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Trouser Trout (Monster Bang 15)

Michael Brandon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Dominic Sol , , , Ryann Wood , , , , ,
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Trouser Trout (Monster Bang 15)

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Dominic Sol Goes Fishing

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Where have all the Raging Stallion men gone to unwind? They've gone fishin'. And Trouser Trout is a really great catch.

Trouser Trout is based around a premise we have never seen before with a gay porn: guys meeting up at the lake for a fishing weekend. Director Michael Brandon's excellent concept depicts guys in male bonding situations that effortlessly create venues for the fuck buddy sides of their friendships, and all in an open and free outdoor setting.

Lures and bait bring nine guys together for the six scenes of Monster Bang sex. Everything is in the Brandon tradition of hard, hung tops slamming the asses of seemingly indefatigable, masculine bottoms. The scenes, three for each disc, are extended lengths, showing what these guys love doing what they do. The end result shows how good editing creates a solid movie lasting over three hours.

Antonio Biaggi in Trouser Trout Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Antonio Biaggi displays his trouser trout
After meeting at the bait shop, the guys head off to the lake. Of course the real buzz during this is all about "the new guy" that Derrick Hansen invited for the trip, box cover model porn star Dominic Sol.

The sex begins with an intense one-on-one opener, where Tyler Saint directs his man meat to the cute and furry R.J. Danvers (Road Trip 1: Russian River). Leave it to Raging Stallion to find yet another hot guy who begins to purr once something goes up his ass.

Saint, a commanding top, drills him with a spinning dildo. It is an excellent appetizer for Saint's rock hard dick, which he plunges into Danvers' furry butt in a hot sequence of hard ass slamming.

Their breathless orgasms lead to tender kissing in the afterglow.

Rise and Shine with Luke Hass

Early the next morning, the drip of the coffee maker calls Bo Matthews from Tailpipes out of bed. After taking a morning whizz off the deck of his cabin, ball cap cutie Luke Hass appears, a pair of binoculars in hand.

Matthews invites him inside for an early morning blowjob. Tight and trim, Hass wields a hot phallus, which he uses to open up Matthews' ass. Antonio Biaggi arrives from an early morning of fishing to their rutting. Standing naked, Biaggi's eleven inch cock is astonishing to behold. In a very hot sequence, Matthews jawbones Biaggi's cock as Haas finishes himself off.

Hass pulls out, and walks around to jack off his load onto the base of Biaggi's dick, while the bottom continues to suck it.

Haas exits, leaving Biaggi to serve Matthews a second sausage course for breakfast. Big and bald, Biaggi slams Matthews' ass as it hangs off the kitchen table.

This intense episode ends with Matthews cumming while getting pounded. Biaggi blows a white creamy load out of his tube steak onto the bottom's face, which he licks off with his tongue.

Dominic Sol Plays The New Guy

Next, Saint sinks his claws into "the new guy" Dominic Sol. Leaning against a giant tree, Saint enjoys Sol's sweet deep throating abilities. Appearing again, binocular boy Hass watches from afar, stroking himself, as the guys get it on with their jeans pulled half way down their legs.

Switching positions, Saint feasts on Sol's ripe ass. After preparing the newcomer's hole with his wet tongue, he pounds the daylights out of him to a chorus of moans. Sol's body shakes as he grips the tree.

The aggressive Saint flips Sol over pointing his buns directly up at him, where he plunges in for a full round of balls deep pumping. This scene is arguably one of the high points of the film, and leaves the viewer breathless for what comes on the second disc.

Trouser Trout Disc 2

A full day of fishing on golden pond leads to an evening of relaxing by a roaring campfire. R.J. Danvers sits back and watches Biaggi and Sol put on the show of all monster bang shows. Biaggi announces that he loves having sex outdoors. He then promptly stands up and drops his eleven incher out of his pants. He proceeds to forcefuly face fuck Sol, throwing around his low hanging balls in the process.

Naked and masturbating, Luke Hass is Binocular Boy. Danvers gets just as excited at watching the action as the viewer. He jacks himself off on the side, ultimately pulling out a fat dildo to sit on.

Sol rolls a condom around Biaggi's monster cock and sits on it, his ass eagerly consuming it all no muss no fuss. The bottom joyously rides atop him. The heat gets amazingly hotter as Sol lays on his back to receive an all out relentless ass hammering from the bald top.

After this, Matthews returns to get a grip on the other humongous member of the cast, Chad Hunt. Wearing a black jock strap, Matthews enjoys a long, wet tongue bath that opens him up for a wild ride on his buddy's big dick.

Binocular boy Haas returns yet again to scope out their butt fucking, this time playing with himself standing completely naked in the woods.

The tattooed Hunt drills Matthews deeply in the flat bed of a truck. His cock looks so big that it could go in from the back and still take out the bottom's tonsils.

Trouser Trout closes very nicely. Derrick Hanson arouses himself whilst listening to his MP3 player. Soon, he attracts the attention of bottom Ryann Wood, who eagerly bends over so that he can feel Hanson's fat cock head inside his ass. Their rowdiness ultimately lures, who else, Haas out of the woods and into their arms and legs.

The high point of the scene shows Hass screwing Hanson, who has his cock up inside Wood. Their rollicking three-way ends this fantastic fishing trip.

Raging Stallion has become an industry leader in high quality movies. The movie's wide screen format paints lush images of sex on the big television screen. Technically, everything from the sound to the lensing is top notch.

The film supurbly introduces newcomer tops Luke Haas and Antonio Biaggi into their movie line, as well as continues showing that Monster Bang movies are some of the best all out mansex movies available today.

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Trouser Trout (Monster Bang 15) Photos:

Chad Hunt fucks Bo Matthews Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Chad Hunt drills Bo Matthews
Tyler Saint and Dominic Sol Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tyler Saint grabs Dominic Sol
Trouser Trout Three-Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Derrick Hanson (left) Ryan Wood, Luke Hass
Dominic Sol bottoms for Antonio Biaggi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dominic Sol rides Antonio Biaggi
R.J. Danvers sitting background

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