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Training Camp

Phil Vegas
Jet Set Men  
Chris , Dave , Don Camillo , Erik Finnegan , Paolo Cortez , Pierre Luigi , Roger , Tag Eriksson , Ted Colunga , Timothy Hard , Tony Princeton
Euro-Muscle GuysAthletes / Sports

Training Camp

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Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez train in Europe

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans of hot muscleguys will enjoy Jet Set's Training Camp, which packs seven scenes into two hours of sexplay with many of Hungary's finest. Filmed in Europe, Jet Set has flown in several studly American models as well to participate in the athletic fun. This adds a refreshing variation to the large number of Euro-muscle guy dvd's which continue to pour out of the former Austria-Hungarian Empire.

The movie describes the story of a group of international athletes, ostensibly training for the Olympics. Their crafty, long-haired coach (Erick Finnegan) hands them a blue water bottle after their workouts, which has been spiked with a mysterious love elixir. Gee, and it makes them crave mansex almost immediately!

The film does have some odd editing choices, and honestly, if you want to see a really hot movie about European guys sports training watch Young Men in Training.

Anyways, for now the movie starts with the fully ripped Ted Colunga wrestling with the spunky blond Timothy Hard. After drinking out of the nasty bottle, they suck each other's hefty hardons through their shorts. Unfortunately, just when they seem to get started, they are jacking out their money shots.

Erik Finnegan and Timothy Hard Watch Now
Erik Finnegan and Timothy Hard
Fortunately Hard appears in a later scene, but the quick end sure makes the viewer feel cheated. HOWEVER, the following scene is one for the record books!

Amerikaner Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez waste little time pulling their plump, fat erections out of their Adidas shorts. They kiss an rub each other's bodies until Eriksson gets on his knees to jawbone Cortez's thick dick. Filmed in a gym, they make use of the situation by hanging back on a balance beam, and particularly when Eriksson gets his hairless hole split wide open on raised platform.

Eriksson twists his lanky frame into a high arch as Cortez hammers him from behind. Who knew this Scandinavian could perform so well as a bottom? He covers his chest with his spooge, followed by Cortez, who in a very hot moment pulls right out and easily coaxes out his sizzling latino manjuice.

Fans of these two should also see their imaginative, arousing one-on-one in the Wash West directed Jet Set: Take One.

More athletes continue experiencing that strange, sexual desire after training. Outdoors at the track, beefy Pierre Luigi gets it on with the mononamed brunet Dave. Slimmer and with pale skin, Dave is a real hottie. They walk together over to a nearby glade for an arousing flip-flop screwing session. Feeling Dave's plump ass, Luigi slides his cock inside. In a hot camera angle, Dave gets his netherregion explored with one leg extended up high, hanging off a metal fence.

Of course, one good turn deserves another. Dave takes his hard dick around to a bent-over Luigi to give him more of the same. Their al fresco frolic ends with them shooting their money shots onto each other.

Next, trainer / coach Erik Finnegan barks as Timothy Hard does sit-ups. Finnegan gives Hard a taste of the bottle, and he's quickly all ready for sex. Hard throws an energetic screw to Finnegan's hot, smooth ass. They jack off their loads lying side by side.

Jonathan Collins begins training with Tod Princton

The next scene is another one of the movie's high moments, particularly because it features the return of Jonathan Collins / Dalton Labda (billed here as Roger), who hasn't done many movies lately. (We loved Biker's Bang) His big, uncut sausage gets sunk into the buns of investigative journalist Tod Princton. Princton wants to scoop the scandal with the magic blue bottle, but instead get his ass plowed by the hotter-than-ever looking Collins.

They enjoy an arousing sex session in the gym, however it would have been even better had we seen some more closeups of the top's fabulous cock.

Next is a solo break by the sultry brunet Chris. Chris enjoys himself in the watery realm of two bathtubs, caressing his pecs and washing his ass. His uncut cock is nice, about average sized...but small when compared to the size of his massive arms. He lays back in a tub full of shamrock green bathwater and jacks off.

Then final scene of the movie pairs the roving journalist Princton with veteran muscletop Don Camillo. Camillo is a straight-looking guy with finely formed abs and a body that obviously gets gym attention on a regular basis. Princton dreams of himself being dominated by the bigger hunk. After working out naked, Princton approaches. Soon Camillo's erection is pointing straight into Princton's smooth buns.

Princton is a hot bottom to watch receiving it doggie. And Princton gets exactly what he wants, which is to get fucked by a straight guy.

Despite some uneven moments, Training Camp has some hot action, including an five star performance from Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez. With seven scenes, cutting the first oral-only episode would have helped overall. Overall, it is a nice combination of Hungarian hunks, with some USA boys sprinkled in like paprika. We look forward to the sequel.

Training Camp Photos:

Tag Eriksson and friend in Training CampWatch Now
Tag Eriksson and Timothy Hard in Training Camp
The cast of Training CampWatch Now
The Cast of Training Camp

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