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Trunks 4: White Heat

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH045
C.J. Madison , Christoph Scharff , Dak Ramsey , Francesco D'Macho , Nick Marino , Park Wiley , Thom Barron , Ty LeBeouf , ,
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Trunks 4: White Heat

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Absoultely dynamite!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Ty LeBeouf, one of the two beauties on the cover sleeve of Trunks 4: White Heat, has an ass worth rhapsodizing over. But he's only one of the reasons to get your paws on the latest installment in the Trunks series.

Particularly, viewers should not miss the top-drawer oral action between Francesco D'Macho and C.J. Madison, blowjobs so spectacular, they snagged this film a nomination for Best Oral scene for the 2008 GayVN Awards.

Intensely popular with swim-gear enthusiasts and those of us who just like Hot House men in general, the Trunks series capitalizes on all that California sun, bathing its models in gorgeous, golden light. And nobody films outdoor, poolside sex like Steven Scarborough.

The five scenes, mostly duos with a single threeway thrown in, follow the somewhat predictable pattern of previous Trunks installments. But the combinations of models are what sets this flick apart.

Francesco D'Macho Sexual Workhorse

Francesco D'Macho is the real workhorse in Trunks 4, appearing two scenes with two completely different guys. The very first encounter brings D'Macho together with Christoph Scharff, a tattooed wonder boy with deliciously creamy skin. In fact, it's the contrast between D'Macho's tan, hairier body and Scharff's that grabs the viewer's attention. Scarborough capitalizes on their obvious disparities, filming D'Macho coming up from behind, wrapping his bronzed arms around his buddy underneath the broiling sun. Given his milky complexion, Scharff's hole looks especially rosy - sweaty, pink, and delicious.

D'Macho has the good sense to give Scharff's butthole a thorough rimming, stopping only long enough to stick a few greasy fingers up Scharff's chute before the inevitable fuck. Able to give as good as he gets, Scharff finds a dry spot poolside and invites D'Macho to sit on his prick. In the end, the cumshots are outstanding, especially when a hot glob of D'Macho's spunk hits the tip of Scharff's nose. D'Macho's cream is hearty stuff, and his cum stays plastered on Scharff's schnoz while he works out his own load.

Vinnie Dangelo in Trunks 4Watch on - Watch VOD
Vinnie D'Angelo
Ty Lebeouf in Trunks 4Watch on - Watch VOD
Ty Lebeouf
Vinnie D'Angelo, another one of Hot House's hairy gems, mixes it up with Nick Marino (Manhunt 2.0 from Hot House). Here, Scarborough puts the focus on D'Angelo's shaved backside, directing D'Angelo park his bubble butt right onto Marino's upturned face. If you didn't appreciate D'Angelo's ass before, you will after seeing how Scarborough films this rim job.

C.J. Madison shines at sucking cock. C.J. Madison (Ari's Place) and Francesco D'Macho know how to tease. Before either guy lays a paw on the other, they face off in two separate chairs, each man eyeing up the other's basket (in couture swimwear, no less) while stroking his own. By the time they get to it, viewers are chomping at the bit. Now both men obviously like sucking cock, but it's Madison who really shines, using plenty of spit and making a big fuss over D'Macho's chewy foreskin.

Then D'Macho sits a bit uncomfortably in a lounge chair, pulls his knees to his chest to expose his rosebud. Madison has a field day fingering, licking, and toying with D'Macho's pretty chute. After Madison plows his buddy, Scarborough puts the camera lens on the ground, giving his models a target to aim for when they shoot their loads. Hot spunk spatters, giving the impression that their loads are closing the space between the models and the at-home viewer, cum landing directly on the viewers' faces.

While Tyler Saint and Thom Barron warm up to one another, Park Wiley takes a steamy beach shower. Wiley (Hard Studies) is one of those models that grows on you. He's gotten noticeably buffer since his MSR Releasing days (Sex Pigs), a real treat for the eyes.

He eventually joins the Saint/Barron duo, making it an impromptu threeway. Before Wiley joined the party, Barron was happy to bottom for Saint. But the two men immediately put Wiley to task, using him up until everybody gets off.

Ty LeBeouf and Dak Ramsey

Sadly, the viewer's patience is not rewarded adequately in the final vignette featuring Ty LeBeouf and Dak Ramsey. There's not nearly enough on-camera time given to LeBeouf's ass. Since Hot House prominently features LeBeouf on two DVD covers, in both instances, his sexy ass stuck directly in our faces, you think Scarborough would give viewers the gift of some close-ups while LeBeouf's rear is in motion. Ramsey is also guilty of being a bit neglectful, giving LeBeouf only a cursory rim job and finger fuck before doing the deed.

They eventually switch off, LeBeouf sliding into the top role. But even here, Scarborough has LeBeouf lie flat on a beach chair, Ramsey riding cowboy style. No footage of LeBeouf plowing Ramsey from behind, the globes his butt squeezing and flexing while he thrusts.

But these are minor complaints, truly. Each encounter Trunks 4: White Heat scorches the senses in Hot House's signature style.

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Trunks 4: White Heat Photos:

Ty LeBeouf and Dak RamseyWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf and Dak Ramsey
Dak Ramsey behind Ty LeBeoufWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf and Dak Ramsey
Francesco D'Macho fucks Christoph ScharffWatch on - Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho tops
Christoph Scharff
Francesco D'Macho and Christoph ScharffWatch on - Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho & Christoph Scharff
Tyler Saint and Thom BarronWatch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint peers into Thom Barron

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