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Matt Cole and his work buddies lose their exit, forced to explore alternatives.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I'm having a difficult time finding a downside to being trapped underground with a bunch of Mustang models. Still, the strapping hunks in Trapped: Parts 1 and 2 have got their collective panties in a considerable bunch over the whole situation. The power grid has shorted. Cell phones don't work. The elevator is no longer an exit. Might as well settle in for the night and fuck.


Blame it all on Nick Mazzaro. He's the schmo who decides to play Mr. Fix It when all signs point to danger. Trying to shut off the power grid knocks this humpy fucker out cold, giving his co-workers Mark Hansford and Michael Soldier from The Dirty Director a ripe opportunity. Much like a sleeping Matt Ramsey in Cousins, Mazzaro is seemingly unaware that Hansford and Soldier have got their mouths all over his Italian sausage. Maybe it's the jolt of electricity, but Mazzaro has a hard-on that just won't quit, even when his buddies slip a condom on it and go to town. He finally comes to and takes his revenge, fucking both men vigorously.

Brad Rock, gay porn's most notorious gay-for-pay model, turns in another lukewarm performance in the second scene. He's eager to show his co-worker, Derek Foster, just how butch he is when he's pissed off. Foster takes the bait, provoking Rock just hoping to be turned into a live cum rag. Their scuffle sends a large dildo flying from a toolbelt, which Foster is then forced to anally accommodate. Foster says thank you for the anal assault by rimming Rock, blowing him, then squatting over his piece and taking a ride. Foster has huge pecs which have just enough jiggle. Rock uses them at a target when he finally blows his wad.

Derek FosterWatch on or Watch VOD
Derek Foster
Matt ColeWatch on or Watch VOD
Matt Cole
Burly man Mike Grant is the last one you'd expect to bring sex toys to work, but like Foster, he's packing plastic in his lunch pail, then does his best to convince Kent Larson that it's his wife's. Larson's not having any of it, but he seizes the opportunity to seduce Grant.

Kent Larson never met a cock he didn't like.
In typical Kent Larson style, he strips his faded jeans off and exposes his hungry hole to Grant, who summarily licks, fingers, and massages it until Larson's panting for dick. First, he takes on Mrs. Grant's dildo. Loose and ready - Kent Larson has never met a cock he didn't like - he lets Grant have his way. Grant hasn't turned in a performance this juicy since tangling with Blu Kennedy in Tough Guys, and Larson, with his muscular buttcheeks, never fails to arouse.

Elsewhere, Brad Rock (Cowboy Rides Again) needs to take a leak - bad. Since his access to the loo is blocked during the blackout, buddy Joey Milano coyly suggests that he empty is bladder right there into his lunch cooler. Rock knows something's up the minute he whips it out and starts pissing; Milano just can't manage to keep his eyes on his own business. He takes a risk and squats to give his co-worker head.

And just when he's getting into the swing of it, he's interrupted by Mike Grant, Derek Foster & Darren Phillips. Suddenly it's a sex party and men split up in various pairs and trios, killing time until the power is restored. There's quite a few eager bottoms in the pack (Phillips, Foster & Milano) who seem to get off on being watched fucking like monkeys. Milano (Arabesque) steals the show here, giving a spit-sloppy performance that really sets off sparks.


Having escaped, Brad Rock now has a story to tell. The viewer gets little snippets of Trapped: Part One while Rock brings Todd Maxwell up to speed on what it was like being stuck at a construction site with no power or place to piss. Seeing an opportunity to create a little sexual mischief, Maxwell hatches a plan. He makes the rounds, sealing doors, hiding cell phones, and shutting down power hoping that a new crew of constructions workers will be gullible enough to panic during this self-made lockdown.

His deviant plan comes off without a hitch. His co-workers find themselves trapped with no easy way out and lots of time to kill. Matt Cole, hands down the hottest fucker in both parts of Trapped, finds himself being soothed by blondie Darren Phillips. Cole has had much sexier partners (At Your Service) but it's easy to focus in on Cole and ignore Phillips, especially when Cole is getting a rim job.

Brad Rock tops Derek FosterWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Rock tops Derek Foster
Kent Larson and Mike GrantWatch on or Watch VOD
Kent Larson and Mike Grant
Cole's ass is the reason to invest time with Trapped - his muscular rear and pouty cherry are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Cole keeps his hardhat on the entire he's getting his ass eaten, at one point exposing his luscious armpits when the tongue against his shitter puts him over the top. Cole bottoms better than he tops, but when he strips off his wife beater and fucks Phillips in this scene, you can't help but marvel at his nearly perfect physique, handsome face, and aggressive sex vibe.

Hairy Parker Williams (Down Right Dangerous) and gay-for-pay Ben Campezi take their frustration and turn it into something worthwhile. When Campezi mouths off, Williams ropes him from the ceiling and effectively has his way with the chunky European. Hands tied, Campezi can't fight off Williams when he strips him out of his filthy jeans and exposes his cock by force. He also can't turn away when Williams busts into his personal space for a sloppy kiss. But Campezi quickly warms up to Williams' touches and quickly becomes an out-and-out participant.

With Campezi in the middle of a nasty rim job, Cole comes on the scene, fresh from his encounter with Phillips. Cole brings considerable zing to the scene, and the intensity raises yet another notch when Mark Hansford sidles up as well. While Williams and Cole stand three or four feet above on scaffolding, Hansford and Campezi suck then rim their co-workers respectively, all before the fucking starts. The novelty of the scene here may be watching straight Campezi get fucked, but thankfully Cole finally finds himself in the middle of a fuck sandwich, dicking Campezi while Parker dicks him, decidedly stealing all the fuck focus. When everything is tallied up, Williams is the only one not giving up his hole during the forced lockdown.

Matt Cole dings Ben CampeziWatch on or Watch VOD
Matt Cole dings Ben Campezi
Muscular Trey Casteel (Hard Cops 2) convinces Brad Rock that a blowjob will make the time go faster. Any porn viewer worth his salt already knows what Rock will and won't do when it comes to gay sex, so the scene is thankfully saved from total ruin when Mick Powers stumbles on Casteel's blowjob and puts his cock alongside Rock's for sucking. Powers epitomizes the hairy muscle bear with his stocky build, sensual beard and gruff approach to sex. He shines when they form a rim chain and Casteel's hole gets a servicing he's not likely to forget anytime soon. Powers is gorgeous getting tag teamed and when he cums, he makes quite a gooey mess.

A blowjob makes the day go faster.
In the final scene, Todd Maxwell sees his plan come to fruition. He's quickly put into oral service at the feet of Kyle Lewis and Dan Rider, another tough muscle bear. Maxwell is the stud to watch here - his eyes sparkle while he gets exactly what he wants. And between sucking face with Rider and running his tongue between Lewis' cheeks, he's in hog heaven. Rider soon becomes the fulcrum of the threeway, Maxwell soaking his hole with spit while Lewis blows him. The scene hits its high point when Maxwell gets to be the ass-whore that he really is, encouraging his buddies to fuck him with gusto.

If you can put aside the logical flaws in the plot (no one thinks to pull the fire alarm or use an emergency phone?) the sex smokes. Matt Cole is the construction worker to start with, as he's clearly building a career in the skin trade.

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Trapped Photos:

Trapped snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
The Five-Way
Joey Milano opens for Mike GrantWatch on or Watch VOD
Joey Milano opens for Mike Grant

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