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Tread Heavy

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1155
Benjamin Bradley , Blake Riley , Brock Armstrong , Jeremy Bilding , Johnny Hazzard , Nelson Troy ,
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Tread Heavy

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Leather Boots Love Story

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chi Chi LaRue brings Benjamin Bradley back before the Rascal Video cameras for Tread Heavy, a nicely done plunge into one man's obsessive dreams and fantasies over a pair of black leather boots.

Much like how the now cult 1990s movie Leather Jacket Love Story depicted one twink's contact with a man's leather jacket, magically transporting him off to new fantasies, Bradley makes the same associations here. He begins the film describing the occasion where he watched a guy getting fucked wearing such gear, and the intense impression that it makes on his mind.

Bradley spends the first half of the movie prowling through a sex club - which conspicuously looks like The Zone in L.A. to us. Peering over a wall, he spies Brock Armstrong laying back in a sling, his legs spread apart and the boots pointed up towards heaven, directly into Bradley's face. Here's his first association with the boots.

Nelson Troy and Benjamin Bradley Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Nelson Troy sucks Benjamin Bradley

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Armstrong proceeds to get hot and heavy with Johnny Hazzard in what is arguably one of the hottest episodes of the year. Hazzard seems to be coming around full circle in his film career. The now-major porn star was drawn into hot sex at a sex club back in Rascal's very first star vehicle for him in 2003 for What Men Do.

The sex between Hazzard and Armstrong is blistering, full of frenzied sucking, intense touching and rubbing all reaching the heights of masculine ecstasy. No wonder this made such an impression on Bradley!

Armstrong face-fucks Hazzard's mouth at length. This is followed by some great sex showing the bald top hammering Hazzard's ass in several hot positions. Congratulations to both guys, who genuinely appear very turned on here. The heat blazes off the screen, hitting the viewer as well. Armstrong jacks Hazzard off while fucking him, leaving him coated in hot cum.

He fucked with his boots on

Bradley plays the role of voyeur a second time when he encounters Blake Riley (now retiring!) getting it on with a randy fellow named Rod Daily, a frequent Jet Set man. For this movie, Daily has shaved the hair on his head. He begins by attacking Riley with his curvaceous cock from all angles. (Note: This is one of our favorite Rod Daily videos)

In an impressive bit of gymnastics, Riley stands upside down on his hands balanced against a wall, as the two guys vigorously sixty-nine. LaRue indulges in some creative camera work here as Riley continues to balance himself against the wall, but with his pretty little legs spread apart, getting fucked by Daily.

Riley continues holding himself through a rigorous set of positions during their mating session, which clearly turned into a real work-out for the stunning stud. He easily cums while riding Dailey in his lap.

At this point, Bradley decides to cross-over from watcher to participant. He meets newcomer Nelson Troy, a "darker version of me," masturbating behind the bars of a caged area. The two guys strut their pride in front of each other, both wearing jock straps. Troy is also wearing a pair of the magic boots.

Troy is a fascinating new figure, very well built, and a great match for Bradley. They kiss and suck each other ravenously, followed by Bradley strutting his own top man stuff on his newfound friend.

The sex club's cage is on a raised platform, making Troy's hairy butthole perfectly level for fucking. After ramming Troy's butt in several positions, many acrobatic as in the previous episode, Bradley shoots his load onto the leather footwear.

The ejaculation ritual gives Bradley an ownership of the leather boots. (Or perhaps, now the boots own him?) He walks down the stairwell, and into the bright light. Out of this light, steps Rascal Video's latest exclusive model Jeremy Bilding.

These two end up having a rousing sex session on the stairs. Here Bilding probes and licks Bradley's baby-smooth butt, which he then screws in a hot standing doggie position. At several points, the camera shows Bradley watching himself getting fucked in the wall mirror. Clearly turned on, he cums buckets while riding Bilding's fuck stick.

Instead of passing the torch, here is an example of where porn stars transfer careers by passing pairs of hot leather boots. Tread Heavy works very nicely as a dark, sex club flick which gives nice treatment to sexy clothing and other garments. The sexual action is quite good, especially seeing Hazzard getting plowed hot and heavy in a sling. The film is a nice vehicle for Bradley, and his fans will enjoy seeing him often wearing his pair of fashionable glasses too.

The behind the scenes on the DVD includes some nice chats with Bradley, Riley, Armstrong and LaRue.

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Tread Heavy Photos:

Brock Armstrong and Johnny Hazzard Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Brock Armstrong enjoys Johnny Hazzard
Watching Johnny Hazzard Benjamin Bradley observes
Johnny Hazzard & Brock Armstrong
Jeremy Bilding and Benjamin Bradley Jeremy Bilding tops Benjamin Bradley

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