk. Troy, a delightfully furry model, may have reached a heady peak with his luscious performance in Manhunt: The Movie. Alex LeMonde skillfully managed to coax out Punk's inner slut in a way I haven't seen since. But Punk still turns in a fine performance with Rollins, rimming then fucking what has to be the hottest ass in porn. They happily flip-flop before unleashing some wicked cumshots.

Minding his own business, Frederick Ford (The Hard Way) just can't ignore the two beauties floating nearby (Ricky Martinez & Alex Fuerte). What ensues is a torrid threeway. Fuerte surprises everybody by dropping low and attempting to stuff his mouth with both men at the same time. He never manages to slurp down more than a few inches, but his attempt is fabulous to watch.

The trio forms a rim chain so everyone can get a taste of smoky hole. Then Fuerte surprises everyone again by inviting his buddies to bang his ass. When they take it inside to the bedroom, the make a fuck sandwich with Ford in the center. They lie side by side, rocking the bed. But before they blow their spunk, Martinez puts on a little show, sucking his own cock while the others gasp in amazement. They finish by leaning up against the headboard and jacking off together.

Trunks may not completely scratch the itch for pool play fetishists. However, the action is completely twink-free and the talent assembled here rivals that of Titan Media and Falcon Studios. The swimwear, models and locales all look fabulous and the sex, intense and sweat-soaked, is everything you'd expect from this studio. I can't wait for Trunks 2!

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Trunks Photos:

Hunks in Trunks

Shane Rollins in Trunks Shane Rollins Rik Jammer in Trunks Rik Jammer Ricky Martinez in Trunks Ricky Martinez
Owen Hawk in Trunks Owen Hawk Kirk Ziegler in Trunks Kirk Ziegler Jason Hawke in Trunks Jason Hawke

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