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Trunks 6

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH074
Bo Dean , Damien Stone , Gavin Waters , , John Magnum , Kyle King , , , Troy Daniels
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Trunks 6

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Steven Scarborough first articulated his attraction to hot men frolicking by the swimming pool, when working for Falcon Studios in the 1980's. This film became what is the now classic video Plunge, still a must-see for any fan of Joey Stefano and Lon Flex.

After establishing the successful Hot House Video studio in San Francisco, he helmed the company's into a new creative venture which continues the prototype video started by Plunge. It's the Trunks series. Now in it's sixth iteration, Scarborough proves that under his hand, this stuff never never gets old. What is the key element to the success of Trunks 6? One man: Kyle King. A living, breathing specimen of the perfect male figure, this playful sex hound has never looked better. He's an irresistible sexual potion, so drink up.

Coming in at a close second in importance to what's the big deal in this movie is Matt Cole, who has just returned from a lengthy sabbatical from the porn business. (We interviewed Cole in 2006.)

Send for Me in Summer

Matt Cole and Kyle King Watch on - Watch VOD
Kyle King and Matt Cole
JR Matthews and John Magnum in Trunk 5 Watch on - Watch VOD
JR Matthews below John Magnum
The movie's first is outstanding. Cole and King unite their exquisite bodies together in sweaty lust that roars from the minute Cole fucks King, continuing with them switching off so that King fucks Cole. It will be difficult getting through this in one sitting.

Their hook-up is simultaneously torrid and sensual. A brief cool-down in the swimming pool only serves to extend their stamina, culminating in Cole getting his tan skin hosed down with gobs of white sperm.

You wanna get wet? King was also in 2008's Trunks 5, which we found a little boring. Watch here and you will see how he's developed into a significantly more interesting performer. Having a scene partner like Cole also greatly helps.

The second episode keeps things going, this time by bringing together two dirty blonds - John Magnum and J.R. Matthews from Cruise Control. There's something powerful in the sight of Magnum, stretched out getting his dick sucked while wearing a pair of highway patrol sunglasses.

Matthews, who had just come off from a contract as a Titan Man exclusive, is a hot guy to watch get fucked. His expressive face and passive posture make him a fine bottom, a nice match to the friendly rutting style of Mr. Magnum. After this, Cole returns to the pool with a new friend, Troy Daniels. This tattooed cool drink of water is very tall, six foot two inches. His ass proves to be a perfect afternoon lodge for Cole's roving penis. It's is another great show from Cole, showing off again his tour de force skills as a top.

Hot Dogs by the Pool

Bo Dean (Score!) and Damien Stone decide to enlighten their afternoon pool side by chowing down on each other's dicks. Both turn in great sequences of dick sucking. They are then interrupted by the playful, returning King, who proceeds to turn their sex play into a moveable feast.

Standing above King, both Dean and Stone take turns face fucking him. King couldn't be happier.

King looks like he's in heaven getting fucked by the massive Dean, sporting massive muscles and shaven pubes. Stone exits, leaving by himself. The top pulls King into his grip with his massive arms, fucking him missionary. Finally Dean stands up, reaching his climax and explodes cum on the bottom beneath him. They kiss.

The movie isn't finished until Topher Dimaggio emerges from the water and shows off some impressive hand stand gymnastics in the green grass. Dimaggio's energies command the attention of Gavin Waters, whose been floating quietly in the pool. Dimaggio dives in and starts sucking him.

Their play escalates into a fine sexual finish with Dimaggio, as usual, performing his top man role on Waters. Is Dimaggio's single sexual role becoming boring? It's a worthy question, and for us, the answer is, no, it's not. Dimaggio here looks like he having a fine time fucking some good ass by the pool.

He not's looking bored, or going through the motions until he gets paid. He's a first rate sexual performer. And you will enjoy watching it.

Of course, if you join the Hot House Backroom, members can enjoy all of it, all day long. And who could possibly be averse to that?

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Trunks 6 Photos:

Matt Cole and Kyle KingWatch on - Watch VOD
Matt Cole explores Kyle King
John Magnum and JR MatthewsWatch on - Watch VOD
John Magnum dips into JR Matthews
Kyle King Three Way in Trunks 6Watch on - Watch VOD
Bo Dean, Kyle King, Damien Stone
Topher Dimaggio and Gavin WatersWatch on - Watch VOD
Topher Dimaggio tops Gavin Waters

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