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Trunks 2

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH033
Alex Collack , Brad Patton , Jason Kingsley , Jason Ridge , Justin Gemini , , , Omer , , Tony Mecelli , Trey Casteel
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Trunks 2

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Matt Cole and Jason Kingsley lead this sun-drenched extravaganza.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Steven Scarborough is the industry's undisputed authority on filming poolside sex. Going back to his classic 1987 Falcon flick Plunge, he's frequently returned to the theme relaxing by the shimmering water and checking out the colorful speedos on the guys, which easily leads to sexual frolic.

In this sequel to last year's popular Hot House porn video Trunks, towering blond Brad Patton arrives at the randy La Posada resort. Sexy Matt Cole catches an eyeful of him as he walks in, but instead quickly gets pulled into Jason Kingsley's spiderweb of sexual magnetism.

Like a moth to a flame, Cole moves towards Kingsley's nine and a half inch cock, working it over with his mouth. Kingsley (Ram Tough) pulls down Cole's swimsuit revealing his bare, smooth buns, primed for plucking. Perhaps the most memorable visual of Trucks 2 shows Cole's upturned ass, bathed in sunlight and spit, anxiously awaiting attention.

Cole works his snug ass across the length of Kingsley's monument. And if the scene couldn't get any hotter, Kingsley flips for Cole's own sizeable erection. Kingsley is clearly one of the sexiest versatile men in movies today, a perfect choice for Hot House's fantasy world of never-ending mansex.

He cums while getting plowed, spewing a torrent of jizz leaving his own belly a sticky lake. And Cole easily proves his own potency as well.

Jason Kingsley fucks Matt ColeWatch on - Watch VOD
Matt Cole and Jason Kingsley
Jason Kingsley fucks Jason RidgeWatch on - Watch VOD
Robert van Damme, Jason
Ridge and Jason Kingsley

Jason Kingsley's Encore

Of course Kingsley is not at all spent. The next episode shows him, Jason Ridge and Robert van Damme sunbathing in their speedos.

In this as in all other scenes, the camera indulges in long foreplay of glistening bodies wrapped in a richly hued swimtrunk. Soon the three guys are completely naked. They assemble themselves into an oral pyramid that resembles an icon of cock-worship. After getting on all fours for a delectable rimming daisy chain, Ridge has the pleasure of taking his friends' powerful cocks deep inside his manhole. Mixing things up a bit, Kingsley doesn't let Ridge have all the fun, easily taking van Damme up his muscular ass.

Watching Ridge unload with his legs spread getting pounded, followed with big money shots from the others, the viewer will be left equally exhausted.

Jason Kingsley comes back for more. After this, Nick Piston (At Your Service) relaxes on a raft in the pool. Tony Macelli's slow cock strokes pull him over, where the tattooed stud illustrates his champion deep throating abilities. Piston, a pure sexual animal, sits down on Macelli's pole, taking everything the sexy Italian dishes out. At one point, Piston bends himself into a ball on the ground, so Macelli drives him doggie style, the top's big balls flopping happily against Piston.

They both shoot hot money shots.

Later on, Justin Gemini waves his eleven inch phallus around. Like a long magnet, it draws out Alex Colleck, Trey Casteel (GRUNTS) and the remarkable Omer, an succulent Israeli bottomboy who started with Michael Lucas. (Auditions 5, Encounters)

Watching Omer eagerly take on the taller and hugely hung Gemini is mesmerizing. His deep throating skills are only matched by his own butt's sword-swallowing abilities. Next to them, Collack goes to town hammering butchbottom Casteel, creating their own excellent interplay. But the Gemini on Omer pairing stands out.

Another great shot shows Gemini standing tall, getting his dick sucked and his ass eaten, as Collack plows Casteel on his back. By any standard, this is one fine four-way.

Brad Patton Loses His Trunks

The movie finishes on an equally high note: Cole returns to find Brad Patton sunbathing by the pool. He finds that applying a little lotion gets Patton fully aroused. After blowing him, along with some more delicious rimming, Cole gets the daylights pounded out of him by his new friend.

Cole sings loudly with Patton's dick up his ass, so make sure that the volume is turned all the way on in order to enjoy every aspect of this great duet. Cole finishes this breathtaking anal invasion exhausted.

As night falls on the resort, Cole is shown washing himself down in the shower, marking the end of another day of pleasure in the world of Hot House.

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Trunks 2 Photos:

Hot House Hunks in Trunks

Omer in Trunks 2Watch on - Watch VOD
Matt Cole in Trunks 2Watch on - Watch VOD
Matt Cole
Jason Ridge in Trunks 2Watch on - Watch VOD
Jason Ridge
Nick Piston and Tony MacelliWatch on - Watch VOD
Nick Piston tastes Tony Macelli
Trunks 2 Four-WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Trey Casteel, Alex Collack,
Justin Gemini, Omer

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