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Tough Stuff

Michael Clift
Hot House Entertainment   HH044
, C.J. Knight , Francesco D'Macho , Jessie Balboa , Kai Grant , Kevin Armstrong , ,
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Tough Stuff

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Strap on your toolbelts, men.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Strap on your toolbelts, men, and whip out those slide rules. Hot House has constructed a blue-collar fuck flick that will have you blowing your load faster than you can say "erector set". Headed by porn star Vinnie D'Angelo, Tough Stuff's cast of Hot House hotties might actually pass as a real construction crew, albeit one in West Hollywood. But think twice before hiring these studs to remodel your house as they obviously spend more time fucking than spackling.

C.J. Knight in particular is having difficulty focusing on his work, continually peering over his shoulder to stare at Kevin Armstrong. Armstrong gets the message, drops his trowel and heads over to help Knight strip down. Knight's biceps are so puffed up with muscle, that the two of them actually have trouble getting Knight's left arm out of the sleeve. But when you're this horny to suck dick, clothes will come off and come off quickly. Armstrong almost seems to be grinning to himself over his good fortune, giddy when hunky Knight makes a feast of his cock.

Tyler Saint and Francesco D'Macho Watch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint & Francesco D'Macho
Dropping to the dusty floor to return the favor, Armstrong's now spit-slick cock continues to stand at attention while he gets a taste of his coworker. Besides Arpad Miklos' uncut whammy, Armstrong probably has the prettiest cock in Tough Stuff, not too big, definitely not small, and just thick enough to give a junior cocksucker a challenge. Armstrong's workday continues to improve; Knight pants and growls to be fucked, practically sitting himself in Armstrong's eager lap.

When Mr. D'Angelo steps onto the worksite, he looks right at home, the poster boy for blue collar. He's come to supervise Kai Grant, an average Joe who seems eager to please his boss. Grant puts down his paint brush and pops D'Angelo into his mouth, looking up from the floor and ever so slightly batting his eyes up at his buddy while he works the bone.

What makes these two a perfect fit is that neither one is excessively "manscaped" - their bushes, balls, and backsides are naturally hairy, un-fussed with. Grant's fuzzy hole is a taste treat for D'Angelo; he licks and sucks Grant's ass like a man with a purpose. And all the workbenches lying around the site come in handy, giving Grant something to cling to while D'Angelo plows him from behind. D'Angelo is an aggressive top, keeping Grant flush with the wall or pinned to the floor while he takes what he wants.

Inviting Francesco D'Macho for Sex

The least blue collar duo in Tough Stuff is Tyler Saint matched with Francesco D'Macho.

Both men are too clipped and tan to be convincing as grubby movers, but it hardly seems to matter once the sex begins. D'Macho certainly clatters about like he knows what he's doing however, rocking and banging behind a washing machine, channeling the Maytag repairman. Saint is totally turned on, rubbing himself while D'Macho tinkers. He gets pretty bold, whipping out his prick and jerking it while watching his coworker sweats and bangs on the appliance.

It's an open invitation that (thankfully) D'Macho accepts, abandoning his tools and focusing on Saint's. Later, it seems as if D'Macho can't wait to roll onto his back and expose his asshole to his buddy. It's a hot hole indeed, and Saint dutifully fingers, slaps, and rubs to get D'Macho's rosebud to open. After getting fucked, D'Macho's cumshot is so gorgeous that director Michael Clift replays it immediately, but from a different angle.

Arpad Miklos and Vinnie D'Angelo are just closing up shop for the day, capping their buckets of spackle and closing their toolboxes when the new carpet is delivered (Jesse Balboa - Mister Fister). With a conspiratorial wink, D'Angelo literally grabs Balboa by the seat of his workpants and pushes him onto his knees. It's a brief, but intense encounter, Miklos and D'Angelo tag teaming the unsuspecting delivery guy, one patiently waiting for the other to finish using Balboa's ass before digging in himself.

It's odd to cap a flick like this with a solo, but the folks at Hot House are banking that Vinnie D'Angelo, the real workhorse of Tough Stuff, can keep the viewers' rapt attention.

D'Angelo must have turned on the right folks over at GayVN; his self pleasuring is now nominated for a 2008 GayVN award for best solo performance. When D'Angelo finds a girl-on-girl pussy rag attached to the back of his inventory spreadsheet, he just can't help but drop everything, strip out of his gritty work clothes, and have a wank.

The skin mag provides the spark of inspiration, and he quickly tosses it aside and concentrates on the feel of his own body, his own throbbing prick. D'Angelo is smartly filmed from below, making his meaty pecs and heavy thighs seem that much more powerful as he works out a heady load. He drops his spunk on the floor, a nice ending to this compact blue collar fuck flick.

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Tough Stuff Photos:

Tyler Saint and Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint behind Francesco D'Macho
Arpad Miklos, Jessie Balboa, Vinnie D'AngeloWatch on - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos, Jessie Balboa, Vinnie D'Angelo
Tyler Saint fucks Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Tyler Saint tops Francesco D'Macho
Vinnie D'Angelo and Jessie BalboaWatch on - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos, Vinnie D'Angelo, Jessie Balboa

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