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Trapped in the Game (Harry Louis)

Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment  
Aaron Mark , Adam Killian , Carsten Anderson , Giuseppe Pardi , Harry Louis , Hugo Martin , , Rob Nelson
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Trapped in the Game (Harry Louis)

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Jonathan Agassi discovers all the world's a stage.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Lucas continues to reach over into Europe to yield fantastic results.

Trapped in the Game tells the story of the "retirement" of porn star Jonathan Agassi, one of Lucas' recent choice finds from Israel who has studded many of the studio's films for the past year and a half. The film's story begins Agassi without warning resigns from his job for Michael Lucas, sort of like the "Number Six" character in the ITV television series The Prisoner. Agassi's announcement is via telephone, and that he's off to pursue his future happiness in Berlin. The porn star soon realizes that he must successfully play a frustrating game devised by an unknown force, if he's to ever going to be able to permanently say "Ich bin Berliner."

Another important think to note here is the element of anticipation for this video because this it is Lucas' first film foray into Germany's capital city, which is has recently become of the the Planet Earth's most famous place for open attitudes towards gays, coupled with a vibrant resonance for torrid sex. Needless to say, everyone should be wondering what Mr. Lucas will do with all this untapped potential sexual material.

The answer is quite a lot. The movie's four sex scenes are first class, using a fantastic combination of cross-culture masculine models set around visions of urban Berlin.

Harry Louis and Hugo MartinWatch on Lucas Entertainment or Watch VOD
Hugo Martin sucks Harry Louis
Admittedly, some of the guys have trouble talking through Nate Macnamara's script, but that's ok, it's porn. The movie starts with Agassi awakening naked in the city's main Alexanderplatz. He finds some clothes in a nearby sack, and ends up at the flat of Adam Killian. Killian's porno career has recently really taken off. (He's also recently been seen stalking Steven Daigle, although here he's much better.)

Opening the door Killian is poised, ready and waiting for Agassi: Naked except for wearing a pair of tighty whities inscribed with the words FOR YOU. The guys fall into a frenzied orchestra of kissing, spitting and fucking. Their back and forth flip-flop fuck thunders with a chorus of grunts, mixed with pawing and body heaving that ultimately crashes into a true Wagneresque crescendo.

Killian blasts a huge load into Agassi's open mouth. Watching their sex is like a whole new Götterdämmerung.

A United Germany

Next, Agassi gets chased out of a parking garage by two sinister men in black, Carsten Andersson and Aaron Mark. Once their their prey escapes and they are by themselves, they move to a private area of the garage in order to fill the ensuing void with physical body delights.

Pale skinned and fair haired, these Aryan studs fuck up a storm in what in another one of the movie's breakneck paced flip flops. The transcendental fuckfest is punctuated with Mark's massive butt raised high in the air taking his buddy's equally matched pummelling from a variety of angles.

Smooth skinned, as opposed to the more commonly popular hirsute look, these wrestling beauties reach their milky climax punctuated with Andersson's eye-popping waterfall money shot that rains down onto his naked friend.

Director Lucas takes the film to sexually higher levels in the second half. Agassi finds himself in a torrid three-way with dreamy Italian Giuseppe Pardi and Rob Nelson, a Hungarian hunk we've not seen in anything for the past few years. (The excellent sports video Score from High Octane back in 2005) We are happy to report that he's matured into a picture perfect muscle stud.

Pardi, an unforgettable Lucas Kazan discovery (see Daniel and His Buddies), eagerly gives up his body to the ravenous Agassi and generous Nelson. At one point Nelson sits his massive ass onto Agassi's probing tongue for a full-on ass eating.

Radiating enthusiasm, Agassi clearly can barely wait to slide his dick inside Pardi's supple, smooth body. He plows Pardi with such intensity, poor Nelson almost gets forgotten. He does get in a memorable sex sequence fucking Agassi whose still got his dick inside Pardi. After this, Nelson fucks the Italian which culminates with all the guys cumming into each other's mouths. [FriskyNews Blog: Guiseppe Pardi Cannot Speak English]

Harry Louis: Bright lights, big penis

The movie's sexually climactic scene comes fourth and last. It's a barn burner of a one-on-one between frequent Kristen Bjorn model Hugo Martin (Inside Israel) and Harry Louis, one of the most intoxicating, powerful up and coming porn stars performing today. This is not an understatement. The Brazilian-born stud lives in England, and has already been making magic with UKNakedMen. His svelte looks burn a hole in the screen, or maybe it's just his dreamy eyes.

Possessed with a playful grin that starts their foreplay off on a lighthearted note, he's soon relaxing back enjoying an enthusiastic blow job from Martin, who expertly handles his fat, long cock.

Louis fucks him at length, taking the show on a climactic scene that viewers will have trouble getting through in one sitting.

Michael Lucas' recent excursions into continental Europe have been some of the most exciting events in gay porn. Trapped in the Game is no exception. The director's skilled hand guiding these familiar European beauties through the Lucas Entertainment set breathes new life into the genre, combining elements of the European art film with classic American-style sexual hedonism.

Fans can watch the entire Lucas Entertainment library at Lucas Entertainment.

NOTE: The DVD's Behind the Scenes features candid chat with Jonathan Agassi and his father, as well as some chit-chat with Harry Louis and Hugo Martin.

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Trapped in the Game (Harry Louis) Photos:

Trapped in the Game Three WayWatch on Lucas Entertainment | Watch VOD
Jonathan Agassi and Rob Nelson lather Giuseppe Pardi
Jonathan Agassi and Adam KillianWatch on Lucas Entertainment | Watch VOD
Adam Killian behind Jonathan Agassi
Aaron Mark and Carsten AnderssonWatch on Lucas Entertainment| Watch VOD
Aaron Mark sucks Carsten Andersson
Harry Louis and Hugo MartinWatch on Lucas Entertainment| Watch VOD
Harry Louis behind Hugo Martin

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