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Tough as Nails

Taurus Dean
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Huessein , J.D. Kollin , Manuel Torres , , Randy Manroot , Rick Gonzales , Sean Harris , Steve John , Taurus Dean
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Tough as Nails

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Taurus Dean hits the bulls eye

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of the nice things about Raging Stallion Studios is that it effectively works as a talent incubator that mints new film directors who bring exciting, hot porn to general release. The studio was where Michael Brandon began directing movies (Hard as Wood), as well as nurturing Ben Leon's impressive opening shot Manhattan. The studio even released my now-missed friend Andy Dill's hot flick Bedrock.

Taurus Dean first appeared in Monster Bang's hot selling Pokin' in the Boys Room, a sex crazed Frenchman who has a nice on screen interview in the DVD extras. They've now pulled out the director's chair for him, and the result is riveting. Running at over two and a half hours, viewers will enjoy a rock solid, arousing film that ripples with the hairy bodies, sexy real men that fans of Raging Stallion have come to know and love.

J.D. Kollin Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
J.D. Kollin
The film opens with Francois Sagat quietly sanding down a table. Rick Gonzales (Party in the Rear), always an absolute pleasure to watch in action, arrives to personally take strip down Sagat's amazing ass like a piece of finely carved furniture.

Gonzales spends a lengthy time sanding down his friend's hole with his smooth, sliding tongue. Sagat bent over holding his own ass cheeks apart has become one of the memorable visuals in a whole array of 2006 movies. This coupling practically shoots this film right into orbit from the very start.

Gonzales's long cock has the best time exploring and ramming Sagat from every angle. And naturally the bottom loves every minute of it.

Sagat cums while getting plowed, followed by Gonzales squirting out a big wad of his latino man cream to the sounds of his own moans.

After this, Michael Vincenzo takes a break from the work bench to test the viscosity of a bottle of lube. Naked and posing, he works his cock over nicely, his well formed pecs staring down along with his face at his cock. It's nice to see the returning Vincenzo after Manifesto.

Stripping out of his pants, he gets down to business, showing off his puckered hole to the camera, and running his hands over his body until his cock stiffens fully so it can release its highly anticipated load.

The film reaches another high point by combining Steve John and Randy Manroot with J.D. Kollin, one powerful bottom with two very powerful tops. Kollin (Escape from San Francisco) is a Raging Stallion Exclusive who as a top really is the total package.

J.D. Kollin is a powerful bottom. The three-way begins with a full round of the men hungrily sucking each other's cocks. Vicious pole swallowing culminates with a first round of money shots including an unending sperm gusher out of Kollin's long pole.

Their trinity concludes with John getting plowed by both guys in a non-stop sequence of nailing.

After this fans of hairy man Hussein will swoon over his anal conquering of Sean Harris, one of Raging Stallion master power-bottoms (Hole Sweet Hole). Watching Harris work his ass is just as wild as wachin Hussein work his cock. The combination is a combustible display of relentless high speed ass-hammering.

At this point, the movie slips in a solo jerk-off sequence starring Sagat. As always, he's captivating to watch, no matter alone or with others. His fans will enjoy watching the similarities in how he masturbates by comparing this vignette to his solo in Manhattan.

Manuel Torres fucks the director

The final episode of the film is a real nail biter. Director Taurus Dean, who has some nice artwork on his back, goes in front of the camera to get naked with Manuel Torres. For the beginning of his fantastic blowjob, Torres wears his sleeveless undershirt.

After everyone is completely naked, Torres rims his director, who happily keeps his cheeks spread while getting rimmed. Taurus, a bottom who also works his own ass, receives a first-class screwing on a worktable. Taurus stays hard while getting fucked.

Torres is unquestionably a first-class top, taking the bottom through every possible position, looking at some points like he is trying hard not to cum. They both do cum, followed by a second outstanding round of anal action.

Torres' scenes impressively continue to get better and better. Did Taurus happen to select Torres as his dreamtop?

For a maiden voyage from the film's director, Tough as Nails is impressively polished. Studded with standouts like Francois Sagat and Manuel Torres, it is easy to see how Raging Stallion hammers out such fine movies every year.

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Tough as Nails Photos:

Huessein and Sean Harris Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Huessein behind Sean Harris
Tough as Nails Three Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Three Way: Randy Manroot, J.D. Kolin, Steve John
Francois Sagat and Rick Gonzales Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francois Sagat sits on Rick Gonzales
Manuel Torres fucks Taurus Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Manuel Torres tops Taurus

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